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  1. Just do a lot of hives, you need 50 of them for another trophy anyway.
  2. Count me in, can’t get Virgin where I live, not that I would be switching for a game skin anyway.
  3. It doesn’t even recognise doing a villain sector towards a challenge card objective.
  4. You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult to code it to check have they done 50 or more rather than exactly 50, which would just make it pop on the next one if it went wrong, or do what many games do and have a trophy check take place when you first load the game to catch any it’s missed.
  5. Cosmetics only, if you don’t click on either of the 2 buttons that say ‘marketplace’ you wouldn’t even know they were there.
  6. Part of the problem is the game breaks the levels up into sections but the downs count over the whole level, go exploring for chests and accidentally get downed and you’ll now only have 2 lives left when facing the big boss. Considering the game will then restart you at the big boss with 3 lives intact it would be better if it always reset to 3 lives before each section.
  7. They disappear from my map when done so I didn’t realise they could be repeated, I’ll keep on doing two a day and hopefully the trophy will be working by the time I reach 15.
  8. Yes they are power level 40.
  9. On the same screen where you pick up 8 assignments from the Shield contact on the helicarrier and the Inhuman contact in the Ant Hill, at the top for each screen is a villain sector, click on it and the objective appears in your objectives and on the map. I wasn’t aware it was broken, you only get 2 per day and the game has only been out for 6 days so it hasn’t been possible to do 15 yet.
  10. When you collect the assignments from the faction people each day they each have a villain sector to collect at the top of the screen, once collected they’ll appear on your map.
  11. Yeah, first thing I do when the challenges reset now is type them all up so I can tick them off as I do them without having to constantly skip between characters to check what I need to do. At least that’s what I was doing before the latest patch meant you don’t earn any points anyway.
  12. Destiny Lego Marvel’s Avengers Daley Thompson’s Decathlon
  13. Yes, it’s a bit odd that no matter what power level you are the difficulty of each mission is the same, the biggest improvement I see is from unlocking skills, which actually makes higher difficulties easier as you can do more damage and get more heals. There are also certain missions with a minimum power level, e.g. something was showing as level 125 yesterday which was too high for me to play, even the iconic missions you unlock early on involve a level with a minimum level of 40, so you have to work on your characters a little before progressing those. The devs have mentioned a number of upcoming activities, I’m expecting as the game grows that there will be more things with minimum levels.
  14. I’ve had two glitch so far, weeklies on two separate characters, the screen shows completion at the bottom but the number of points at the top hasn’t included them.
  15. I’ve picked up a couple from locations (Monica’s lab), but have also acquired others without noticing so those presumably came from strongboxes, I don’t really pay much attention to drops as I’m not high enough level to care if a perk is worth keeping as it will be thrown away as soon as I get something higher level. When I finished the campaign I saw this thread and did a quick count and had low 20s, I now have 30 and haven’t been trying to get them so I wouldn’t worry about finding enough of them.