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  1. Ya, it’s because there are three unobtainable trophies. Having played thousands of hours in the game and consulted with others who have played even more hours, then having written the guide for the game on here, and checking with the developers, there are just three trophies that are impossible mainly due to missing content. It’s really unfortunate. I still check in now and then to see if they’ve implemented the missing content or otherwise released an update to make these three trophies possible. So far they haven’t but it sounds like they’re working on an update. Could be something there that fixes it. It isn’t RNG that’s blocking the platinum. There are a few unobtainable trophies. The 900 hours also isn’t because of RNG, if you read the guide it’s because of just the sheer volume of grindy content you have to do for even just 1 of the trophies.
  2. Ya I’m stuck on that one too. I’m replaying the entire campaign on easy. I originally did normal, then reduced difficulty to easy halfway through so I thought maybe that was why. Did you lose any levels? I lost once.
  3. Ok so I figured it out. Semper Fidelis isn’t unattainable, it’s just really poorly worded. It says 20 of the emperor’s requests, and you get a lot of emperor’s requests at various times throughout the campaign but for some reason they don’t count. Campaign level 24 has “scientific requests”. There is a separate trophy for scientific requests, but these requests also count towards Semper Fidelis. My counter finally incremented during level 24.
  4. What makes you think so? I still haven’t finished the campaign, there are a lot of campaign levels. I’m about halfway.
  5. I wrote Triskell and they said to ask the publisher of the port, Plug In Digital. So I wrote them. We’ll see if they respond and fix it!
  6. Is anyone else’s counter/tracker for the Semper Fidelis trophy increasing above 0? I’m pretty far in the campaign and I’ve successfully completed at least 5-10 emperor requests but mine still says 0/20. Just curious if I’m not the only one. I’m going to keep completing requests and count myself to see if the trophy still pops at 20 but I’m suspicious it won’t.
  7. Same haha Good excuse to reinstall and get cozy
  8. It's a survival game so the first point/priority would be to survive. Secondary would be to enjoy the atmosphere and story. It has an interesting story that develops slowly as you play the campaign. But ya it takes practice and a bit of luck.
  9. Thank you!! So nice of you
  10. Ok I think I have 24 crowns items and 155 kudos items. I’m trying to get a legendary color
  11. Thank you!! Is there a way for us to adjust the formula based on how many crowns items we’ve already purchased?
  12. I found these helpful. Still not easy IMO but it made it easier than me winging it: https://www.neoseeker.com/dragon-quest-builders/faqs/2585108-plat.html
  13. Ok it was super tough to decide, some amazing guides here. The formatting one was especially hard to choose just for me personally, the nominees are all formatted so well! Here are my votes though. Guide of the Year Final Fantasy XIV Trophy Guide Final Fantasy XIV Hades Gameplay Guide Atelier Sophie Mail Mole DLC Guide Graveyard Keeper Spiderman Retro Enthusiast Brutal Legend Rune Factory New-Age Enthusiast Godfall Shakedown Hawai'i Original Content Wuppo Wargroove Formatting Nexomon Monster Sanctuary
  14. Ya I never put animals near the fire because I just simply don’t want the hassle. There are plenty of other campsites for my animals to live at. I noticed significant performance improvement on the PS5 in later 2021 updates.
  15. Just a note to say they did release the update that made this faster and the guide is up to date with the details