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  1. Look at all of those Ghost of Tsushima DLCs! To think I still have the game just lying on the shelf for the past 8 months in a huge backlog. 

  2. I bought Dark Souls Remastered from the PSN Summer Sale. However, the PS4 is telling me that it cannot download Dark Soul because there is not enough space.

    Must be all those games I have on backlog! 

    1. LancashireLad87


      You have to love the limited amount of space on a factory PS4 ^^ 

  3. According to my PSN Profile, my first trophy is dated 25th Dec, 2009. It's for the game Mushroom Wars. That was over 12 years go. Man, how time flies. I'm so sorry that my PS3 is no longer working, I think I would still be playing that console.
  4. Platinum #39 Rogue Galaxy (PS4)


    Another classic RPG from the PS2 era. While it was nostalgic to replay, the game quickly turned into a chore especially when it came to grinding levels and playing the mini game, both of which are tied to a trophy achievement


    1. ihadalifeb4this



    2. MidnightDragon



  5. iPhone XR Should last me for a couple of years
  6. I am going through the game myself and for the random encounter enemies I usually just use a group attack like Jaster's Desert Wind or Kisala's Angel's Kiss and it would wipe out the enemies in one hit. Currently in the last dungeon and spamming the same tactic and it seems to be working fine. When in doubt level up some more and try to finish everyone's revelation board, it will help.
  7. Platinum #38: Dark Cloud 2 (PS4)


    Finally! After about 3 months of grinding and the unfortunate set back of saving over the main game file, I have obtained the platinum for Dark Cloud 2! 

    This was one of my favorite titles for the PS2 back in the day, so it was really good to play it over after all of these years. 

    For for next platinum attempt, another Level-5 RPG Rogue Galaxy. 

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    2. The Arizona Ranger
    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. Quixotesque


      I loved that game in PS2 😍 

      Well done man! Well deserved platinum, specially after the set back due to saving issues :S 

  8. I have been playing games for many years now and as experienced as I think I may be, I can still make a careless mistake. 

    Last night I saved over a main file of a game that I'm trying to platinum on the PS4. I had racked up over 159 hours of playing. Completed a whole set of challenges and overall I think I did a fantastic play through. As a result of that mistake I'm forced to start again from the start and with two trophies away from the platinum, this is so heart breaking.


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    2. DrBloodmoney



      That's a tough break man. Was that Dark Cloud 2?


      We've all done it a some point, I remember that sinking feeling well!


      When I was a kid, my little sister wanted me to take her character to a save point in Final Fantasy VII when she had to go out somewhere.

      She was about 6 hours into the game.


      "No problem," I said.


      Took her to the save point, hit save...

      and then muscle memory betrayed me...


      I immediately saved over my own 100-ish hour save in Slot 01.

    3. starcrunch061


      Man, you ain't alone. I often abuse save states for games. But every now and again, I just save when I meant to load. And let me tell you: that sucks.


      And yeah, I know: "Don't abuse save states!"


      Don't try to change me, baby...



    4. ronin_leon


      Thanks all. 

      @DrBloodmoney Yes, it is Dark Cloud 2. I will restart it again and hopefully manage to complete it this time. Maybe if I was using the guide it wouldn't have happened.

  9. Even though there was a lockdown period in my country for COVID my workplace was one of the few places allowed to operate. So, I didn't get any time off. Regardless, I was still able to platinum some games this year. Here's my list for 2020. 1. Days Gone PS4 (19 Jan) 2. God of War PS4 (3 Jun) 3. Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 (30 Jul) 4. Dragon Age: Inquisition PS3 (20 Sep) 5. Dark Cloud PS4 (3 Nov) Currently working on Dark Cloud 2, hope I can get the plat before year end.
  10. Platinum #37: Dark Cloud (PS4)


    What can I say about this game, it's a gem of classic. This was my first PS2 game that I owned and first game that I ever played on the console! Playing it through again was a fun experience, it did not feel like a chore. I just sat back and enjoyed the gameplay. I have downloaded Dark Cloud 2 and Rogue Galaxy. Even with the PS5 around the corner I can't help but return to the classics.   

  11. Getting some problems with the PS3. When I try to switch it on, I’m not getting any video output. Further, I’m not hearing the fan or the hard drive spinning. Thoughts on this problem anyone? Video card? Power supply? Question is, can this be fixed? Still lots of games on the PS3 to play.

  12. It's has been quite a busy Hurricane season this year. All of the hurricane names have been exhausted. They are two tropical storms in the Atlantic right now that they are just calling Gamma and Delta. Well, two more months until the season ends.

    1. ronin_leon


      Update, tropical storm Delta has been upgraded to Hurricane Delta.

  13. Raised By Wolves Just finished episode 4 and I'm hooked so far. The sic-fi and religious themes are off the charts.
  14. How is this thread different from the regular status updates?
  15. Platinum #36: Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS3)


    Not a bad game at all. Although, I had my share of glitches and some what long loading times, the gameplay made up for all of that. 

    Definitely going to try for the 100% completion on the PS4 version as well, even though I'm told that there is additional DLC.

    In  the meanwhile, I have started up Dragon Age, going to try for that platinum as well.