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  1. Hi you can sign me up for titan as i have all except the first god of war!! Is there any prizes or is it just a list😄😄😄
  2. Ya nothing is going to beat god of war for me!!! God of war goty
  3. Well I got the ps plus edition and I’m playing that, so does that affect it? I thought a load of people would be playing, I’m enjoying the campaign but it more enjoyable with 4 players!! Well NAT type 2 I believe, but it says nat type:open on the main menu screen!!
  4. I can’t find anyone on the multiplayer section for some reason, hardly anyone joins my campaign missions and the rubber banding in zombies is bad!! Anyone else have this problem???
  5. I got to level 25 but it happened mid way through a game i heard level up and no trophy popped. It wad the only damn time i didnt see a level up screen how stupid is that, any ideas how i can fix this in order to get trophy
  6. Game wasnt really that hard, if you play it enough you can almost memorise the tracks so you know every corner which comes in handy when plaing in the complete dark. You dont need hyper fast reflexs when you learn a track so i dont see the problem, in fact most of the game was easy when you know the tracks and how to beat the ai, only had a problem with a few time trials.
  7. Super time force ultra was a very easy and fast ultra rare plat, if i wasnt busy i would have it the plat trophy in one day, two tops, i dont understand how its so rare
  8. Im pretty sure there is a tunic as well, and how the hell do i get the wild rose dethroned trophy, i killed all the fallen knights and looted their camps, all 8 camps, the person in distress and the abandoned site, any tips or advice
  9. Hi I'm colourblind and haven't played the Witcher 3 in a while and i cant find the colourblind option in the options menu. Can someone plz tell where it is in the options menu as its very annoying as i can hardly see the red, i used to know where is was as constantly turned off, maybe i forgot or they changes it location because i cant find it Its ok i found it, my god you have to exit to the main screen and turn it on there, so if anyone is colourblind and needs to find it; go to main menu, options and under gameplay and turn on colour blind mode, i hope it doesn't still turn off all the time
  10. I cant seem to find this application form, am I too late and have all the gwent deck gone or what
  11. I have a good few games that i only need 1 damn trophy for that plat and off the top of my head they are: Trine 2 complete story - beat it on hardcore, dam that shit it hard man, Payday 2: technically 2 trophies but they are both for leveling up to 100, playing the same mission again and again for hours for 2 lousy trophies doesnt appeal to me and even more annoying since i have the hardest trophy in the game, Watch dogs - technically 2 again for getting all songs and hacking online, i cant find 1 damn song and it pisses me off, Shadow of the colossus - beating all time attack times in hard mode, ive lost hair to some them colossus and dont want to loss more, Dead space 2 - beating hardcore is no laughing matter, i tried and said f that, only 3-4 saves jesus talk about unfair unless your a god at ds2, I think thats most if not all, but what r your thoughts do ye have any of these plats and how did you find them, did you do through a few controllers, lose hair, break things close to you and maybe even tell a few ppl off wondering why you were so freaking insanely infuriated
  12. No way velocity 2x was a amazing game and it wasnt really a grind as i plated it in about 20 hours and unlike other grind fest games i felt amazing satisfaction when i got the plat, even bought velocity ultra because of it and platted that game too
  13. This game is about trial and error and the last boss amplifies this, but the game was ok with only 1 scroll providing any challenge, the one where you float between the electric currents and that dam bird boss was also a bit annoying, but through trial and error i kill that thing
  14. Well if you have a problem with ppl boosting mp that means you nearly have a problem with nearly every trophy hunter whether if its single player or multiplayer, I mean technically alot of hunter use guides to obtain plat and that is technically boosting since some one else is indirectly helping the hunter get the trophies and I say every trophy hunter with I say 10 plats or more have use a guide to help them get a plat, so if its online boosting with ppl directly helping you or using a guide made by a person who is indirectly helping you then i think its boosting. Everyone has there methods for trophy hunting dont discriminate against another if they got a trophy a different way from you even if you think is was made easier by online boosting so as long as there arent hacking they are still fulfilling the trophy requirements and its there trophy cabinet not yours and this is a site that is mainly about trophy hunting/boosting so if you have a problem with that i think you are in the wrong place.
  15. Didn't vote for it, zombie vikings is what i voted for, i was disappointed when it lost and now I'm even more disappointed now that this game has no plat and for a game that didn't seem to have really anything going for it over the other two except its more aesthetically pleasing, didn't we learn from the order 1886 that pretty graphic aren't everything. I wonder if they also gave out trophy info when you vote as i think gone home wouldn't have won if they did Not to mention that grow home's full game price is cheaper that zombie vikings at it discount price, god dam it ppl