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  1. My user name is jam_lime44. My level is one second long. Play 4 play :). I'll start going through the list now.
  2. If ya can get a routine going it's worth it. Jump on buddy! I say more the merrier
  3. Hi. I was recently going through and collecting all collectables in the game. While in the location where I met the giant dude with the hammer I encountered some blue crystals. As I went to go smash them I went right over them and fell down the hole to the entrance to the hollows. I am now unable to exit through this location as the blue Crystal's are still there blocking my way out. Have I soft locked my game? Or is there an alternative exit to the hollows. Please help
  4. Cheers for the help guys, I figured out what I was doing wrong. When using remote play I was struggling to get the timing right
  5. Awesome! I'll def watch these
  6. Hey I've chugging away at the daily challenges for awhile now. But when ever a "reach the goal as fast as possible" pops up I suck. Some ppl get ridiculous times. I have no idea how you are supposed to run any faster than what the game allows. Anything I've missed? Or does the game have hidden speed mechanics?
  7. Hey there. Been looking into this game and it sounds amazing. Heard nothing but good stuff about this game. I really enjoy following a guide when I play rpg games, I'm looking at going for the plat fir this game. My question is. Are there any amazing trophy guides that take me step by step through the game and showing me when and where to get all trophies? Or is this game easy enough to just jump in without a worry about missing any trophies?
  8. Yea no problem!
  9. Just did this method. You have no idea what you're talking about. I've finished all levels and the trophy didnt pop. Did you even try this yourself before posting up a solution, I wonder?
  10. I'll try that. You're saying I only have to attempt to upload? I've tried with about 4 levels so far. So if this is true then sweet. Also it's more a figurative of speech but if you're gonna take it literally then go ahead. Thanks for advice.
  11. So this game has been incomplete on my list for some time now due to one trophy. The trophy where I have to register my score on every level is impossible... when I finish a level it spends about 5 min retrieving the leader board info... then a message pops up saying "failed to get info" and I'm unable to post my score. What's annoying is I have to finish the level first before I get told this... wasting like half an hour of my life. Anyone who got this know what causes this? Any work around? EDIT: I've found a method on how to fix sever issues. It seems to be similar to sonic generations. You have to have no friends on your list. I had been trying for a year now with no success. I deleted my friends list and got the trophy first try
  12. Hi there. I am currently having some major issues with the jelly fish fight. I am aware that I need to hold down the x button when the arm misses but I'm having no luck at all. Nothing is happening. Only 3 times have the men grabbed the arm. Dont understand what I'm doing wrong.
  13. So I've been reading up a lot on these hacked servers. They found ideal for leveling up. How ever because this game is extremely old and the other post seems to be from 8 years ago I have a few questions. Do these severs even exist anymore or am I going to have to grind it out? How do I know if I'm in a hacked server? Does it need to be in friendly or hardcore? I'm not getting any definitive answers in that other thread. Any advice would be great
  14. Hi there. Had this game for a while and have never played online. Would love to give it ago and get a few of the high end missions completed with other players. I think it would be rather fun. Ive noticed how the online is pretty much dead so it would be great to get a party together. Add me at jam_lime44 with a message. We can help each other out and have some fun
  15. Hi there. This is my first time posting so please, If this topic does not belong I'm sorry. I was doing a little research and could not find anything on this topic, I was wondering if there were any examples of a game that had been released to the public and then through an update had a number of trophies removed from the trophy list. Just to be clear, I'm not after any games that have been removed from the PSN store and now the trophies are unobtainable, I'm after a game that has had its overall trophy list altered post-release. I noticed that the new Wolfenstein game has a petition going trying to get a trophy removed as people are finding it far too hard. (we'll leave that for now because I know people have mixed feelings about that) But I couldn't find any examples of trophies being removed which makes me think that once the game is out then the trophy list can't have anything removed, only added via DLC. Love to hear from ya if anyone knows any examples or info on this