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  1. This is the US version. Downloaded and played only the US store version and this stack pops up in my played list. The EU labelled stack is correct. The current NA labelled stack is incorrect and is the HK store version. I've requested the tag updates.
  2. Tokyo Run tags are mislabelled. Should be: NA: AS: EU tag is correct.
  3. Thanks, I didn't even try it without doing this. Obviously slows down the platinum by a few seconds at the slower speed
  4. Thanks for the guide. For some reason my trophy for winning the championship didn't pop (I think i clicked through the end screen too quick). Anyway, was quick enough to win it all again.
  5. Thanks for the guide. Some trophies are very delayed in popping but they come up eventually.
  6. I had the exact same thing last night. I got a couple of key moments wrong and ended up with the wrong ending it seems. So ‘Thank You’ unlocked but I still have ‘Not Alone’ to do.
  7. Yeah I’ll do that for my continuous play through. In the crash I lost all the work I did to drink everything at the bar...fortunately it was just after I got those trophies so I didn’t have to do it all again.
  8. Playing on Vita, have had one crash so far (4 chapters in).
  9. Thanks, I did as you suggested and I’ve had no problem with the 4 games I’ve played since.
  10. Thanks for the new guide with the cheats, made my stacks much easier.
  11. Argh really need to sort out my PS4. Keep getting a NP-32091-5 error which shuts down games and logs me out. I assume that is what keeps screwing with my trophies popping????? Jumper I and Defector I won’t unlock despite me getting the jump and world swap trophies that come after it. I’ll try deleting the save and going again.
  12. Thanks. Don’t do what I did and dash through everything. I missed killing a robot that way and had to start over
  13. I had a couple of issues too. Loser III and Destroyer III didn’t pop even though I had definitely done enough and killed enough enemies. Closed the game, reloaded. One kill and one death later and the trophies popped. I didn’t need to delete the save.
  14. Yeah getting to the end and being stuck at 99% or something would be terrible. In an update to our progress we didn’t get the trophy for completing the Infinity War DLC level “The King Awaits” but we did pop the trophy for completing it with true believer status “A Fitting Tribute”. Played it twice and it just won’t unlock. I’m wondering whether we keep going or if we should just delete the save and start again?
  15. Having trouble with trophies not popping when they are meant to. My son has been playing this with me today and the trophy “Searching the Sanctum” for completing level 8 (Rune to Maneuver) didn’t unlock. Neither did the trophy “Operation: Rebirth” for creating a custom character even though we tried creating 3 for the level. I know LEGO games sometimes have glitches and I will get the trophy when I play it again in free play but damn it is annoying having to keep watch on the trophy list to make sure I’m not missing out. Especially when I’m just trying to play and have fun with my son.