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  1. My kids and i love the show and the games it traches teamwork among other things but after reading this thread i am rather curious who funds the team
  2. Uhh where can i get this game as its not on NA store
  3. Is there any way someone could make a text walkthrough with dialog answers or something cuz i suck at watching videos while playing..thanks in advance
  4. Already got TLoU n cant stand online sports especially baseball ugh nothing for me
  5. Anyone have issues with dlc trophies popping? I did first dlc n got trophy for completing quest but not for completing tomb then the pillar dlc i got tomb trophy but not quest trophy...ive had trophy issues with a few other games (horizon ZD, res 2, etc) as well n really dont want to reset ps4 n have to start everything all over so any suggestions would be great also everytime i first load a game it signs me out n i have to sign back in and reload game...
  6. There is an in game reward shop and i included a photo on the other thread for this game Photo
  7. In options push down its big bar below save/load/settings/etc...
  8. 1. Entire Final Fantasy series 2. Dragon Warrior/Quest series 3. Ys Memories of Calcetta 4. Tekken 7 (w/Neegan) 5. The Walking Dead Saga 6 Mortal Kombat 11 7. Super Paper Mario 8. Super Mario RPG 9. Suikoden 10. The Witcher 3 tied w/ Horizon Zero Dawn
  9. Holy crap sony listened.....2 AAa games n ones considerably new hot damn...tho im sure some will still bitch i think this is finally a solid month ..right when i gotta renew and my birthday to boot Game Info
  10. Xb1 comes with a new list 1 trophy per episode Here so i would assume ps4 to be same
  11. Will we ever get underground remake or U3? Otherwise i want a return of midnight club...
  12. Yea i got the tomb trophy in score attack but quest one will have to be on new game+ playthrough i spose
  13. Gems of war n bejewelled
  14. 2018 tetras escape double plat vita n ps4 on birthday Side note 1st plat ever was 3 days before birthday I know theyre shameful plats but trophies are trophies
  15. 2018 tetras escape double plat vita n ps4 on birthday Side note 1st plat ever was 3 days before birthday I know theyre shameful plats but trophies are trophies
  16. We need crono trigger n crono cross, final fantasy 3 (6), and dragon warriors
  17. I have been thru the volcano 4 times and have yet to find platinum is there a specific place to look
  18. Thanks this helps alot
  19. Does anyone have any info on this game like where to find all the crafting materials
  20. Too bad ps4 version lacks this option
  21. Just did all heads thanks a bunch save alot of time
  22. WTF

    Ive been playing and earning trophies and rewards and now when i load up game it says im not connected to mk servers but theres no option to sign internet is working fine and other games work fine but mk isnt when i go to klassic tower it says no rewards will be given
  23. WTF

    Yes seems to be fixed
  24. I buy n play some of these n dbl plat them if theyre cross buy but ive got a cpl other much harder plats too...i think its really up to each individual gamer.. play what u want, beat what u want n who gives a least theyre not like sound shapes and auto pop cross buy...i mean ya still gotta do it all even if it does only take 5 minutes.... but i do understand peoples irritation over countless stacks...i mean why bother but in the end let it go and be proud of whatever you want...n hell i give props to anyone that can stomach "SMB" long enough to plat it...
  25. I'll be getting the $100 set...gotta have that steelbook