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  1. Hi there. Just currently looking for the monster 125 which I'm aware is called fatskin merchant. What is the dungeon that this guy is in?
  2. Hey team! As this game is rated z on the Japanese pan store, is there a way to purchase this game without a Japanese credit card? Is there a physical edition?
  3. Yea.... that's the whole point of this thread. Asking what my alts are That was what I was doing! Damn... Maybe I'll have to restart my game
  4. Hey there. Unfortunately I am currently playing the chinese version on the vita which has no online features.
  5. Hey team. The last couple of days I've encountered an annoying glitch. I'm currently trying to get the 1 mil lums in the chinese vita version of the game. For some reason my pets are no longer giving lums daily. I dont know what's happened. I've waited a full day, I've tried changing the date manually. Without this getting the required lums is going to be an absolute pain. Any fixes?
  6. I've found chapter 11 is the best to get rare coins. Tiday I got 4 new world Marks in a row. The most important thing is getting over 700 beats. This usually always gives you a rare coin for the final coin. Chuck luffy in his new world costume too. What I do is do this mission 2x a day. Takes like 10 min. If I get a new coin a dont count it as one of my 2 plays. I got super lucky today with 4 new coins. Getting 700 beats seems to be the answer.
  7. I've solved the issue... I reinstalled the game and it worked like a charm.
  8. Hey team. I've encountered an annoying issue on my game. In chapter 16 when I fill out the requirements for the secret ending the cutscene plays but it freezes at the exact point each time. If I try skipping the cut scene it takes me to a blank screen and nothing happens. This is preventing me from obtaining the trophy... which is a pain. Any speculation? Scratched disc perhaps? Anyone else encounter this issue?
  9. I seem to be getting this glitch too...
  10. Thanks so much! Will do this right away
  11. Hi there. Rather new to this game. I've unlocked wolf's den but the pvp is dead. How do I go about doing one of these fights to acquire the trophy?
  12. Hey team. I've completed a majority of the game just recently. Defeated all the murk cube things for the trophy, only have 2 mirages left to capture which are through the Colosseum... I have visited all secret areas... but according to my trophy list I have not... I've got all the mirages I can get from the secret areas but I still haven't unlocked this trophy. Any tips? I've been revisiting the areas but have had no luck. I have yet to unlock the trophy for opening all chests so I'm hoping this might give someone a clue as to what I'm missing. I've completed the nebula secret area for what it's worth. Any help would be appreciated
  13. Was that in team vanquish though? I'm needing to do graves and gardens which seems to not want to start even with 3 people
  14. I can not for the life of me start this mode. There is never enough players. Its honestly doing my head in.
  15. Hey team! I've only got a couple trophies left to go before that plat. One trophy is the sacrificial lamb... Has anyone got any tips? I seem to never have the luck to get it in the mystery box. Is there a specific map that does the job better?