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  1. you have to knock all three heads, you will see the head looking down and with some sort of starts animation around it. thats how you know you knock the head, do the same with all three and you will get it
  2. Is it me or there is something wrong with this mission specifically? either it has a super secret enemy encounter somewhere or they really want you to build s ranks in every single encounter. so far i've done son of sparda on all difficulties with s rank. but this mission is the one that has given me the most trouble to get them on. I recommend using sparda or rebellion dance macabre for at least the first two encounters.
  3. I plat every single dmc game, even THOSE ones, dmc 4 plat wasnt as hard as it was time-consuming. can't wait for this
  4. no it has to do with the map completion. you need to travel to every single part of the map. and fill as little pieces as possible. the trophies seem to be very straightforward. hopefully some of the glitches you can still use, like 99 luck+skip grim reaper to be op as soon as the game starts. what im curios is the enemy list, we just need to fill it up as just enemies or both enemies and all drops?
  5. I'm gonna try and do videos showing how I completed some of the combat training since I have not found anything related to them. So far I have these:
  6. whatever you are using to move the character with, up or down lets you move where you are shooting without moving.
  7. to go near completing the game, and with a second controller you finish it getting that way the 5 continue trophies, has anybody tried it?
  8. not sure if still does. No harm in trying!
  9. I cantget running the gauntlet to unlock, its stocked on 2/3. What am i doing wrong?
  10. There is a glitch, at the moment, that allows you to complete rounds really fast and without dying. This is a better explanation for the glitch: I wasn't able to pull off the god more glitch; however I was able to find an extra glitch. Have two players playing combat immersion, after that player 1 activate the sphere and go hide. The second player try to kill the enemies of that round. you don't need to kill them all, just stay for a few seconds and get yourself killed. You will then be kicked to the combat immersion menu. For some reason, when player 2 dies, the game thinks that player 1 has died and ends the round making all the enemies to disappear. Player 1 then would be left alone for the next round, DON'T START THE NEXT ROUND YET! instead, wait for player 2 to comeback, how? well, after you are kick to the combat immersion menu, you can come back to the same combat immersion that you just died in. Repeat the process of player 1 activating the sphere and hiding, player 2 fighting the enemies and then dying, waiting for player 2 to comeback and starting the next round 18 times. And you will gt the challenge done and the calling card; however it will only unlock for player 1. Once you are done with player 1, do it for player 2. leave any questions if you need help. Good luck!
  11. Try equipping the rune that you get from ludwig then go to him and a hunter will show up wielding the sword. kill him and the sword is yours
  12. i managed to get the trophy after two tries. The first try I pulled it off, but got hit after ranking up some stylish points, decided to get the s rank on the mission out of the way first. On my second try I had to pulled it off 3 times before been able to finish the fight with the triple s combo. Thank you for the guide! really useful!
  13. I'm on trial one, and I'm shooting them with x but the noises stay there. am I doing something wrong? or I can't shoot them during trial one? I remember on the first one, once I shot them they would fall of screen.
  14. Probably one of the most time consuming and frustrating trophies I've encounter in a while. I recommend completely upgrade the character that you are going to be using, I used Dante. I had the thunder amulet, flying amulet and regeneration amulet on all the time. Buy all the upgrades on every gun, use this farming spot to fully upgrade everything: after getting all the upgrades, get all the items that you can carry. Now, strategies!1) magician guys: take them down first! don't use the rocket launcher since a bug may occur and you will completely fuck yourself. The faster you take them out the faster you can use the rocket launcher to take down everything else on the wave. Forget about the other enemies and take these guys out first! 2) gollems are your best friends! having 5 of these guys will cause everything to slow down. What I mean by that, it's that this guys cause the game to spawn one other enemy at the time. So if they are supposed bloody goats to spawn with them or magician or any other enemy, having these will cause them to spawn one other kind of enemy at time. Another plus is being able to recharge your dt and health really easy since they regenerate body parts and health. 3)goats use the rocket launcher and try to find a safe spot. the safe spot is a sweet spot that most of they attacks will miss for no reason. Try to take them down before they enter dt. Once they do, the rocket launcher will stop stunning them. If worst comes to worst, and your health is near the end, activate super dt which can only be activated when your health bar is on red. It's a little risky but your attacks now can kill the guys on 3 hits. Doing so will help you in the long run, if you are feeling bolsy, when your dt is close to be depleted, use a devil star to replinish. Doing so will allow you to stay on super dt longer. I recommend doing this strategy on goat waves, during the 9000 waves, I ran into maybe 6-7 of them and very a few instances that there were more than one at the time; maybe 5-6 times. 4)dog waves, this enemy is the most broken character in the game. it will constantly attack all the time. and when it enters dt, it will attack faster and hit harder; however there is an exploit to these fights. First, equip the shotgun. Second... start walking, yes, most of their attacks can't hit you unless you are directly in front of them. By you moving around constantly, the likeness of getting hit is one in 5. There is also another exploit, when there are 6 at the same time, some times they will glitch out and stand still, take this opportunity to change to the rocket launcher and land a hit. this will damage everyone. Another way to kill them will be using dt and do the stinger, the stinger does the damage of two rocket launchers. Those are the worst and best case scenarios on bloody palace. Something else you need to be aware of is... after getting passed 4000, bloody palace becomes easier.I don't know why but reaching 9000 after 4000 was easier than what i was expecting, so don't give up! Over all I used 5 large green starts, 12 small green stars, 2 large purple stars, 5-6 small purple stars. i didn't use the yellow orb until 9101 which it was when my trophy unlocked. If you have problems with an enemy or scenario, let me know. I'll try to help you find a strategy against them.
  15. let me guess... this is only in europe?