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  1. Surely a good first step towards this would be just to flag games (not individual trophies) if the server is closed. You could just stick a warning box at the top of the info panel on the right of a game page. Most people want to know only that they can earn everything, not what they cannot earn.
  2. @Sly Ripper on Dolphin browser on my tablet the old platinum and tick icons are no longer showing, yet using firefox they are fine, so I guess this is a bug? This space where the tick should be is empty and the plat is replaced by a shaded square. The percentages are in the right place Clearing the cache doesn't fix it. It's fine on firefox and chrome so may just be a dolphin thing.
  3. @Sly Ripper on Dolphin browser on my tablet the old platinum and tick icons are no longer showing, yet using firefox they are fine, so I guess this is a bug? This space where the tick should be is empty and the plat is replaced by a shaded square. The percentages are in the right place.
  4. I've got some odd zero percentage. E.G. Horizon zero dawn and wipeout 2048 are both showing 0.00%. Also I'm not seeing the old plat trophy icon/tick, have these been removed? Edit guess who didn't read the end of the first page about the 0%...
  5. I've been using the platform select dropbox on my profile page a bit lately to view my backlog and it occured to me that it would be nice if the stats bar (games played/completed/etc) changed to reflect the selected list. Thus if I view my ps3 games the stats bar would show the number of ps3 games played, etc and my position on the ps3 leaderboard. The main reason I would like this is to see if I'm making any progress on clearing up old ps3 games, as the number of completed games and completion percentage are not currently easily accessible on the site.
  6. The unreasonable thing here isn't that the OP doesn't have photo id. It's that as sony don't know what any of us look like, a photo ID is no more proof of ID than a none photo ID. And let's face it if you have the ability to fake all the rest, a fake photo of a drives licence should be easy enouth. For the record my UK drivers licence dates from before they introduced photos and has never needed replacing (well until I reach 70 anyway).
  7. No it's still happening. Edit actually that was a lie. I remembered I had changed the useragent trying to stop this and when I set it back to android tablet the keyboard now doesn't show (on the profile page, still there on others). Thanks for the help.
  8. I only use an android tablet to access the site and the auto-focus for the search boxes (automatically placing the cursor in them) opens the tablets keyboard that then covers half the page and I have to close. This has been ok when it was the games page and the home screen but now I have to close the keyboard every time I go to my profile page which is really annoying. I like the idea of the search box could you just turn off the focus.
  9. I haven't finished all the levels yet but, I just wanted to say I appreciate all the effort that you have gone through to provide this. If/when I attempt this trophy I will definitly use this. I did wonder about restarting the game and only unlocking the first 2 worlds to go for the 100k score but cannot decide if it is worth it. I have scored under 1000 on a world one level (>2000 world 2) so it would take a lot of levels to get to 100k. Scores are higher on later levels due to the "world" multiplier. How hard was it with all the levels unlocked?
  10. I agree with everyone here. I just got "A to Z" but haven't got the & one even though I've collected all of them. Edit It has now popped when I re-entered gothic to start collecting them.
  11. I didn't start golf club on the second account until after I sent the invite. I then switched to the second account pressed down from the golf club icon to where the invite was displayed and started the game from there. Still if you found someone then that is probably simpler.
  12. You need to be logged in to psn on both accounts when you switch accounts use the switch user option not the logout one. You also need to be friends with yourself. If you long press the ps button your secondary account should appear under online friends after doing this. In the game while using your own account you should see you dummy account under options button/active users while playing your round. Click on it here and invite it to course. You should then see a second player in the onscreen list with live by their name. if it is there the trophy will pop when you finish the round. I have just retested this method and got the trophy on my second account so it does still work. I think that you can also start the round on you secondary account then switch to your main account start the round here then add the other account to the round but I have never tried this. The important thing is that when playing the last hole you can see the name of your boosting account on screen with "live" written next to it.
  13. Maybe you could just add in the option to create a 100% roadmap rather than a completly new guide. It could link to the trophy descriptions in the existing guides. Then people have the choice of doing it separately following each guides individual road map or if you got all the dlc + the game follow the 100% one.
  14. I'd just like a "create gaming session" button on the games troohy page. It could be in the place where the ongoing gaming sessions appear. I think this would be a faster and more integrated way to create sessions rather than the current system of going to a separate part of the site and hunting through a list for the game. I know this will be present in offline only games but, we now have share play so any ps4 game could be online...
  15. Looking at the game "badland" a couple of weeks back one person had the platinum. Now that person has been removed but the platinum still shows the same rarity and number of achievers (0.07, 1). Since then, the game has come out on ps+ and many new people have played the game, so either the rarity should have gone down (if someone new has got the plat. which is unlikely) or the number of achieves should now read 0 and the rarity 0. All of the trophies that have other achievers are correct, but the ones (there are a few) where no-one else has the trophy are all stuck with the wrong information. I guess this is because trophies where no achievers are found don't have their rarity recalculated, if so a test of the stored number should catch this exception.