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  1. No worries mate, just add me VaNiDgE, when i get home this evening ill send it to you.
  2. Hey Mate no worries, my PSNID is VaNiDgE, I wont be home for he next 8-9 hours, but add me and when i get home i will send to you.
  3. I have a white last stand Artifact I used just now to beat slaughter house 3000, add me and will send to anyone that wants it. Just know i'm GMT12+ NZ so you need to wait until im free to be able to send to you.
  4. Holy crap, just got back from a holiday, did not expect there to be a whole new plat.
  5. This is my thoughts, i remember when FF7 was released with cheats and such and theres was a big hooha how that ruined the game and how now it wont be special or anything. I'm like yeah okay buddy. i'm in the side where, you play however you want, you want to take the old school way go for it, but don't make it a moral compass where you turn your noses to other who want to play it different.
  6. I have a small problem, I can't seem to turn off the red "target" when in battle with more then one enemy.I know that pressing R1 changes to and from a menu based system where you can select enemies from a menu, but it doesnt turn of the red "target" If my memory is correct all those years ago, this should turn that off. Unless there's a configuration i havent found in the menu system.Just wondering if anyone have found a way to turn it off.
  7. I have a few, but here are my most memorable Killzone 2, holy crap this game was hard, it took me so long to do the hardest difficulty run and that end section, wow I thought it was impossible. I wasn't really into multiplayer or platinums back then but about a year or so after i decided to do multiplayer and good lord was that a huge pain, a massive grind but at least I got it. I remember there being a trophy for being on the top 1 percent and i just scrapped through. Dead Space 2 I honestly thought this was impossible but i persevered to the point i knew every corner and every sequence, but there was a lot of pain and frustration getting the plat. I remember dying in very easy areas to a lax in judgment or memory. In the end i was very proud of myself with a huge sigh of relief and a small celebration after the plat popped. Metal gear solid 4 A great game i played through like 12 times, i remember it didn't have trophies when it was first released but added later when Sony added trophies to their system. I remember you had to play at least 8 times to plat as you needed to get certain emblems. It sure did get very boring, but man getting the big boss emblem at the end was one hell of a rush, didn't think i could do it especially with the chase sequence part. COD World at war I've never seen so many grenade thrown at you, i think this is the game where i have likely died the most on, from beginning to end this game was difficult, with many hours just trying to push up in one area. I believe ts my only COD platinum.
  8. They're not forcing anyone, its just and incentive of being part of a club. Just something to say hey if you get plus not only do you get these two games per month, you get access to online, some special PS+ based pricing and PSitems for some games. There a lot of companies that do this outside of gaming as well, i can think of a few companies where i am from that do this. If you don't play much online and don't like the monthly game offers then PS+ is prob not for you, but if you don't mind the monthly games and play a lot of online, its actually really cheap subscription annually. It's cheaper then netflix yearly and for me cheaper then my cell phone bill for a year.
  9. Ive got an absolute massive back log of games for PS4 and PS3, currently working on Killzone Shadow Fall, have just beaten it on Hard and now going to do Elite, then do any single player clean up then all multi player. For PS3 doing Dragon Age Inquisition.
  10. I would have to say Final Fantasy 9, its a great game, but good lord you basically have to play a perfect game or else you start again if you don't have multiple saves. Sometimes you wont even realise you missed something until its waay to late, there are so many events, items, situation and time sensitive things that if you miss, you are done. One trophy absolutely broke me and that's the Hail to the king trophy, god damn if it affected my health in some way i wouldn't be surprised. Spent around 14 hours getting that one trophy. Granted a lot of people used some auto key thing to get it, but it never worked for me. Overall had to play the game 3 times over because of something that was easily missed. I don't think you can plat this game without a guide, unless you know the game inside and out. Other games i felt that almost broke me are : Resistance 2 Metal Gear Solid 4 Cod World at War Kane and Lynch
  11. I'm in the same boat buddy, this is my third play through and the only trophies i have left is S-Hunter rank which i hopefully will get after doing chocobo hot and cold and ATE events which didn't pop for me. I had a list that i ticked off, with 2 guides opened and and made sure I got each ATE, even restarted a few saves on the more risky ones, but the trophy didn pop at the elevator in Pandemonium. Even reloaded my saves a few times, but still. Went through my list and compared them with other guides to see if they match up, and they did. Sigh, this is a great game but as a trophy hunter this game has amongst the worst trophies. I can't think of any other game that has had so many bad trophies in it. Once i get S-Hunter Rank trophies i'm going to try one more time, but not sure what I will do different, because i did every ATE and made sure double sure i did them.
  12. Ah, thanks for the info. that gives me great relief.
  13. Hey mate, thank you so much for this. I'm currently still in my first play through and had a year break and messed up in a few areas, however this is run i was able to get "Hail to the King", this trophy was the reason i took so many breaks for this game. I was just wondering do i need the item for doing 1000 jumps as part of the "Another Man's Treasure"? I really don't want to spend another 14 or so hours playing jump rope just to get one item as apart of a pre-requisite for another trophy.
  14. What makes me huffy sometimes is you will get a truly Ginormous monster and you are sure "that's the one" and its not, or its gigantics but its the smallest monster you have hunted but not small enough to be a mini. I swear the other day I fought a Black Diablos which was humongous measured him, and the bend on his leg was above the barrel. Nope was not meant to be, was salty as hell.
  15. I would wait and see if they release events with increased crown drops for said monster. The spring event was a god send, it allowed me to get all crowns large and mini for those monsters. i am sure they will bring many more events like that in future. Just watch out for updates, play other games, dont get to wrapped up about trophies, try and change your mindset take break come back to it. My tip for really monotonous or grindy parts in games is to grab a laptop or tablet and put on a movie. It really makes grindy games that much more bearable.