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  1. The themes were so enjoyable for me. I loved finding the perfect one to reflect my mood or a season or holiday. I loved immersing myself in my favorite games even more. I loved having a fun way to express my style. I was so so disappointed when I booted it up for the first time and it had absolutely zero personality whatsoever. I hate the interface.
  2. It stacks, confirmed with developer Avoiding upgrading might not help because as you progress, higher level resources unlock and it could reduce the availability of lower level resources over time meaning your tool might break faster but there’s less to use it on :/
  3. I’m enjoying it. It has crashed once in several dozen hours of play. I’ve already gotten some of the DLC trophies. I got the full pack with all DLC. Glitch wise it doesn’t really have much, one time a message wouldn’t go away, and after the yearly reviews there are a couple seconds delay. Sometimes if you have a super full and chaotic hospital with a ton of people, rarely it might lag for a split second. Overall I’m happy with the performance and really like the gameplay!
  4. I decided to play Summer in Mara. I just got the platinum now. The game is sort of a mixture of good for mental health and about mental wellness. The protagonist is processing the loss of a loved one while helping people around her. Many of the people she helps are dealing with challenges of their own such as low confidence, family issues, bullying, and more. There is also an aspect of the game where you find lost messages, many of which are about mental health and coping. The protagonist tries to help both with tasks and dealing with these mental health challenges. Meanwhile the protagonist is growing as well. What I learned from playing this game came near the end. I won’t give spoilers but the final “enemy” of the game sort of served as a metaphor, and I took away from it the importance of hope and a support network in the face of your inner critic.
  5. If you use the feature to hide 0% games, does it also disregard them for your stats? I share a console and the other person who uses it sometimes forgets to switch accounts and loads up their games on my account before realizing. So I have several games I never plan to play with 0% dragging down my stats. I don’t understand why these even show up since it barely loads up for like 2 seconds sometimes and no trophies were earned
  6. I’m writing a guide for Cozy Grove (ps4)
  7. Ya I’m not going to do it since the developer specifically warns that time traveling might do this. I can wait for time to pass. I’m enjoying the game a lot and not in a rush.
  8. I would like to participate. Still thinking about which game I will play. It can be hard to play games about mental health because they hit close to home but it can also be comforting in a way because you feel less alone with your own mental illness. I would like to suggest Papo & Yo for the list. It’s a game about the child of an abusive father and how the child escapes mentally and copes in their mind. The mental health aspect, in my opinion, is childhood trauma and PTSD. If you have PTSD, please be gentle with yourself playing this game because it can be triggering. Oxenfree could also fit on the games about mental health. It has strong tones of depression and there is an event in the game I won’t state due to spoilers but it is related. Dear Esther also deals with mental health, you discover the story as you play the walking simulation game. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch actually surprised me when I played it at how much it dealt with mental health. Arguably the whole game could be a mind’s coping reaction to the events of the game. But even within that there are smaller storylines and subplots that relate to mental health. Amplitude is surprisingly about mental health in a way. I’m referring to the 2016 remake. As you play through the songs, it will reveal the story and I don’t want to give spoilers but it relates to mental health. Ether One is directly about mental health. I never got a chance to finish it so can’t vouch for the ending but it was a very interesting premise. I never finished Braid but often see it on mental health game lists. It wasn’t a game I enjoyed but many do. For games that help with mental health, I would like to recommend Cozy Grove. The game content is very comforting, like a big brain hug from a teddy bear. But also the game creators tried very hard to design the game in a way that encourages you to take care of your mental health while playing by not playing for too long at once and not creating that obsession and urgency that can stress some players out. I’ve also seen The Witness suggested as a good game for mental health. Slime Rancher could also be on the list as good for mental health, it is a very cheerful, relaxing game that has helped me, but it can also have the opposite effect if you are already struggling and need something more focused. Farm Together is another one that could easily go on both the list of games that help mental health and the you are not alone list. Very friendly, upbeat and relaxing game. Abzu could probably go on good for mental health as it is similar to games like Flower and Journey. Other games along these lines: Aer, flOw, Feather, Proteus Doki Doki Universe also might fit on games good for mental health. You learn about yourself and others, emotional awareness, it’s a very relaxing game. Akimi Village also good for mental health. Very chill and cozy.
  9. The Flame in the Flood soundtrack by Chuck Ragan, probably “Landsick” is my favorite but the whole album is great
  10. Good to know about the PS5, I’ve been playing on PS4 and it hiccups occasionally but it’s such a cozy game I don’t mind.
  11. Ya it doesn’t show my times on PS3 or Vita games. I felt like I had put so many hours into this game, come to find out I’ve only played 28 hours 😂
  12. This is AMAZING!!! Thank you!!
  13. Does the game have a place where you can see how many hours you’ve put into playing it? Or is there another way to find out?
  14. Got it thanks!
  15. One of the games I play, Boundless, released an update today that fixed a bug preventing one of the trophies from being achieved. I just got the trophy after getting the update. I synced my trophies on PS4 and my profile here on PSN Profiles and the trophy still says “no one has this trophy yet”. Does it take more time for it to update the leaderboard? Is it possible this trophy was flagged as bugged and so it needs to be corrected? https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/8158-boundless/5-getting-to-the-core