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  1. Ok i think i got it...if i have problems I'll reply here tyvm
  2. Ok so i turn old ps4 off, not stby to safely unplug hdd then just setup pro n plug in hdd after?
  3. Ok i havent even opened the pro yet what i want is to unhook ext hdd from old plug into new n be able to play all the games on it
  4. Ok so i just got the death stranding ps4 pro and i want to move everything from my launch ps4 including an external 4tb hdd but i have no clue on any of it, like can i just plug ext hdd into new ps4? It was set as my default install on orig ps4. Or do i have to redownload all the games etc? Any help would be great
  5. Dont bother just level the gravi spell and celestial spell to like level 8-9...drop celestial then gravi roll around to get monster in spot...keep rolling and repeating...i beat him shortly after gaining water walking...lvl 60 or so
  6. So ive been playing thru this n just got water walking. I have 10 spells yet trophy didnt pop when i got 8th one...will i have to start over
  7. Thats why i stated underratedand and undersupported and i should add under apreciated, sony gave up on the vita shortly after the switch's success
  8. My vita will rage, rage into the dying of the light....i love the vita, it was way underrated and died because of the switch and i dont see that hype...nintendo doesnt even have a trophy system that i know of and while i love my wii playstation won me over years ago
  9. My kids and i love the show and the games it traches teamwork among other things but after reading this thread i am rather curious who funds the team
  10. Is there any way someone could make a text walkthrough with dialog answers or something cuz i suck at watching videos while playing..thanks in advance
  11. Already got TLoU n cant stand online sports especially baseball ugh nothing for me
  12. There is an in game reward shop and i included a photo on the other thread for this game Photo
  13. In options push down its big bar below save/load/settings/etc...
  14. 1. Entire Final Fantasy series 2. Dragon Warrior/Quest series 3. Ys Memories of Calcetta 4. Tekken 7 (w/Neegan) 5. The Walking Dead Saga 6 Mortal Kombat 11 7. Super Paper Mario 8. Super Mario RPG 9. Suikoden 10. The Witcher 3 tied w/ Horizon Zero Dawn
  15. Holy crap sony listened.....2 AAa games n ones considerably new hot damn...tho im sure some will still bitch i think this is finally a solid month ..right when i gotta renew and my birthday to boot Game Info