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  1. 1. Octopath Traveler 2. Tangledeep (already ported to Switch) 3. Oxygen not included 4. Rimworld
  2. With disc, absolutely. More option for me to acquire a game, so i can get physical collectible for the game i love or buy cheap digital when on sale. More option = more freedom
  3. Thanks OP, for this information 😀 Downloading 29,4 GB now
  4. Thanks for your post OP. USD 2,99 is amazing price 😀 I will definitely buy this title.
  5. Plat #64 : Driveclub

    Finnaly got this before server shutdown.


  6. These are my favorites non AAA : 1. Hollow Knight 2. Binding of Isaac 3. Darkest Dungeon 4. Dead Cells 5. Bomber Crew 6. Shovel Knight 7. Rogue Legacy 8. Splasher 9. Enter the Gungeon 10. Sunless Sea
  7. Good news. I hope Capcom will remaster Onimusha 1 -3.
  8. 1. Burnout Paradise Remastered. I love the original (ps3), i love the remastered too. 2. Cat Quest. Beautiful action rpg game. 3. Lego Ninjago : Shadow of Ronin. Play this game for Plat only (not expecting too much), but in the end surprised with how good this game was.
  9. Mega Man series (1 - 10) Hitman (season one)
  10. Thank You. You make a great guide.
  11. Wow, 10 years. This one surely Sony biggest achievement in gaming world 👍 Since that day, they change how we saw a game, forever 😀
  12. My first PS3 game was FF XIII in 2010. I bought this system just to play this game (thought that FF XIII was PS3 exclusive). FF XIII was unfortunately mediocre but PS3 was amazing system because of superb trophy system.
  13. Finally got this glitch Platinum. Collect 36 stars below 6 minutes and the speed trophy did not pop up. i delete save game each time i died, and finally speed trophy and Platinum pop. Thanks guys for this method.
  14. Thanks @rus199410, 2 second platinum 😁.
  15. Thannk You @IBadDriverI this video is very helpful