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  1. Honestly i think this is the best achievement, like i am impressed with what people have said, but this one is just so humble and amazing! Its like someone learning Chinese from watching Kung Fu movies Ha!
  2. Just did all the online in the last couple days even the dlc one, nothing difficult didn't need to boost. I actually thought it would be a right pain in the butt seeing the game is pretty old now, but surprised its pretty active. You still might find that you need to search for a while especially in racing but eventually within 10 or so minutes you will get into someone else's game no matter what activity you are looking to do. Hacking trophy was actually quite fun, hilarious and sometimes nail biting when people are frantically trying to find you and almost catch you. Some people are just sitting idle and you can also can tell some people are just being cool and don't care they are getting hacked and know what's up and what you are going for. Tailing one was funny as well, being new i didn't know how to act so i was a bit reckless, some people catch you, some people know you are their and don't care. It's funny when you are tailing some one and they realise you are there so they stop and turn around and so you stop and walk the other way, and so they keep walking and so you turn around again to follow them only for them to turn around and all through that time you are thinking "oh shit, oh dam, oh god". I thought that the bad blood coop trophy was going to be a problem from what i have been reading, at first i would search and get nothing, i did this a few times until one person joined me and we just proceeded to 10 mission. Easy and fun in the end. The only one that took me a while was traced, i recommend doing this in the evening or at times you think people are on, when i left the console on during the day i got no hits, but in the evening i got quite a few people hackings me and eventually after about 2 hours i got the traced trophy. Just so i wasn't just idling i would walk to each site seeing place and ticking off areas. Some times you can tell when people are in your game just don't pay them any mind and don't try and catch them and you're good.
  3. Oh i know whats happening for those mission you need to unlock it in your story, those are the one that Simeon unlocks for you, to get them you need to bring down our sentence, and once Simeon tells you your next mission is unlocked, you can go online get it done via multiplayer and it will be ticked off. If you need to bring down your sentence quickly, just do sepcial ops CT100 Jakarta and its and easy -10,000
  4. I think what you are saying is that you cant find strong weapons? My advice is to play coop as much as possible to get you through and farm for materials, Some mission can drop stronger weapons that can get you by. If you really want to get into it and the RNG (randomness) that is weapons upgrading and modding. Then upgrade your weapons facilities to 8 and try and get a rarity 6-8 weapons save scum (upload your save to cloud, redownload if you don't like your result) your way to good mods and damage and upgrade you weapons. There are reddit post all about it and its a bit of a mine field. Honestly a rarity 6 weapons are not hard to come by and with modding and some upgrades it will get you through even the solo bosses.
  5. Make sure you are at least past code 2 to play multiplayer Mission you can choose depends on where the host has unlocked and if they allow others to choose, say if host only has story mission unlocked to say code 5 and no DO mission then you wont be able to choose those mission. If you want to do a specific mission for a pass, but no one has it, just host the game your self and choose that mission, people will join you, complete it and use the pass in your story mission.
  6. I believe all servers are closing on the 24th December 2021. I have been going hard for the past week and got the plat, its not easy, but its not the hardest thing either. Don't just go in and get the multiplayer trophies and feel you are going to solo the rest, while its true its solo able, you are going to have the very best weapons a good knowledge of the boss fights, just try play coop as much as possible and you will have a much easier time all round. There is a lot of people online now, I've been able to get into coop multiplayer more times then none, and there's are big boosting groups as well. Its not too late, get in there unlock the multiplayer and play that almost exclusively, try to play every mission in multiplayer as well as going through the single player, every mission you play online will give you a pass so you can skip the single player mission. I've gotten the plat and I still go online to help out randoms. Solo boss fight trophies are honestly not that hard, its the later Code 7, 8 mission and some of the retribution mission that can get pretty crazy, think multiple boss fights of multiple bosses and trash mobs all at once. I suspect its going to be very populated until a week before Christmas when everyone starts going away for the break, I've seen people get the the plat within 1, 2 weeks of playing.
  7. You need to reach it in your story and you can use the pass you gained while in multiplayer to pass it. So lets say you been doing a bunch of Code 6 mission online but you only at code 5 story wise, you need to advance to code 6 in your story and skip the mission and it should be ticked off.
  8. I think the MG-M7 requires the least amount of rare materials.
  9. To unlock different codes you need to do it through story progression, subsequently you can only choose the codes you unlocked in multiplayer, but you can join any code someone else has unlocked. If you play levels you haven't unlocked in multiplayer it gives you a pass on completion of that code level, so then you unlock it in your story you can just by pass it. Hope that makes sense. Basically what i did for about 2 days was go full on multiplayer, was able to gain a bunch of passes and then just went to the story and skipped the levels using the passes. Any levels i wanted a pass for, i just asked the host if i we could do a level, or just go in an just choose it before anyone else does ;). While you're doing your multiplayer session and story progression make sure to upgrade your facilities, you will need to unlock code 8 to fully maximize it. Then choose your weapon choice and start the manufacturing upgrade and modifying process.
  10. I started seeing that gun at roughly code 4. I'm not sure if it drops before then, its just when i started noticing it. Its a pretty good gun, its like a burst fire shot gun.
  11. Pretty much this, those who are thinking they are only going to get the multiplayer out the way and leave the rest for later, you are doing yourself a dis service later on. The difficulty and grind for rare materials for upgrades is no joke. This game is solo-able, but the amount of time to get the the gear needed is some what a crazy time sink. Some of the later levels, to be honest you'd have to be a veteran with only the best gear to do solo, like think multiple waves of three bosses fought at once. Another benefit of playing a lot of the online is once you have done a mission you get a pass so that in story mode, that mission you did, you can now just skip it. Anyone wanting to do this plat, i highly recommend you put a lot of time online, the game is really fun.
  12. yes its vita tv compatible, thats what im playing on
  13. Working now for New Zealand (AU/NZ) region, hope you guys affected in other region have your access restored.
  14. Still cant connect in New Zealand. I hope Sony get to the bottom of this.
  15. Just check the NZ/AU PS4 store and seems it on there