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  1. There are other times where I have humans placed near the pad and I drop off a load of other humans to flip the city and they all deposit but it doesn't add to the feat
  2. There is a Feat where it says deposit humans during the city celebration, what does that mean? I have 6/100 but I don't know how When the city celebrates, the drop pad is not active because the city flips, am I missing something?
  3. RESOGUN - Best Full Stop *lucky i added it to my account before I got my PS4 Dead Nation: AE - for nostalgic reasons
  4. After passing the first section stand in front of the Police Station where you find Ron. Jump and grab the pin in the back of the level You will be in the second helicopter-patrol area but he won't show up Take your time to pass the guards and the trophy should pop
  5. R1 to shoot is almost every 1st person shooter since dawn of time - change O X triangle square etc to prev/next weapon/item so when you retreat with left stick, you can change to better item/weapon with right hand
  6. My last plat for 2013 was DEEP BLACK on 28 Dec Trying for KILLZONE HD to be first plat for 2014
  7. have you actually joined a match and tried to take the photos? it only takes a few seconds
  8. Trophy wise the games keep getting worse I prefer the layout of Magic 2011 but i like that the new games loading times have vastly improved I have just started and Slivers are cool but I still don't like Annihilators
  9. i second this motion