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  1. Not at launch, in TSW2 there were some bugs which meant on rare occasions when you reloaded a save you would be permanently stuck at a red light later in the service. The devs believe they have identified the cause and are ‘a small number of weeks’ away from fixing it. They decided they didn’t want to release the new version of the game with the bugs so they removed save completely until it’s fixed, as you can imagine this hasn’t gone down well over on their forums.
  2. It worked for me with the TTC Class 66 on SouthEastern HighSpeed, I just changed the colour and stuck a logo on the side, then set up a loco only freight service from Gillingham Platform 1 to Chatham Platform 1.
  3. According to an update on the devs FAQ page achievement progress will carry forward for add-ons, they give an example of if you’ve driven 1000 miles in a particular train then any achievements that needed up to 1000 miles will pop the first time you play on that route. Also of note is a delay to the rollout of TSW2 add-ons, apparently they will be released in weekly batches, they say it’s a Sony issue so only impacts PlayStation.
  4. Fun fact, each of those 19 DLC packs covers 3 actual pieces of DLC, in total the game comes with 3 and there are another 55 to buy on top of that.
  5. I’m really disappointed that the DLC trophies are just the same ones as TSW2, albeit only 3 per DLC. As they are not looking to offer auto pop I would much prefer they jumbled up the trophies so, for example, we could get a trophy for getting all the collectables on a route we haven’t had to do them on before, I don’t want to have to do 442 passenger boardings on Rapid Transit for the third time! I guess it would have been effort for them though as all the code for the old trophies pre existed but it would have been appreciated effort.
  6. Someone mentioned that there are a total of 70 ‘legendary’ cars, as we only get 5 per week that’s a 14 week rotation, so this might take a while.
  7. It’s worded in game as an apology for the server being down for a day, you didn’t own the game so weren’t impacted.
  8. Other than the 1 million credit gift nothing is changing until ‘early April’.
  9. I just added to my comment above but you had already replied, my other suggestion would be checking you have counter steering switched off.
  10. If you are hitting the white car try either changing your oil at GT Auto or reducing the game difficulty, both options should put you ahead of the white car before the first corner. Alternatively check your assist settings, the counter steering option at the bottom must be set to off, otherwise the car will wander across the track hitting everything in sight.
  11. Just turn your computer off and on again to fix this.
  12. 20 million limit on credits you earn, but being an MTX focused game there is no limit to the amount of paid credit you can have, your extra 14,289 is probably the remains of the preorder bonus.
  13. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  14. Remote Play definitely works on Windows 11, this link is for the download page in case it helps.
  15. Well if publicity like this doesn’t result in a ban hammer then nothing will.