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  1. Want a team to just generally co-op with, especially for the raid bosses on TVHM. My ID is ProGamerX56, and I'm a Level 51 (or 52, I forgot ) Mechromancer.
  2. As you're a premium member, I believe you can report them from your profile.
  3. I hope I get that glitch, sounds great!
  4. It's about time. Let's hope the tracklist is good.
  5. I'd be glad to help. I'll pop you a message on PSN.
  6. If you have the mission unlocked (and non-glitched), we can do co-op, and that will synchronize the missions. You want to co-op?
  7. The Simpsons Game/Hit and Run/Road Rage Mass Effect Trilogy Infamous 1/2/Festival of Blood Jak and Daxter (cross-buy)
  8. I've looked through the map, and I found an enemy (not the assassin) that ran through a locked gate, which is directly below the marker (might be where he spawned). I've contacted Gearbox about this issue, so I hope to hear from them soon. I see forum posts dating back to 2013, so this glitch is pretty old.
  9. This mission went fine until Assassin Reeth. He spawned first time, no problems. I died, and now he will not respawn, whatsoever. I browsed the Internet with no remotely satisfactory answer. I've tried resetting the game, the console, leaving the area. Still, nothing. Any ideas? This is really annoying since I will need this damn sidequest for the plat. I may just leave this quest until my second playthrough, but I'd prefer to get some input first.
  10. Another PSN problem: My brother bought the Dragon Age costume pack for £4.99, along with another pack. One pack worked, whereas the Dragon Age pack did not. I've tried restoring licenses, and all the routine fixes. None of these worked. The item on the store still says "Purchased", and when X is pressed on them, they simply say "No content found", or something along those lines. All other DLCs have been bought and downloaded successfully, and there is no reason why it would not appear. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon/Far Cry Classic LEGO Movie MotoGP 14 Rayman Legends Sniper Elite 3 Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Grand Turismo 6
  12. Ok then, I might as well enter...
  13. Last night I got to round 16^2 using a glitch on Detroit. Then all of a sudden enemies could shoot through walls. 2 hours wasted :(

  14. Just looked around on the PC store, and I eventually found it.
  15. Solved. Was quite strange, I would have thought the "Unlock Full Game" option would actually lead you to the unlock file. That's just strange.