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  1. I was just disappointed the trophy names weren't "From the Rafters"... "To the Walls!" Anyone else? Anyone? And yes. You need to use square and not triangle when on the ceiling or wall of these to count.
  2. I like Dirk the ninja
  3. Same thing just happened to me months after it happened to you. I can't believe how long it takes them to work these bugs out. My buddy got all of the authentic and other difficulty trophies and I got the trophy as if I only beat it on easy just because he was the host. Ridiculous. I love these games but these trophy glitches put a black mark on the game for me.
  4. 1. I totally agree with this! Black November just sort of went away. 2. I actually thought Icarus worked well in the story but Nomad and Birdman didn't have almost any explanation as to why they were even in the game at all. They felt underdeveloped to me too. 3. Right? So weird to rack up debt upon debt and then you get a special, unexplained painting that you tattoo onto yourself. On that note, I was really expecting some sort of explanation on the tattoo but there was absolutely nothing unless I missed something. 4. I'm also hoping there will be a sequel just because I love these games too. I think Kruger died though. Didn't they say that on the news in the final cutscene? I dunno. 5. Maybe this will be part of the next game if it ever comes. I feel like they might be kind of pigeon-holed into a story where you never really win since this is a prequel to the original game and in the original game there is still a watchdog group monitoring everyone just like the conglomerate. I guess it wouldn't make sense to have an uprising take over and free everyone without maybe explaining how they fell back under control like they are in Mirror's Edge. It wasn't a bad story but it just wasn't great. I'm not too worried about that though since I really only play this game for the awesome parkour mechanics that really aren't matched in any other game I've ever played. The story is just a side note to all of that. Anyway, good points! I enjoyed reading this since I just finished the game last night and had a lot of this stuff on my mind too.
  5. I'm feeling pretty lucky. Only played about 5-6 hours and got a certified pigeon hat that only requires 200 clears. That's a pretty easy one in light of the others I've seen and will just come with time. Maybe my luck won't be great in the end and it'll take forever for me to get a painted item...
  6. Does anyone know if you can invite a friend to join your online game while appearing offline?

    1. Lord_of_Ra


      On Ps3? Yes, the service has this glitch that many friends playing the same console appear offline when in fact it's all the contrary. It shouldn't cause any issue at all.

    2. PLamb858


      Thanks for the reply. I should have specified that I meant on the PS4 with the new 3.50 update.

    3. Lord_of_Ra


      Ahahaha my bad! I really don't know then.

  7. Does anyone know if you can invite a specific friend to join your online game while appearing offline?

    1. PLamb858


      I have a friend who's really good at The Division and a friend who isn't and he keeps getting us killed in Incursions. Want to be able to play with my good friend without my not-so-good friend knowing about it.

  8. Just wanted to add a way to get a lot of kills manually if anyone is interested. I have been playing solo a lot lately on bug planets ranging from level 10-12 and getting a lot of kills. I am averaging over 2,200 kills per hour just playing through each mission normally (and without distractor beacons of course). You can also do some good sample farming on these missions if you bring a UAV. You get around 16-22 samples on these planets per mission.
  9. It seems to be getting better now but just 2 days ago I was having big problems. I would be playing solo and it would disconnect during extraction or just a little before. I finally just signed out of the PSN to play offline but then for some reason I would lose all of my DLC items that came from the PS Plus edition like my UAV and All Terrain Boots. Really weird that it does that and annoying because I was wanting to farm samples but it's obviously harder without the UAV.
  10. Just adding a Z and an E plat and swapping out my F plat. Those changes are have been made below. Just 8 more to go... # Assassin's Creed Black Flag B. Call of Duty: World at War DmC Devil May Cry Eat Lead Fallout 4 GTA V Hitman Absolution inFAMOUS: First Light Jurassic: The Hunted K. LittleBigPlanet Karting Metal Gear Solid 2 Need for Speed: Rivals O. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Q. Resogun Skate 3 Tomb Raider Anniversary Uncharted 2: Among Thieves V. Wolfenstein: The New Order X. Y. Zombie Army Trilogy
  11. Madden NFL 13 was my proudest because it was such a tough grind and is a really rare plat.
  12. No, I don't think so. There was this daily bonus so you could get 200% XP if you signed in to GT5 like 4 or 5 days in a row which made the level 40 grind a lot more manageable. They did away with that last time I played so I think that was it for me. I'm just not willing to put in that kinda time or go through the frustration.
  13. I don't remember doing any optional objectives in the Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC. At the time that I posted that a year ago, I had done all 18 optional objectives and it even showed that in my stats but the trophy didn't pop. Once I got all of the collectibles though, I got Dedicated Soldier. Anyway, I ended up having to delete my save file and do a quick run through the game on Cadet to get the trophy. It was a pain.
  14. #50. The Last of Us Remastered Being that this is my favorite game of all time, I wanted to save it for the big #50. This game had the most dynamic and intriguing story line of any game I've played by far. The father-daughter type relationship and the incredible ending made this game so freakin' enjoyable. I also loved the gameplay and the multiplayer. It was a lot of fun using the photo mode in the remastered version to try and capture some amazing pictures of some of the best looking and most powerful moments in the game. I don't have a lot to add on top of what I already said about the PS3 version of this game other than just reinforcing that it is a masterpiece and including some screenshots below!
  15. Awesome. Well that actually brings me to my original question. How did you load your 99 rated team? I couldn't figure it out.