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  1. Deep sigh... So based on the description and the trophy image, people are speculating that the Daredevil trophy is a repeat of the "try to look of 2B's skirt" trophy from Automata. Only with Kaine. If you know what Kaine's "secret" is though...this comes across as really gross and problematic if it's true...
  2. I'm desperately hoping drop rates and gardening are more forgiving in this version
  3. So...apparently New Game+ allows you to carry things over from one character scenario to the next? I think this changes things a bit.
  4. Looks like a pretty decent list. I assume a lot of stuff like like the recruiting characters trophies are highly missable. But I heard that a lot of the scenarios are pretty short. And the additions of new game+ and speed-boosting will probably soften the frustration a lot. I'm curious on how hard the "Pushing Limits" one is...
  5. Basically the secret missions are special occurrences that you can make happen during boss fights. They're unique for (almost) ever single boss fight and they can either entail using a special mechanic unique to that fight, or making a certain character perform a certain action. A few of these are pretty much effortless but several are hair-pullingly difficult and require some aggravating setup, timing and trial and error. Also I believe in order to get a title you need to have completed all of the secret missions in a single playthrough