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  1. Is this trophy still obtainable? According to this site, October 31st was the last day someone got it. :/
  2. I wanted to get this on my first playthrough, so I did a lot of reading and bumped into a post that said you can kill anyone on Chase/Red Square/D6, so I followed these rules, but I didn't get the trophy. Anyways, on Bandits, you should be careful not to knock out anyone on the rails, because you don't want to run them over later.
  3. Actually, I went out into the kitchen during a cutscene to get some food and when I came back, You-Know-Who was lying dead in front of me. I restarted the checkpoint, saved him and got the trophies at the end. C'est la vie ending always froze the game for me, but the trophy sound still played in the background.