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  1. I buy n play some of these n dbl plat them if theyre cross buy but ive got a cpl other much harder plats too...i think its really up to each individual gamer.. play what u want, beat what u want n who gives a fuck...at least theyre not like sound shapes and auto pop cross buy...i mean ya still gotta do it all even if it does only take 5 minutes.... but i do understand peoples irritation over countless stacks...i mean why bother but in the end let it go and be proud of whatever you want...n hell i give props to anyone that can stomach "SMB" long enough to plat it...
  2. I'll be getting the $100 set...gotta have that steelbook
  3. Where is this item obtained as its necessary to get tomb raider trophy
  4. Thanks grabbed it all...especially like the theme
  5. A suikoden remake on ps4-5 would tickle me pink but the closest we'll ever get is alvastia chronicles
  6. Can anyone help me with tower of elephants username archangel9978
  7. Been wanting to try conan so good month for me
  8. I think its very much worth it but i sprang for complete ed a few months back for $20
  9. So im having an issue with Monstro, Atlantica and Halloweentown trophies not popping after sealing their respective keyholes...note other trophies are popping fine ie chests,synth etc. Im also getting an error when trying to sync trophies but they still sync. Ive tried rebuilding database 3 times, leaving n returning to levels several times deleting and reinstalling game...any help or suggestions would be appreciated.. Edit: 100 acre wood trophy did pop upon sealing keyhole... Edit 2: both Coliseum and Neverland trophies popped upon sealing their respected keyholes
  10. Would it play on NA vita?
  11. I had no issues at all thru first game n have started second...only problem ive encountered is trophy syncing
  12. I personally think one should always play series based games in order if possible to preserve story but thats just me
  13. God i hope not i literally have all those
  14. I no longer have my ps3 so thats not important to ME, but for those that do id say something relatively recent....as for Vita im up for anything i dont have and hopefully have plats
  15. Ebay is where ive found most of mine...also note u only actually need the character/item base discs to unlock everything