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  1. I plan on finishing a lot of franchises this year, the games are: Assassin's Ceed III (finish up syncs), Assassin's Creed Syndicate & Assassin's Creed Origins Far Cry 2 (MP is already done, just campaign to do) & Far Cry Primal Skylanders Trap Team, Swap Force, Superchargers & Imaginators Uncharted 4 & Uncharted The Lost Legacy (will play the remasters sometime too) WWE 2K18, Tekken 7 & Rise Of The Tomb Raider & Tomb Raider PS4 GTA 3, GTA 4, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas & GTA 5 Skyrim PS4 & would also like to start Destiny sometime this year. Also need to finish up some other games like: Final Fantasy XIII, Tekken Tag 2 & Digimon All Star Rumble Got a lot to do so we'll see how I do...I think doing monthly updates like others have done in this thread will actually keep me focused.
  2. I just saw this backlog challenge, seems interesting and would definitely motivate me to get a chunk of my backlog done. I'll have a think about it, maybe i'll join late as I had already planned a lil' list for myself to do which was basically finishing up some games but they wouldn't be applicable for the challenge. If anything i'll join the Autumn Backlog Challenge, as I assume there is one....
  3. I actually have both the PS3 & PS4 versions ordered, i plan to rip right through the PS3 trophy list first and get it traded in quickly and then move onto the PS4 version. I'm hoping the My Career grind won't be as bad as last years, i'm hoping maybe they've reduced the cost of the managers etc and i think you can actually earn VC in exhibition matches, i think i saw that somewhere anyways. I kinda like the superstars logos being the trophy designs, pretty simple. Dead at the Finn Balor logo being the Full Recovery trophy, i miss him loads
  4. I'd love a Spyro The Dragon HD Collection, i'd love to just relax and earn the platinums as they'd probably be sooo easy too.
  5. Just earned my 2500th trophy last month, it was the One Of Us trophy in Far Cry 3. My next milestone is 50 platinums, i currently have 49! It will more than likely be Far Cry 4 on PS3.
  6. My rarest platinum of 2016 so far is WWE2K16 on PS4, it's 1.42% ultra rare. Just recently got the the mp trophies finished on Far Cry 2 so that could end up being my rarest platinum of the year!
  7. My proudest platinum would probably be WWE13 as it's my rarest platinum to date being 0.75% ultra rare. It didn't help that my rank got reset twice whilst trying to earn the max rank online!! Another proud platinum would be AC:Brotherhood.
  8. I'm currently sitting at 49 platinums and my 50th will most likely be Far Cry 4. The plat image is pretty nice!
  9. 312 unearned trophies at the moment, i'd love to get that down to around 100 or so hopefully by the end of the year.
  10. I have a decent sized 'backlog' of games that is kinda overwhelming but i've decided to go through them by series though, i'm going through the Far Cry series right now which is going great at the moment then after that i'll finish up the Assassin's Creed series. There's a lot of PS4 games that I want to play but the majority of my backlog is PS3 so I haven't really bought much PS4 games because when I get around to them they'll be a lot cheaper.
  11. I'm working on the Far Cry series and have made a great dent in it. Platted Far Cry Classic and Far Cry 3 and also just recently got all the Far Cry 2 MP trophies completed so that platinum is in sight, not to mention it'll be my rarest plat at 0.55% when i decide to finish it up. Currently playing Far Cry 4 (PS3) and after that gonna go through AC Rogue, Unity & Syndicate.
  12. It's actually quite refreshing playing a game and not having to worry about any collectibles.
  13. I have 38 plats so this year I'd like to up that to 60 plats total so setting a goal of earning 22 plats for 2016. Plats & 100%'s I'd like for this year are: AC Revelations (1 DLC trophy) AC III Plat (Finish Syncs) AC Black Flag-DONE!!! AC Rogue-DONE!!! AC Unity AC Syndicate Far Cry Classic-DONE!!! Far Cry 2 (MP Trophies Done) Far Cry 3-DONE!!! Far Cry 4-DONE!! Tomb Raider-DONE!!! Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Need To Finish) The Order 1886 SSX WWE 2K15 (PS4)-DONE!!! WWE 2K16 (PS4)-DONE!!! WWE 2K17 (PS3) WWE 2K17 (PS4) Skylander's Spyro's Adventure Skylander's Giants Skylander's Swap Force Skylander's Trap Team Skylander's Superchargers I have a lot to do this it seems!!!!!! UPDATE-​Didn't really play much for the first few months of the year but recently just played a lot of games just to get my level/platinum count up, currently gonna focus on the Far Cry & AC series​'. ​Also just got a lot of the Skylanders games for pretty cheap so gonna play through them too.
  14. I just got back into Pokémon with Gen 6 in 2015 and managed to complete the Kalos Pokedex in my X game file (I bought Y & caught and traded with myself with a friends DS) which I'm pretty proud of. Also got the Hoopa & Diancie events too. I have Alpha Sapphire waiting to be played but kinda felt a bit burnt out so taking a break from my Pokémon training. I want to eventually 'catch'em all' though. I literally played Gen 1 & then stopped until Gen 6!! My favourite Pokémon of all-time is...Dewgong! I loved it ever since I caught a Seel and checked my guide to find out when and what it evolved into! Water Pokémon are my favourite type too!
  15. I originally did all the matches and just filled slots with com/ai if I didn't have enough people-the trophy didn't pop. I've just spent all of today redoing all the matches with all real players, no disconnecting and nobody leaving and it just popped for me like 10mins ago, I'm having a well deserved break haha! I'm just glad I have it.