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  1. I got the platinum in september and the only glitches I hit were with the sound. I kept careful track to make sure the every location I completed was added to the tracker for "up for the task" and changed save slots every hour or so just in case but didn't need to revert to a previous save at any point. I'd advise you to do the same and back up the whole save to usb/cloud each day as an extra precaution.
  2. I got a visible 10% code in my festive theme email and found 2 more hidden, so thanks for the info. They also sent me the same 10% discount code in emails entitled "flash deals this weekend only" and "see what gifts are in store with our christmas deals" so it maybe worth checking for codes if you have got either of those.
  3. The copy I picked up yesterday has two discs and they load on their own. It was a UK version but there may have been different releases.
  4. My cat jumped on my lap and in doing so hit the ban button (on my tablet) for the player in my gaming session. As I can also envisage other situations were this is pressed by accident my suggestion is to add a popup confirmation box to the button
  5. Different problem, if you look here https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/2234-angry-birds-trilogy/1-top-talonthttps://psnprofiles.com/trophy/2234-angry-birds-trilogy/1-top-talont You will see that the number of acheivers at the top of the page says 48 but the list only contains 39 players. I guess that as this has been true for so long it will never be fixed.
  6. True, though given the fact that you really needed to boost the other birds unlikely. In most cases I've seen thowever the player has earned all the trophies after the closure of near.
  7. I think this is a great idea but could it instead be added to a section in the home page? Most people have unplayed games in their backlog that aren't on their profile. All this would really need is to take the info from the current closure thread and place it somewhere more visible.
  8. For anyone else doing this download hitman 1 up until the point you can start it and trigger the update for it, then pause the hitman 1 download. Don't download any on the dlc packs for it. When the update is complete open it again and you will be able to claim the legacy pack without downloading any more of hitman 1. It saves a bit of downloading and if like me you have very slow internet an few hours. Downloading hitman 2 and the legacy packs will still take forever though...
  9. It's not an update thing, it's been like this for at least 2 months.
  10. I just compared the number of platinum trophy achievers shown on the main game page with that on the leaderboard for 6 of my rarest platinums and 3 of them had the wrong numbers, two were correct and the last was to difficult to do quickly due to dlc. I found the following... Angry Birds Trilogy shows 46 leaderboard shows 38. Everybodies Golf shows 440 leaderboard shows 434 Sorcery Saga shows 94 leaderboard showz 89 I understand that this is due to the removal of profiles for whatever reason, but, it would be nice if the game stats (% shown) reflected the changes made to the leaderboards. I assume that the stats of other trophies in these games is also affected. From my breif look this problem appears to be fairly wide spread.
  11. This sita assumes that every month is 30.4 days long (unless things have changed) and this leads to an error in the time it takes to play a game if it is longer than a month.
  12. I've got the platinum in this and you can only send one bird on migration at a time, you then have to receive that bird back via near before you can send the next one. Thus it is impossible to get the "free as a bird" trophy without near and so the platinum is unobtainable to new players. As far as I know there is no workaround for this that doesn't involve cheating.
  13. Maybe if you were shown some proof that a new console was bought at that date (via pm with credit card etc blacked out for obvious reasons) you could make an exception with a justified reason behing it? It's not so very different to a certain person taking their save home from a friends and being let off.
  14. The fact that the time needs setting each time the ps3 is turned on suggests the internal battery (that keeps the clock running) has died. In that case I assume that you will get a similar situation to that of the pstv described here... This will lead to missing time stamps on that ps3 if it isn't logged into psn.
  15. Yeah that one happened to me as well.