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  1. Currently watching over the Teen Wolf series.
  2. I stumbled upon that ending by accident and similar to you I was in search of some collectibles that were hidden in the area. At first I wasn't going to go into the house but when I heard Atreus say "we're finally home", I figured let me go inside and check to see if by chance I missed any items. I wasn't too "shocked" by the scene since all throughout the game you were been told about that particular individual and part of story involved the killing his sons, so I figured it was only a matter of time before he appeared. I quickly picked up the controller in anticipation of a boss fight but the screen quickly faded to black along with the credits.I think that would have made for an epic fight if the devs had put it in. Nevertheless, it was an awesome scene! I was hoping for a glimpse of the Allfather himself but I guess somethings are left to one's imagination and interpretation.
  3. Four trophies away from the God of War platinum and I encountered a glitch! No choice now but to start a new game.

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    2. ronin_leon


      Well, I was in the process of going after the "Curator" trophy. That involves finding various artifacts all over the realms. I was down to the final set located in Helheim and one of the winds of hel door is completely iced over. I can't break through the ice to reveal the mechanism to use the door. There is no other way around to go deeper into the area. 

    3. Paramnesiac86


      Sorry to hear this man, it does sound like it's a major bug... 


      Maybe try to travel to different realms, then get back to Helheim and see if that changed anything, but then again you probably tried this already. Tough luck,man. On the "bright" side this game's amazing, so replaying it again won't be the worst thing ever 😬


      Good luck

    4. ronin_leon


      Thanks for the encouragement. 

      For sure, I don't mind the replay. I was completely impressed with this game from start to finish. So the play over is no problem. 👍

  4. First PS4 Platinum: Days Gone. With 100% completion, I never thought I would have beaten those DLC challenges. 


    1. ihadalifeb4this




      Well, it looks like it was worth the effort. This game got you up to 10 ultra rare trophies. 

    2. Deluziion90


      Congrats! still got the dlc left for that game I'm jealous now :P 

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  5. A - B - Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3) C - D - Devil May Cry (PS2/PS3) E - F - Final Fantasy 13 (PS3) G - God of War (PS2/PS3/PS4) H - I - inFamous (PS3) J - Journey (PS3) K - Kingdom Hearts (PS2) L - M - Metal Gear Solid (PS1) N - O - Onimusha (PS2) P - Persona 5 (PS3) Q - R - Resident Evil (PS3) S - Steins Gate (PS3) T - Tomb Raider (PS3) U - Uncharted (PS3) V - Vagrant Story (PS1) W - Way of the Samurai (PS2) X - X-Men Origins: Wolverine Y - Z - # -
  6. Already half-way through January

  7. Mission Impossible: Fallout
  8. Wake me up when September ends

  9. Platinum # 30: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 

    1. DamagingRob
    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Nice milestone 👍

    3. mecharobot


      "This is Pequod, arriving at LZ"


      That's a great plat to have.

  10. Yes, I should be able to win.
  11. The Phantoms
  12. About 100 hours into Persona 5 and I don't feel like the end is anywhere in sight.

  13. How would you say First Person Shooter, Role-Playing Games and Adventure Platform in Spanish? 

    1. StrickenBiged


      1. Juego de Primero Persona(?) - literally "game of first person";
      2. Juego del Rol(?) - literally "game of roles"
      3. No idea. 


      Not fluent Spanish, I just studied it at high school about 15 years go and did a speech to the class about videogames in Spanish and used these phrases. 

    2. ronin_leon
  14. Platinum # 29 Devil May Cry 2. Never thought I could have made it through the Bloody Palace Mode.