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  1. It was a cute easy plat
  2. Im 39 and i enjoyed platting the game tho it got kinda spend getting the right characters
  3. Im in US
  4. Where is this travel bug......i cant find it
  5. Only if it comes with all dlc....since i bought the base game years ago
  6. God i hope not i already bought 5 of those on sales
  7. Good to know does this include normal pvp
  8. Ahh ok
  9. Im seeing gnome vault but no way to get keys for it.... Also how do we aquire orbs
  10. Op states dao n da2 on ps4....where? Would love to play em again Edit nevermind i see its been corrected
  11. Anyone else notice that the nfs 3pk deluxe bundle is cheaper then payback deluxe by itself...i know what im buying....even if i do have 1st 2 on disc...
  12. Yes it would apears to be fixed as mine are back as well
  13. Actually ur allowed to claim each trophy pass 12 times a year (12plat12gold12silver) but there are buvs currently my silver n plat progrssion have dissapeared n im doing second gold pass
  14. My plat and silver progression as well as tricta and trial blazer are straight up gone n i was 8/10 n 45/100 for trophies n 3/4 for trial blazer. Ive sent an email to sony but who knows
  15. Usa as well just snagged it....wasnt sposed to be cross buy