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  1. If you read the RL news banner in game you will find that a new DLC will be made available for purchase in the coming months. So I would expect to see DLC trophies as well. There goes your 100% completion!
  2. It would not work with physical copy either. Disc starts at version 1.00 and needs 1.16 version update for the traders to populate. Each successive update from 1.00 gets compiled into one file. No choosing which file downloads. You get it all at once or none at all. In addition, any gameplay using an older save under an older version will not be updated to the most recent version when it is finally installed. Meaning, you need to use 1.18 to access traders, therefore no player kill glitch via trader.
  3. I tried multiplayer and solo with no success. For all those wondering, I am certain we are late to the party. Dumb automatic updates.
  4. Battlefield 4 multiplayer, sleeping more, eating better, exercise and dropping the Rocket League habit.
  5. Tell me about it! I try using the display cases a designed and voilĂ !, on the floor. The best is my collection of staves shifting around in the wicker basket and Gray fox changing rooms. There is one more oddity but it is just too weird to mention here. I'll try the loading trick, although I think certain items just won't behave.
  6. Lol' I go to go too.
  7. Thank you PrincessLizbeth you are a lady and a scholar.
  8. So I platinumed this game years ago, prior to establishing an online connection, and have since traded it away. Contemplating achieving full completion but will not be able to use an old save file for DLC St. Lucia trials. My questions are as follows: 1) Does the online piece import and use the single player skill trees? 2) Should a player start at level 1, is there a chance in hell..khemm..of getting those gold and platinum medals on player created maps or whatnot? Any advice or thoughts?
  9. I was within earshot of those same negative reviews as most everyone. I definitely pulled back a few times when attempting to purchase but after watching is some PS4 broadcasting on hacks,poker,gameplay, etc. I was transfixed. So I pulled the trigger. The game didn't, let me down. It complements next gen very well and I can see why they were trying to hype this. The game just needs to be played in an open world manner. Yes, the amount of work needed to platinum can be a grind but it allows the game to showcase itself. It provides you with the tools to play a multiple number of ways and if you see and utilize that, your shootouts, chases and hacking can be epic.
  10. Owner chose to display two trophies that demonstrate pattern recognition and manual dexterity. The other... well it was done "hella-fast"
  11. Servers have officially been closed. No chance for platinum now.
  12. The above tips are good. Also, follow the tips in the load screen. They are actually useful. My technique is to trust the vehicles capabilities beyond your comfort level. Like on turns with drift or breaking into turns.
  13. There are gamers finishing games before the release date! Kind of curious no?
  14. Will this change in code affect other trophies as well? I did not have internet access for the trophies update to ps3 (when the time stamps started appearing).