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  1. Just wondering how i go about unlocking these two cars, i have done all other Car Combat and Death Races except these two. I have unlocked all car components as well. ------------ Edit: Sorry just figure it out, you just have to create it, not unlock it. Do'H
  2. Your avatar basically shows how i feel at the moment Hahaha, thank you for confirming Thank you for your help
  3. Dumb question how do you enable both permadeath and survival at the same time, i can only see seperate difficulties.
  4. Just have these last two trophies and wanting to know if that can be done.
  5. Thank you for this I hope i can get the last 7 trophies i need, was was using someone called CookieMonster who had a fantastic world built up, (big ups to him) but his world seems to be offline for a day or so now. Will give this a go when i get home form work.
  6. I know this is an old topic, but recently got this trophy and it was annoying as all heck, I honestly could not do it solo and had to do it with 2 players. But if you want to do it with 2 players make sure the other player joins at the save point before entering Roya's place, there is a soft check point just before you have to protect Roya and second player cannot join there. I had Jeremy (Player 1) with max whirlwind, max damage and a bit on stun, as well as equipping him with the Abaddon ring which increases duration of whirlwind. During the fight just had Jeremy do his whirlwind attack with a bit of his heavy attack to stun enemies. I had Alysa (Player 2) with max damage, max fire rate and some points into grenade damage and had that player stay at the bottom of the screen lobbing grenades at Roya (grenades don't hurt Roya), so the splash damage kept enemies away while the fast fire rate chipped enemy health (if not kill them) so that Jeremy could finish them off. Obviously equip the best equipment you can for you characters, there should be a chest with a sword north of the area you protect Roya for Jeremy and a crossbow in a chest to the south east for Alyssa, also increased your strength with the coins you collected for each character. Even with this, sometimes a stray attack would hit Roya, (very infuriating) but after about 3 tries with 2 players I was able to pop the trophy. I could not do this solo after what seemed like 30 tries alternating between Alysa and Jeremy.
  7. I too had this issue, ingame when you are supposed to load your friend list, nothing shows up or it shows friends who you don't intend to play with. However as you are play if you go to your home screen and then your game it will show friends who are playing the game granted they are not hidden, there will be a "join" option next to their name, once you join them the person needs to then touch the check point (red crystal) then you will be able to play in their game. I don't know why the friends list ingame is so buggy, or why they couldn't just put a "invite to game" system, especially since the emphasis of this game is coop, but you gotta sit there and try and figure out other ways to do it, because the way they intend you to do it doesn't even work.
  8. Unfortunately i have this glitch, ugh. I have killed all monster on page one and two and the new monster from the 1.5 update and all monster have stars next to them and my trophy hasnt popped. Note i am playing coop with my partner being the host and trophy has popped for them. Very frustrating as i have spent a long time grinding this out. -Edit Update- Just wanted to update, was able to get this trophy by playing game again and making sure i got the kills for the Magma spirits first then then making sure i got the other kills. My last game the Magma Sprites were the last enemy on my list but even though i had killed them all and even registered a star to indicated i had got the allotted skills, a message never popped up to say i got the achievement. Glad i have the trophy now.
  9. I recently got the master angler trophy. I honestly had a lot of trouble with fishing. I'm currently playing the game with another person who really got the handle of fishing early and was something they felt was easy, but i really struggled. I would say try and get your fishing skill up, by constantly catching the easier fish, get the iridium rod, trap or cork bobber, also eat the escargot (I think that's the name) or food that increases your fishing. Be patient fish like the legend and octopus can make very erratic moves they can go up and down on a dime, while it takes your bar like a second or so to gain momentum. What i learnt is that there are times these fish are not as erratic and tend to be more stable, if you can get an encounter like that, it's very easy to catch, especially if you have all the materials to buff your fishing. just a tip, some fish are only on specific weather types and seasons like "legend" who only comes out in spring and while it rains. Plan for this, go to your tv and make sure you know when it will rain, then get all your bait, bobbers and food ready. Even then getting a bite from the legend fish can take all day and you might not be successful. Just close out and start your day again so you don't have to wait for the next rainy day or worse for the next season to roll back. Also, i find that tapping in 1 second increments really help, hold if you want the bar to go up quick, but tap if you are close to the fish or want to keep the the bar stable, also not a good idea to allow your bar to drop to the bottom of the rod, if fish goes down and stays there, the bar tends to bounce quite a bit if it hits the bottom of the rod, best to let the bar drop and tap to stabilize it. One last thing, try to concentrate on keeping up with the fish and not with the bar filling up, seriously it can be demoralizing when you are in the green and seeing your bar turn orange to red and can cause you to panic and lose the fish. There were times where my bar was fluctuation from green to orange and close to red, but because i was more concentrated with keeping up with the fish at the end i was able to catch it. If you lose, ya lose, but if you panic cos your meter is low you will definitely lose. A lot to take in, for some like me it was hair pulling, for others it just clicks. But you will get there. It took me like a whole gaming session to get to grips with the fishing in the game and took me over 10-20 tries to catch the octopus, scorpion fish and legend. So that a good indication of how bad i was at fishing, but i got there in the end.
  10. Oh man whats going. My dividends challenge just got reset to Zero, I had over 600 when i last saw it about 3 days ago, made sure to save and uploaded to PS+. Just now i check and everything is zero, geez. So i though, okay my upload should be at about 600 so if i download that and then maybe wait another 3 days it should be good, so i redownloaded that save checked my dividend challenge and it too is zero -_-. Does not seem my other challenges have been effected.
  11. HI guy, got question in regards to my stats page and legend completed challenges not adding up So basically I have 59 challenges completed on my statistic pages and on my Legend page its shows 59 competed also, however when i to try to get the last scrap screw part so i can make a save and then upload it, the problem is when i get to the place to get the scrap crew part i have to fight a bunch of Scrotus which then gives me the "Quiet in the Halls of Justice" Challenge. This then turns my my legen page completed mission to 60, but my statistic challenges is left at 59. Just wondering am i screwed and should start again. Or is it okay, the "Quiet in the Halls of Justice" is a repeating challenge so i think that might be the reason why its counting for the legends list and not the statistics list, but just dont wanna screw myself over.
  12. Same here Nyxarros and Kanash even though it took me a while about and hour forty to beat both of them, it was more me kiting them and just chipping away at health. I was playing as a gunner so i was doing decent damage and was able to heal pretty quickly items an abilities. Divine Reaver I had to find three times. Once i was fighting him and i pushed it too far from his spawn point and when he ran back to his spawn point his health refreshed and someone else had just join and started killings him really quick giving them the kill and not me, that made me pretty irate as I had gotten him down to about half health and already had been fighting for over an hour by then. The second time for whatever reason my game lagged and I got an blue screen error and had to restart the game, wow i just thought. Third time wasn't really smooth sailing, the game lagged from time to time and i thought it would blue screen error again, got the boss to half way and then a lancer came along and basically did most of the work. i frantically tried to get him to join my team or message him but i didn't want to stray too far for the boss to reset, but every time i would message the guy i would get hit bringing me out of the menus. So glad i have the plat now, not know what future this game hold.
  13. Was level 54 now at 590.
  14. Ah god dammit, i got back into this recently, got the plat an needed a break. Ugh I saw this thread too late. Was planning to buy the DLC looked on the store and saw that it wasn't showing up. Oh well, next time i will just do dlc's asap.
  15. This is also a decent place to level up your weapons, just run circles around the area, killing the normal enemies and crawling ones, kill yourself by jumping off the edge and do the same loop. Was able to level several guns under and hour buy just doing this.