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  1. 2018 was a great year for me all around, including entertainment consumption and gaming. Not a massive amount of trophy hunting; mostly clean-up here and there of titles I actually felt were easy enough + fun enough to platinum, alongside me just going and completing the main stories in a chunk of my backlog. I really didn't play many bad games last year at all, I'd only say that Layers of Fear, Terminator Salvation, and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One were the bad ones of the bunch, and they weren't even that bad. Layers of Fear and Terminator Salvation have hardly any variety in their gameplay and suck in terms of how much content they have, and All 4 One is just super-linear, dull, and the difficulty balancing towards the end is so atrocious that I had to quit, haha. The best games I played would have to be God of War III, Cuphead, and Persona 5. Persona 5's kinda a no-brainer for among the best titles in whatever game you complete it, but it's hard for me to choose if I prefer it to Cuphead or vice versa; Cuphead's style and gameplay were just so creative and fresh it competes great against a sprawling 100+ hour long JRPG. God of War III's definitely a step below those two, but all the god-slaying by Kratos was still an absolute blast. Honorable mention to Sly 4, sure that twist with Penelope was weird, but it still felt like a super-faithful Sly sequel.
  2. SOMA and Steins;Gate? Yes please!
  3. It's all about luck. Most of the time if you try and do it while managing to hit all of the buttons (R1, rear touch, L1, rear touch), you'll have done a move different than Twisty McMarx, but eventually, you'll get it. This and Speedy rely on some degree of skill to get where you need to be, but from there on out, it's all about luck and just being persistent enough to get lucky.
  4. Looks like a great list. Most of it is my favorite mode that I sink weeks of time into anyway (zombies), and I don't have to beat a campaign on a difficulty higher than Veteran or get those stupid challenges from Black Ops II again. Most definitely will be shooting for this platinum, whenever I do end up picking the game up.
  5. Not gonna lie, sorta heartbroken about this news. I realize some people aren't massive fans of their stuff (and sure, none of it is Dostoevsky-caliber writing), but I really loved their brand, thought their people were talented, and can't think of a single game of their's that I disliked. Was really looking forward to playing the conclusion to their TWD series (which was better than both the comic books and the TV series, in my opinion), that second season of Wolf Among Us, and their Stranger Things title. RIP Telltale, wish their former staff the best.
  6. If it has a separate trophy list, I will definitely get it again.
  7. In terms of multiplayer both have issues (Ghosts: oversized maps, very fast time to kill; BO2: offline latency, unbalanced weapons) Generally Ghosts is a pretty boring online experience with very long waits to come into contact with enemies while Black Ops 2 is more fast paced but can also be more frustrating. I would reccomend BO2 only for Zombies which is a pretty unique and fun survival mode, though you would have to buy DLC for decent maps (Die Rise and Mob of the Dead are best IMO)