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  1. Don't sleep on Zero's Escape, Danganronpa and Lone Survivor
  2. I would be more worried about actually playing games and platting what I love instead of a nitpick 100% list, each with their own
  3. The mishandling of 95% of the callups is atrocious, its impossible to care about the superstars this way, at this point contracts just holding the wrestlers from joining other promotions
  4. Sony squeezing every drop of life of the games I see, good games nonetheless
  5. I am looking forward to get this plat since I had 70 plus hours on Switch, for Lead God, clone item should be enough
  6. In my opinion what they are doing to the devs seems a little harsh, but again these consoles have had their years and I refuse to think they aren't going to "upgrade" PS Now to support even more PS1,2 and 3 games. I bet they're going to leave games at full price, then they're gonna announce some kind of service
  7. I used to have a similar goal too, now I just focus on progressing for the plats even if anything doesnt pop
  8. So the question for the debate is the following: have you ever gotten out of your way in a game to get a trophy? Of course you have. But have you ever stopped any instance of your social life so you could get a trophy? Like are you willing to get Mortal Kombat like 24 hour grinds? Spend most of your money on bad games with easy plats? Actually play a game then plat it so you can squeeze extra life out of it? Don't play games without plats or they're unobtainable? Personally I play games and try to only plat what I like but I admit I have a slight OCD to plat very old games I have lingering on the account (example LBP Vita and Persona 4 though I've done shit in the past and would make plat time even longer)
  9. Yesterday on GTA SA was doing the vigilante glitch and it was not working for 1h and half couldn't get level 12, thank god I don't break stuff or let myself get that mad, I have a friend who gets mad at every instance he can
  10. Really enjoyed the show, the main event was the best women's match like ever, also this is random but since we're at a AEW discussion I wonder if anyone would like to watch AEW the next day with me on Discord or PS chat groups, miss the times people here were into wrestling, if anyone's interested just message me
  11. Saints Row IV
  12. I really enjoyed the show, let's just see how they'll manage all the new talent coming, especially booking Christian
  13. Is it still possible to participate?
  14. In my opinion trophy hunting can be really cool, I just can't place my head around people who have their trophy list BASED in easy 30 min plats and only play certain games for completion rate (no one really cares, but you really). As an hobby I find it to make me games I probably wouldn't have the courage to play due to an immense backlog, and I can have fun pursuing the extra stuff a game has to offer, do smaller grinds too, one of the reasons why I stopped trophy hunting for 2 years was because I tried to pressure the trophies in, now I still play alot but don't rush it to have the feeling of: I hate this game so much you wouldn't see me playing this game ever again. Take away points: do smaller grinds, REST a little for god sake, it's just trophies don't be pressured to get them for completion rate or anyone's approval, or your OCD. Be happy and GAMING FIRST, trophy hunting second!
  15. Little PS4 game called Strider