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  1. Tier 1 : • Fall Guys (2,45% UR) : 91% • TT Isle of Man (2,44% UR) : 100% • Trials of the Blood Dragon (2,37% UR) : 100% • WipEout Omega Edition (1,32% UR) : 0% • SMB (0,22% UR) : 0% A new step in this event. Trials of the Blood Dragon. What to say about this game ? A Trials game combining motorcycle sections and foot sections with a gun. The concept is quite fun but I had a hard time to find real driving sensations like on Trials Fusion and Trials Rising... Apart from that, the atmosphere of the game is very cool and offbeat, it is also a very good choice for those who enjoyed Far Cry Blood Dragon! Concerning the trophies, nothing exceptional except the one asking you to get an A+ rank in all the races of the game. The vast majority of the races have a very affordable A+ rank, but the "Clubbed to death" race became my nightmare for an afternoon. I didn't expect to struggle so much on this race, but anyway everything is done now. The next step for me is SMB, I just got it on the store. No lie, my experience in platform games is close to nothing. I'm prepared for a tough experience, it's going to be a real challenge, but I like it. All the people posting here are inspiring, which will (hopefully) give me the strength to get through SMB. Keep it up guys, this event is awesome!
  2. Hello everybody, Here’s a little update on my progress: • Fall Guys (1,26%) : 91% • TT ISLE OF MAN (2,52%) : 100% • Trials of the Blood Dragon (2,36%) : 0% • WipEout Omega Edition (1,32%) : 0% • SMB (0,22%) : 0% After several months of my trophy hunting « break » I managed to finish TT Isle of Man last week. I had a loss of motivation after losing my backup a few months ago, but I decided to get back to it recently. Very good simulation game, rather demanding in terms of driving. Unfortunately the number of tracks is quite limited, which makes the whole end-game part sometimes boring. The longest thing was to reach the 500 000 fans, about 70 hours of play. I recommend this game to all motorcycle enthusiasts, and even to the curious who are interested in this crazy race that is the Snaefell Mountain Course. The next step for me will be to get the last Fall Guys trophy, "Infallible", and start Trials of the Blood Dragon.
  3. Hello there, I would like to join the event and say that the donation initiative is really nice and important. Here is my first set of games : 1 - Fall Guys (1,26%) : 91% 2 - TT ISLE OF MAN (2,52%) : 0% 3 - Trials of the Blood Dragon (2,36%) : 0% 4 - WipEout Omega Edition (1,32%) : 0% 5 - SMB (0,22%) : 0% No doubt that SMB will be the most difficult, especially since I don't have a lot of experience on this kind of games. But I like to set myself challenges and this one is a big one. Hopefully I can finish Fall Guys this week as I'm getting closer and closer to winning 5 in a row. Such a pain. Good luck to every other participant, have fun!
  4. Winning 200 episodes is still much easier than winning 5 in a row. I think 300 or 400 episodes could make more sense.
  5. Some players managed to lie to the support by saying that they had managed to make 5 wins but the trophy did not come off. It seems that the support did not check the information and trusted the players (between the end of November and early December). I've seen the "trick" running on French forums, but it doesn't work anymore. Support must have realized the scam and now they check seriously for each player. For example, I saw a player with a total of only 25 wins and a maximum of 2 wins in a row being given the trophy in early December by support, without any questions or verification on their part.
  6. The trophy is doable, there's no need to cry about it. It may take time and a bit of luck but, like every hard trophy, you need some dedication and determination to unlock it. That's how it works. I won around 100 episodes and got 3 times 3 wins in a row. With a little more playing time and a few more victories I think I would be able to get the trophy. The trophy is complicated and that's what makes it satisfying to have it. Just because it's an "all-public" game doesn't mean it should have an easy trophy list. No one cries when they say that trophies for Trackmania Turbo or Trials fusion are too complicated. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that 90% of the players got the trophy illegitimately, with the glitch or by lying to the support.
  7. I really like to look at the profiles of players who got a lot of ultra rare trophies. I admire their dedication and skills, and try to use them as inspiration for my trophy list. @Floriiss @VirtualNight @Darkette @Danny_Johansen You guys already have been mentionne here, but congrats for all your hard work. Keep it up! There is also another one I like, @PrinceOfPeace profile that is pretty clean, with many different games and a completionism profil.
  8. It would be truly awesome, but I doubt they will do a remaster. MSPR was such a great game, I had a lot of fun playing it back in the days. It's sad that we didn't have any game with MSPR quality and gameplay on PS4... (yeah, there is Onrush but I think we are all okay with the fact that it is pure shit compared to Motorstorm series)
  9. It also happened to me once. From what I remember, I left the PS3 running while I was away. The controller ran out of battery power and I was ejected from the game for inactivity. Nothing was saved, I had to redo everything. I don't know if it's the same case as you. I think it's best to go back to single-player mode after every online game session. I didn't have any more backup problems when I did that.
  10. Littlebigplanet Karting, wanted to buy it few month ago until I realized online servers were shut down..
  11. Demon's Souls, really great game! Good job!
  12. Hello. Is anyone having this issue too ? I'm stuck at 5/6 aced level on my pin, but I have aced every level (including side levels) 3 times each...
  13. You should do some quick researches about the person who is hosting the session. Btw I don't think there are hackers who are trying to "trap" other players by organizing gaming sessions. I don't even get what you mean by "easy preys", what are you scared of ?
  14. As far as I remember, you can have multiple characters in GTA Online.
  15. Usually people who are getting money drop and many XP in GTA online are not hackers. At all. You can't say he hack and he deserve to be ban just because he is a victim of a hacker, maybe he didn't ask for all this money/xp. It happened to me this year when I was doing heist trophies (I was already level 120), a hacker gave me level 1500 and billions of dollars I never asked for.