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  1. There are different variants to perma death, some games have check points where if you die your save gets wiped. Other games like Wolfenstein have it there are no saves or check points at all. Some games will have a combination to where check points are only between levels, or you only have like 3 saves through out.
  2. While i want to, I don't think I will especially in the economic climate we have now and the fact I have a crazy backlog on multiple consoles. I think it might be a couple years before i get one or when there is a revision of console, like the PS4 Pro. I know I will be jealous looking at all the reviews and lets play of the games though.
  3. Lately i have dusted off my PS3 and gone back and downloaded a ton of my PS+ games and looked at my backlogged and its going to be a long while for me to get through my digital and physical copies of PS3 games. Also there are many more games on the second hand market that are still be sold so there seems to be many more years of life for the good old PS3. I wouldn't be surprised if i was still playing PS3 5-10 years from now, as long as my consoles still work and my controllers don't die.
  4. Metal Gear Solid 4: Big boss run Dead Space 2: Hard to the core Killzone 2: Elite Killzone Shadow Fall: Elite Medal of honor: You Still Aren't As Tough As Audie Murphy Prob a lot more I have, but these were the ones I found that i could remember.
  5. After coming back from a very long hiatus, sadly this is my feeling. They should have made it auto pop, like Killzone Intercept or Sly cooper: Theives in time. Ah well I snooze I lose.
  6. Man i'm just afraid of how big of a loser I am !!
  7. At first I didn't mind ads as i know that's how people who make content get paid, but what made me use adblock was this one time watching youtube and there was this show on a channel in my country that was aggressively pushed, it was like a 1:30 min in length, but you could not skip it and it played for every video and any time you refreshed it replayed it again. I got so dam fed up, it was a show i wouldn't have mind watching, a local feel good show about helping vulnerable people, but the fact you had to sit through it again and again just made me boil. It was at a time i was trying to find a guide for some collectibles in a game but I had to endure it until i couldn't and went searching for an ad blocker. Now i just block everything, don't care what it is. I have contemplated in not using it, but have noticed some sites just aggressively push ads that cover the dam screen or open up, or automatically play with sound and I cant be bothered with that. Show your ads and if im interested i may click it, but if you gonna push in front of me i'm not down for that
  8. I got all my Scarred Yian Garuga crowns by joining people in events or their investigation quest with even unlocking him in the guiding lands. I just join any and every quest i saw with him in that popped up while searching, same with Brute Tigrex. They definitely drop crowns
  9. Just wondering how you are distributing your stats and what to focus on for each character Ive been doing a quite a balance approach but i dont think thats efficient. I'm thinking redistributing stats to suit each character, but been hearing some people mainly focusing on WIS or AGI and not much of the others.
  10. On the PS3 i specifically remember a part in the DLC called project overlord, where you were in a hover craft like vehicle, the environmental graphics looked like they were straight up made on the psone. I remember because it was so jarring to look at. It wasn't the system loading in textures either. That was how the PS3 version had it. I hope they get that sorted out. I think the problem wasnt as bad on 360 but people were saying it was a notable downgrade in the section for them as well.
  11. I am a bit late, but what i found helps also is truck and bikes have a boost. I only found out watching a video on youtube, when on are in a truck or bike press L3 and it will boost like when you hit this boost signs, just be careful with corners. really helpful with those mission where there is a lot of weight.
  12. The only trophies i had problems with was, the one where you had to land from a parachute and kill someone within 5 seconds, and the one where you had to get 2 headshots from 200 metres within 3 seconds. had to repeat those a couple of times and they would pop really late. But otherwise didn't have much problems with trophies popping. I also played in coop for the entire play through. However this game is a dam mess, textures popping in like very late, while in a helicopter as a passenger the game would stutter and pause and for whatever reason ubisoft thought it was a great idea for there to be a drone that spawned like every 10 seconds or an enemy helicopter, making traversing the land an absolute chore. While i did have fun, it was a massive step back compared to Wildlands.
  13. Yeah even with the crown events. While crowns are a lot higher, when it gets to 1 or 2 monster left, it can be a chore. I think theres still some RNG even though your monster is the smallest or largest and you've measured it. it can still not be the one. To be honest, i've always gotten crowns when i least expected it especially the Mini ones.
  14. Don't give up, it does seem the current symphony gold crown event rng isn't on my side but I've been slowly getting there it seems every 3 to 4 matches in yield a crown I need. I now just need a large zinogre but since he's one of the last monster's to enter I don't do it solo as it seems faster to smash the monsters with a team. Also his size seems to be down right lies. I faced and absolute humongous zinogre that seemed to be more aggressive then usual, dam carted two people in my party, but a large gold crown on that particular match wasn't to be. I'm just hope next crown events rng is more generous.