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  1. I already platinumed that one, do you mean Drake's Fortune?
  2. Can I upload the save to the cloud, and say buy either Persona 5 or Persona 5 Royal (more favorable for me) since I'm really close to finish the game at 98 hours, what can I do guys?
  3. So we might lose Mauro, but I think J.R is coming back, I just love his commentary. And also am I the only one who liked the debut of Elias Samson? I don't know why the NXT audience hated him so much then at Orlando they were cheering him (maybe because he was masked)
  4. Well the shake up was unpredictable, but you guys are right about Bray, he's obviously losing to Randy at Payback since he made the shift to Raw and I don't see him winning against the guy who was pushed to the moon and won the Universal belt in a month. Complicated for Bray, if Bo doesn't leave RAW we might have him in the Wyatt Family since Bray wishes his brother goes along his side.
  5. Hey guys I'm back from the dead, excited for the shake up, but no DIY on either brand yes I know there aren't viable contenders to the NXT Tag Team Titles but they already had two matches with AoP. Happy to see The Hardys back in WWE, not broken enough though. Forgot about SAnitY, sorry.
  6. PS3: BLACK PS4: BLACK PS VITA: BLACK Damn so much black.
  7. Hahaha I remember when original Sin Cara did his jump to the ring I thought it was real until I saw the trampoline. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn the show stealer, nice theme song of Nakamura, heard it about 10 times, I like the things he did while going to the ring and that one against the ropes. I hope he has a good WWE career since he has alot of charisma, Elias Samson vs Apollo Crews wasn't even on the card, what a waste! Happy to see American Alpha, Asuka, Austin Aries winning, I just think the finish of the main event was crappy.
  8. So guys what are your predictions for the future of WWE? Will Sumerslam be better than Wrestlemania? Will Big E, Cesaro, Owens, Styles, Ambrose, Balor, etc get a WWE World Title? Will Reigns ever be cheered? Will Kurt Angle, Hardy Boyz, Goldberg ever comeback? If Shane wins against Taker will we have a brand split? Do you think there will be new titles introduced or old titles comeback? WILL CENA EVER TURN HEEL?
  9. Pretty awesome! Finnaly have the chance to play this on PS4. I have PS3, but eh better graphics.
  10. OMG I hope it happens
  11. It was the GTA:Trilogy which was on a discount
  12. The main event will get pretty booed, hopefully Summerslam will blow off the house.
  13. I think Bray Wyatt will have feuds with Triple H, Undertaker and Lesnar since he referenced them in the promo. I hope Bray wins a title soon and gets pushed. No more defeats needed.
  14. Oh, I couldn't agree with you more... WHY the hell we need to see that shitty ladder match? We know Sami will win and then they have their rematch at Extreme Rules, the rest of the opponents are just jobbers (Ziggler has just gone downhill) who could fill better in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal Memorial (which I hope Strowman wins) The Ryback vs Kalisto one will be David vs Goliath, I would like Ryback to win, I like his gear. I don't like the idea of putting everyone on the Wrestlemania card since it makes poor matches (like the IC Ladder match), this is what happens when nearly half the roster injured!