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  1. Thanks so much! Will do this right away
  2. Hi there. Rather new to this game. I've unlocked wolf's den but the pvp is dead. How do I go about doing one of these fights to acquire the trophy?
  3. Hey team. I've completed a majority of the game just recently. Defeated all the murk cube things for the trophy, only have 2 mirages left to capture which are through the Colosseum... I have visited all secret areas... but according to my trophy list I have not... I've got all the mirages I can get from the secret areas but I still haven't unlocked this trophy. Any tips? I've been revisiting the areas but have had no luck. I have yet to unlock the trophy for opening all chests so I'm hoping this might give someone a clue as to what I'm missing. I've completed the nebula secret area for what it's worth. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Was that in team vanquish though? I'm needing to do graves and gardens which seems to not want to start even with 3 people
  5. I can not for the life of me start this mode. There is never enough players. Its honestly doing my head in.
  6. Hey team! I've only got a couple trophies left to go before that plat. One trophy is the sacrificial lamb... Has anyone got any tips? I seem to never have the luck to get it in the mystery box. Is there a specific map that does the job better?
  7. Hi there, I've been looking around for this info and cant seem to find it. I currently have 2 ps3's and 2 copies of this game ready to go. I'm looking at boosting to level 25 for the trophies. What would be the best way to do this? What mode should I do? Is it possible with just 2 player? Or will I need more?
  8. Hi there! After many years of playing this game off and on I am finally on the last trophy before obtaining the plat. Know your enemy. Unfortunately this means I need to get eye of truth masks from 8 or so bosses... I have questions regarding these and I'm hoping you guys could help. I'm aware that these are awarded for cutting off all parts. Does the difficulty of the mission determine the drop rate of these? Or am I better off doing the "easy version" of a boss? Any and all advice is welcome! It will ease my soul the more advice I'm given about the game. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks! Boss! Works like a charm. Thanks everyone that helped
  10. Final fantasy 7
  11. Cheers everyone! I think I may not have explained it clearly though. I'm fully aware of the method, it's just the website that sends the email to your email address no longer works and I required someone to forward it to me. It's all sweet now though! I've got the email
  12. Hi team. I've been searching the internet all day for information but can not find anything on the subject. The PS vita region trick to stack trophies, some are familiar with it, some aren't. Those who are know that an email is required that can be sent through a link provided in other threads and in videos. The problem now is that this link no longer provides the email as the website can not process anything. Those with out the email are unable to continue with the process. Would anyone be able to send me (and others that need it) the email? Till then I can not stack any trophies. If you can provide help fire off bellow. Any help is appreciated
  13. I'm in the same boat. Went to go try it today and the email site says its cant be reached I've done the trick in the past but cant find my old email. Would someone be able to email me the email?
  14. So I'm up to chapter 5... I'm really not digging this game. Story is a little obscure. It looks nice but I feel like it's all over the place (gameplay, storywise, control wise) I know it's an old game but at the time it was released I remember people raving about this game. What's your take on it?
  15. Just got thos to finally pop. Thanks guys!