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  1. I wont beg to be unflagged, its honestly not worth the time for me, if you guys believe Ive hacked my trophies so be it, theres nothing more I can do. This is from PM: Thanks for your time
  2. All this shows is that my trophies weren't synched at that particular time, I dont play on one console only You've already cleard my SF4 flag, did you change your mind?
  3. iRager MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Too fast? 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand Too fast? Homefront Too fast?
  4. Purchased premium in October, a few days ago I was testing out the remove/restore profile option on PSNP and when I restored my profile I lost premium membership, would I need to purchase again?
  5. It's a shame that some online servers get shutdown and thus rendering that game un-plattable but that's the nature of the beast unfortunately
  6. It would be nice but I don't see it happening unfortunately
  7. Thanks for the reply Stevieboy, went ahead and synced my new PS3 and exactly as you said, the original timestamps were updated on the new PS3, thanks
  8. This has most likely been asked before but I've looked and cant find anything. As seen from my profile I have the platinum for LBP 2: So today I put the CD in my new PS3 so that I can knock off the DLC and I had 3 trophies pop up even though I've already earned them, more would have popped had I not quit the game, im looking at my trophy list and all I can see are the 3 trophies that auto popped, the plat was earned on my old PS3 and I've restored all my data from the old PS3 to the new one, would syncing this new PS3 update the trophy list with the original timestamps? The last thing I want is a trophy list with dodgy timestamps.
  9. Not misleading after all I guess. Nostalgia here we come
  10. I bought the disc version on release day and had no issues at all.
  11. Welcome! Its nice to see the growing list, im sure cj will add you once he's on next. PS: What version of minecraft do you have?
  12. A function that's already on the older PS3 may I add... when new gen consoles are released aren't we to expect improvements? 2 years to implement this is a joke tbh
  13. This is still the case now, so if anyone is having issues connecting, follow the instructions above