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  1. Raging loop series: JP-レイジングループ
  2. US - EU -
  3. Neon Junctions Vita NA doesn’t come up under the series list with the other 5 stacks.
  4. It’s here on the Japanese store: nav%3Asearch%3Aレイト・シフト
  5. Yep, I almost got it but got distracted at work. Came back a while later and it is sold out 😩
  6. So I see you got the plat now, congrats. How did you fix it? Did you have to delete your save and do another playthrough?
  7. NA version EU version
  8. Yes it is. PS4 and PSVita.
  9. Thanks this helped, played through 3 endings and no trophy so tried what you said the trophies popped.
  10. Wish I’d seen this earlier, tried replaying levels several times but the trophies weren’t popping. Closed the game and restarted and a few popped at once.
  11. This still works, got my infinite health and skipped most of the game at the three judges last night for a fairly quick titan playthrough.
  12. For the "Finished!" trophy you have to hit ‘next’ at the end of level 28 rather than exit. For some reason it doesn’t pop unless you do that. Thought I’d post it here for anyone else as I had to go searching to find that out.
  13. Nope, I just got the plat and synced squareboy vs bullies using the plat then swap accounts method. When I went to sync it gave me the update and I thought “damn they patched it”, but after I installed the update it still worked fine.
  14. I had a few buggy trophies, did a few game restarts and they all popped. Thanks.
  15. Managed to get the plat on ps3 using this method, a bit more effort and some levels to play but still quick enough.