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  1. Was playing it the other weekend and felt like I wasn't leveling as fast as I thought!
  2. You free now?!If so add me Itachirulz1
  3. What game mode is the best for exp?!
  4. I love the clean up when you've completed the game! Coz you can really see the platinum in sight!
  5. Only getting an American release?!
  6. Thanks for your help! Have a nice day!
  7. Probs number 2 if I had to pick haha! ah well only doing the physical copy for the level 50 trophy
  8. So I've gotten myself this game on disc so I can play the game without the patches as heard it's easier to level up on it. Loaded it up and told me that I don't have a save on the game and gotta start from the beginning. Anyone else had that problem?!
  9. Done all the ones I can think of and still hasn't popped! gonna have to go through them again in case I missed one!
  10. Coming from someone that didn't play spyro as a child I have to say i've enjoyed them more than most newer games! (Apart from Spyro 3)
  11. Thanks lets hope I dont have the patch on Thanks again!
  12. Thanks! it's the only trophy I need to plat this game! is it easy to do?!
  13. Is it patched on disc version? Don't want to attempt last trophy if it's patched
  14. I've completed the game now but nothing has popped up to tell me about the secret level? Anyone know how to come about getting it?
  15. Thank you kindly!