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  1. Hello Dont know if you updated the game with the patch it should fix it. Before starting game so its on the screen but not started, in the top rigth or left you can update game there. Hope you understand me and can get it.
  2. Hello im happy to hire you got it done that is awesome. πŸ‘ Sounds good maybe i will be able to get it i will for sure give it a try one of these days. Thank you for the update Update i was able to get the platinum so it can be done great news πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
  3. That is too bad we have the same problem if you find out a way please let me know i will post if i get it but I dont think it will happen. πŸ˜’
  4. Hello if i was you i would not play it on vita but up to you. If you deside to do it and get the platinum please let me know what you did. Btw i also played it on ps4 No problem its only on vita it give error. I see people from UK have done it so it can be done but I dont know how, and those i wrote to wont get back to me πŸ˜’ No i dont have the online trophy
  5. Hello no i have not found out how to get it to work tried 2 times more and still get the same error message. I even tried to rent a japan server so my net was going to japan but no luck. I see other have completed it after so if anyone have any ideers please let me know i am open to try almost everything. Christian
  6. Hello All I seems to have a problem i can not post my manga online and get the online trophy. Im from EU It keep giving me error (E-91026193) And acording to Playstation that means My Credit card is invalid i dont have a japan Credit on My account i dont understand it since i can see other people from EU and USA have done it And on the trophy guide it say from 6/27/18 it has been fixed. Please help if you can All the Best Christian
  7. Hey Guys had the same problem also been calling alot seems like it worked. also got mine updated Hope it work for you too
  8. Rose Amicitia you are good at getting 100% Would love to get the Horizon Zero Dawn looks awesome