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  1. You need to get all the items, hence you need to get all the unlocks so you need to finish everything with every character on hard.
  2. Ok, I have a brain fart moment and can't figure out what I have to do for this trophy. Any help? Edit: Nevermind, it was about stealing it from Item God 2.
  3. Have you read the trophy list? You have to finish the Othermine run (so no uprades other than the ones you get at the start) and a run with two curses on you. And I do not think that first task is going to be easy. YMMV.
  4. I have played for about 15 hours now on ps4 and had no crashes whatsoever. Game is super fun but I doubt I will find strength in me to go for platinum. That Othermine completion will be a pain. I do not think that completing a run with two curses will be as problematic as that.
  5. Silly question: how the hell are you supposed to click on the crows if you can only highlight the 4 NPCs? I am obviously missing something, well, obvious.
  6. It's definitely one of the worst Disgaeas trophy-wise because of those damned pirate ship parts. So yeah, not very difficult but definitely grindy as hell. Probably going to be my third approach to this platinum and third fail
  7. Eh, no, there are no ROGUE-LIKES with fluid combat and movement because in rogue-likes combat and movement are turn based. What you looking for is rogue-LITES.
  8. So I have tried to google for the solution but with no luck hence the tread.... I have all conversations marked as unlocked for this challenge yet the challenge is not unlocked. Any help? Ok, brain fart moment. Didn't now you can scroll the list down. Guess I had not unlocked one conversation from act IV.
  9. The devs have confirmed you need to buy all new heroes for the trophy.
  10. So Playsaurus have figured out that the cause issue are mercenaries. The good news is that saves should be ok. The bad that they may disable mercenaries and we have to wait a couple hours for a hotfix. That would not help as you lose all hs after transcension. The only thing to get hs after transcension is to buy Quick Ascension with rubies, collect rewards from quests and (on PC/mobile) save up to two rewards from Immortals.
  11. So transcendence is in. The problem is game is not starting It started once but it was not progressing so I closed it and exported save to the cloud. After that it is getting stuck at 83% during loading. And reinstalling did not help. Guess I am done with CH Edit: There are people reporting the same thing on reddit so guess we wait for a patch to the patch
  12. So far I have found wands with poison to be the best. Only Carp Knight resist poison. Drain would be sweet if you have high enough health to survive more than one hit. I am half way through the tower and is certainly going to be a grind. Not difficult but time consuming for sure.
  13. Guess I have answered my question for myself. Thank you all for confirmation
  14. I was trying to find the answer to my conundrum but alas I have failed. So the thing is: How are the positions in the leaderboards calculated? I am asking because it seems that the number of trophies in a given game is not the only criterion as player can have same number of points as someone below him but fewer trophies. Or, it strucked me now, maybe it is based on types of trophies so you can have the same number of points from fewer trophies yet you will be higher because you got 1 silver instead of 2 bronzes?