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  1. The A stands for my first name while the K stands for someone that means alot to me. The t bridges the names together, while the two xs are there just because I needed more characters.
  2. I started this account about a year ago and managed to get my 1000th trophy on the same day I started it. If anything, I wish to duplicate that again and to finish Star Ocean finally.
  3. The digital version actually had a discount about a week ago.
  4. Kingdom hearts
  5. That's one of the reason why my backlog exists and doesn't shrink.
  6. I usually go for the platinum regardless if I enjoyed, just at a later time.
  7. My nephew loves the talking sponge so I might pick this up one day.
  8. I really should subscribe to EU's Plus instead of the US.
  9. It does help preserve the laser though.
  10. Could you heart me and 1 of my levels. lbp.me/v/qnyf40b
  11. Valkyria Chronicles
  12. The Guided Fate Paradox, but I'll probably be to busy with backlog to play it.
  13. When you play on easy you get less money and item drops go down as well. Trophies won't be affected though, but it helps to play on normal when you need gil and items.