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  1. I never got a refund for season pass hell i never got to download ep 2 even so yea the whole things got a bad taste in my mouth, but id still rebuy it completed if i had gotten a refund....i dont think it makes us crybabies to expect something we paid in advance for n i for one still want to see how it all ends refund or not
  2. I bet we get a telltale game
  3. This is response i got from them ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Hi angelic9978, Thank you for contacting Telltale Games Support. Unfortunately as of September 21st 2018, we can no longer offer support for our games. We apologize for the difficulty this causes you. We have greatly enjoyed our time together. Thank you for playing our games. Best Regards, Telltale Support This email is a service from Telltale Games Player Support. [KZ3M6R-M8P7]
  4. Omg id love if this was true been holding off on nioh....but its prolly fake n we'll get some shit like mayo that everyone bought n beat already
  5. Deleting trophies wont ever happen since sony gave u the power to earn gift cards via sony rewards with trophy earning...otherwise u could have one game (like mayo) earn trophies, get points, delete list redownload, lather rinse repeat
  6. When is this due out n how much
  7. Underground 1 n 2
  8. The Lunar theres a remaster set id buy day one
  9. Less then happy about no plat but collectables n objective trophies r cool
  10. Negan should def be in MK but i am now getting tekken 7
  11. It does affect 100% of game n i know first hand it affected trophy for getting studs in each level so yes it affects warned there is a mini kit glitch on one of last levels that can make plat unobtainable
  12. It was a cute easy plat
  13. Im 39 and i enjoyed platting the game tho it got kinda spend getting the right characters
  14. Im in US