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  1. ALLA TILL MIG! Brigitte - Overwatch
  2. I will join, thanks bro.
  3. Option A.
  4. It is not a private message.
  5. Ok.
  6. Xensid02 Call of Duty: Black Ops II Sorry for my english.<br /> <br /> I was invited for a unknown to a dominitation match in black ops 2 and a hacker pop up the trophies without my approvoal. <br /> The match was out of my hands.<br /> <br /> The nicknames in the match was: "Alfreseko" and "PknayTHA10246".<br /> <br /> Both only have 1 platinum, its black ops 2 (pknayTHA10246 100% DLCs. Thats is suspicious)<br /> https://ton.twitter.com/i/ton/data/dm/981741170152714245/981741142180954112/8U6r2-IQ.jpg<br /> <br /> Proof with date and time.<br /> https://ton.twitter.com/i/ton/data/dm/981737336760233988/981737315948113920/j5ozCP8C.jpg<br /> https://ton.twitter.com/i/ton/data/dm/981737375259738116/981737353772347392/x6g-1yxu.jpg<br /> https://ton.twitter.com/1.1/ton/data/dm/981738206705025033/981738181170049024/0JkES2lJ.jpg<br /> <br /> -----------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Fui invitado a una juego de dominaciĆ³n, de pronto el juego se puso raro y me salieron los trofeos.<br /> <br /> Los jugadores que me tocaron en esa partida fueron "Alfreseko" y "PknayTHA10246". EN el links de las imagenes se puede ver que la fecha en que me toco jugar con ellos y la del trofeo son cercanas aparte es sospechoso que PknayTHA10246 tenga 100% incluyendo los DLC.
  7. You can register via VPN outside of USA. You cant redeem codes via VPN outside of USA, because Sony rewards -"We cannot complete the transaction."-
  8. I'll opt for Option A.
  9. You can't do it.
  10. Here's my entry: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7125-little-adventure-on-the-prairie/Xensid02
  11. Sign me up for sand bearer. Prince of Persia the forgotten sands.
  12. Sign me up as a warrior of sunlight. I only have Demon's Souls plat.
  13. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 34.