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  1. Greetings I found foolproof ways to obtain the trophies "Swipe Master" and "Fact Machines". Swipe Master: Get 100% correct answers on a Sorting question Fact Machines: Answer all multiple-choice questions in a single game correctly with all players For Fact Machines you can pick categories you are comfortable with and try to answer the questions. But if you don't know the answer you can always press the PS Button which will put the game on Pause and google the answers to the questions. This is 100% foolproof cheese. For Swipe Master my method involved 2 devices, controlled by different people (eg. me and a friend). Device A is me and Device B is the friend. Now follow these steps: 1) Device A always swipes left 2) If the color of the answer is Green (correct answer) the controller of Device A says LEFT so the controller of device B swipes left. 3) If the color of the answer is Red (wrong answer) the controller of Device A says RIGHT so the controller of device B swipes right We didn't even practice these methods and got both trophies on one go. Good luck
  2. Kinda sad a plat is unobtainable not even a year after the game's release.
  3. Greetings. I'd like to know if there's any trophy that has become unobtainable. Considering one is going to be unobtainable on FIFA19 thought that FIFA18 might has some too.
  4. I've done several times the kick-off trophies such as Winning a Survival/No Rules match, playing with my favourite team etc. Also the Cup Final win trophy seems to not be unlocking as well, since I already got the Europa League trophy. I've tried re-installing, same thing remains. Anyone has any idea what to do? On a side note: I have 750 rating with a 81 rating team on FUT Rivals and I constantly get matched with 95 rating teams full of stars and people that I can't even take the ball from them. Is it really that hard on such low rating?
  5. For Blue Sphere stages if you are going for gold make sure to collect all the coins FIRST and then the blue spheres. That is because even if you have the silver on the stage, if you collect all Blue Spheres the game ends. Took me a couple of runs of "wtf just happened" to realize that. To be honest, it doesn't seem THAT hard. I mean other Sonic games are much more brutal, like Sonic Unleashed. But it does take good coordination and some practice to tackle some stages. With the Debug method you can keep playing all the time. There are some stages that will take you lots of runs and good reflexes to tackle. For me the hardest trophy is Collect 'Em All. I played the game with Tails from the beginning just for that trophy and still can't tackle it. Professional Hedgehog is easy with Super Sonic / Tails.
  6. So I have the Run Like The Wind trophy, but miss the Rank ones and a couple of more others. Is it over for me or can I safely work towards the missing ones?
  7. My thoughts is to keep my save file, do what I must for each trophy then reloading it (through cloud) to get whatever else Im missing. I think the only one that I will have to replay from beginning is the one where I need to finish the game without losing a single fight
  8. I finished the game but I accidentally lost some characters by the end. If I replay the game from "Crossroads" (where I had everyone alive) and continue from there, will I be able to get the "Keep Everyone Alive" trophy at the end of the game (assuming of course that I save them)?
  9. Greetings. I'm on my way to 100% and want to do each of the Batmobile's skins trophies. I'm having some trouble especially with the Original Arkham Batmobile which has the worst handles in my opinion. Can anyone suggest the easiest challenges for doing these trophies? So far I've done two of the Riddler races only. I won't even bother trying to do Condamned, I raged so hard for the original challenge that I won't even bother going back there.
  10. Here's my 2 cents. Black Ops 2 has some really hard Campaign trophies. Now people could be unaware that the multiplayer is ruined by hackers and enter. Long story short, trophies unlocked, players labeled cheaters, forced to hide their Black Ops 2 list and with that goes the hard-earned trophies of the campaign. I believe this is a half-measure. There should be a more just solution for Black Ops 2 and any other game with similar situations. There should be a way to exonerate victims of hackers. It just seems not fair. But that's just my opinion.
  11. Greetings. Guess we all know the state of the servers by now and how they are flooded with modders and hackers. That being said, new people looking to plat the game that dont already have the multiplayer trophies should probably avoid it alltogether. I mean, what are the chances of playing through full prestige without hitting a hacker lobby hence being needed to hide your entire trophy list? Thankfully I have already completed the multiplayer trophies and zombies can be done with a friend, but new players should probably avoid the multiplayer. What are your thoughts on this one (and all the old CoD games that require multiplayer trophies)?
  12. I'd like to save you some time. Since the only game I've played co-op offline was Terminator Salvation, I'm 99% sure that I didn't play All-Star Racing with a second controller or anything. At this point this is clearly getting out of hand, more than I'd like it to be. I went on this website today as any other day to update my trophies and I see I'm flagged for cheating. Needless to say I was shocked. I wanted to find justice with the dispute, but it appears I'm on a rock and a hard place since no evidence can be found. Oh well, I think it's time to take @Nighcisama's advice and save me some energy instead of banging my head on the wall. As original poster, I'd like this dispute to be closed. My feelings are hurt enough for a day. I will follow the rules in terms of the flagged games and I will hide the game in question. Disappointing as that may be, since it's my name dragged in the map, I want this whole thing to be over. If any of the mods see this thread you can go ahead and lock it. I'll hide the game in question from my list the moment this thread is closed. Thank you for your time.
  13. I appreciate the support. I never believed I would have to defend myself on this matter. And to be honest, I cant provide anything to prove that I didnt cheat, other than my word. There are many trophies that glitched on me the first time or even the second. The difference is that in this case I unlocked another trophy before I get the one in question. I dont remember exactly how it happened, but im 100% sure that I didnt cheat. Why? Cause ive never cheated since the PS2 days when I was merely 12. It suddens me that my honor is the one in question here, but as I said the only way to provide the proof required is if other people that had the same glitch come forward. As for credibility, well since this is the internet, nothing is for sure. I know that I didnt cheat, you dont. If your judgement concludes that I'm lying, you can go ahead and take whatever measures necessary. That is all. I can't provide anything else. Have a nice day and thank you for your time.