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  1. It is possible to get Exalted Reputation with no online, but it will take 200 full playthroughs, assuming you remember where the 2 medal spawns are.
  2. Still need this trophy myself but I should be able to get it on sunday.
  3. I know the post here was posted months ago, but the rare weapons link no longer works. The objectives link will be extremely helpful, so thanks for that.
  4. I just thought about it when I was looking up gaming sessions for the games that I ignored the DLC trophies for some of my games. I think it would be great if there was a filter to sort out games that you don't have 100% in so that you don't have a bunch of games that your done boosting/trophy earning on when your searching for gaming sessions.
  5. Alright I got it thanks a lot Now all I got to do is the beloved 300 requests~
  6. If anyone happens to know where item 95 on the equipment page is let me know. I've been grinding and farming and still haven't found it yet (this one has a silhouette that looks like a horseshoe).
  7. I just started it up after getting my account back from a hack attack yesterday. It's an interesting spin to a standard tower defense. I'll say that I am enjoying it (currently on chapter 8). The grinding aspect doesn't seem too bad, then again I've played much much more grind needy games.
  8. Thanks I'll go ahead and do that. Also I'm going to go ahead and reformat all my computers and change all my passwords for everything else as well.
  9. After 2 and a half weeks of calling Sony, I finally get in touch with the Represenative Michael. He actually listened to me and connected me to his Supervisor Rick. Rick got my account unbanned and now I can continue my endless (?) trophy journey.
  10. Hmm... I'm going to have to check to see why it got removed, maybe I posted in the wrong section (new to reddit, so I don't know all the rules)
  11. Made a reddit post, but it got removed.
  12. Yea I thought of that possibility, and it is very possible, since the same thing happened to another account elsewhere (Blizzard, but I don't really care about that one). I attempted to make a post on Reddit, but since I just made a new account, it seems I can't make an actual Topic there until next week.
  13. The password I used before I was hacked was AREuokay83. Since Sony doesn't work on weekends, I'll have to try to contact them again on Monday. If they still won't do anything I'll post on Reddit and keep calling. If anything I'l try to at least have them transfer my trophies and/or games to a new account. Apparently that seems to be possible on Xbox Live.
  14. I know for a fact that I did not give my account email or password out to anyone, and my account and password for PSN does not match up with my login information with other sites/services. I was like WTF and tried to check my account to see if it was online. My friend checked to see what my account was doing online, and it played NBA2K16 twice. I can understand using taking an account that has amazing stats/things in it, but taking an awesome (imo) account just to get it banned is messed up. I wouldn't even do that to my worst enemy.
  15. Around 6:40 EST I had received an email about my password AND my email being changed (of course which I didn't). I also received 2 emails about paypal purchases that happened ($49.99 each) for a game I would never play (NBA 2K16). I also received 2 emails about transaction refunds in regards to the NBA 2K16 purchases. Unable to retrieve my account, I went ahead and started looking up ways on how to contact Sony. So I first ended up in a chat room with a Sony Represenative, Roberto. He was obviously an automated bot by his responses, after telling him about my account and my situation. He tells me I was banned, and wouldn't tell me the reason, so I kept trying to question him, but he wouldn't answer anything and left me in the dark, except with an actual phone number to Sony's customer support. Next I ended up on the phone with someone else (forgot the name so I'll call him Bob). I tell Bob my situation and he looks up my account information and tells me I was banned for breaking the Terms and Conditions Agreement. So whoever the person who took my account was got it banned for hacking in a game (NBA 2K16). I attempted to persuade him if there was anyway for me to overturn the ban, there was not since it was a permaban. He said he would send me an email about it later on. So as of right now, I am probably being forced to retire this account for trophies. Whoever messed up this account I hope you burn in hell. I'll debate on whether or not to create a new account and start from scratch.