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  1. Ugh month for me I suck at fps games...
  2. DEFINITELY Also....Remakes NOT Remasters Suikoden Trilogy Final Fantasy 3 (western version-6 for japan) Final Fantasy Tactics Breath of Fire Lunar Silver Star Story Lunar Eternal Blue
  3. Crash team racing Crash insanity trilogy
  4. One word.....MAYO
  5. Im not sure what this is but apears to be 4 games in one if so itll be a buy for me...does anyone know if vol 1 n 2 are available somewhere...ive probably played the games individually but enjoy anthologies
  6. Feb Spiderman Nier automata
  7. I just upgraded my launch ps4 to the DS ps4 pro so im good for awhile, ill wait for a special bundle or black friday 2021
  8. Im in US and my vita store hasnt changed in more then a new games, no sales and many titles are even delisted to buy you can see the name but thats all
  9. Wish i had a pc to do this with
  10. Killzone shadowfall Watch dogs 1
  11. Yea thats what i thought...
  12. I have the plat and contrary to belief i didnt cheat...trophies popped when they popped..but the story is great n im currently crawling into the sequel...the plat is a bit grindy but if u like jrpgs its good
  13. I just got into this n tried to knock out the few online trophies but couldnt find a match in ranked and only lobby disbanded when i entered (dicks😐)
  14. Thx I'll give those a try
  15. I swear ive tried doing this ten times with no this trophy glitched or am i doing it wrong i can get an item but they wont take mine...