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  1. Final Fantasy XV has fairly easy trophies imo. Also Romancing SaGa 2, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, South Park: Stick of Truth, South Park: Fractured But Whole, Tales of Beseria, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Zesteria, Persona 5, I am Setsuna, Lost Sphere, and Secret of Mana all have easy trophies. That said: You really shouldn't be playing games for trophies (atleast as you're primary factor in regards of which you're choosing to play) - but rather the gameplay itself. Some of the best JRPGs have unwelcoming trophy lists like Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Rogue Galaxy, Resonance of Fate, Ni No Kuni 2, Nier Automata, and the Kingdom Hearts games.
  2. No, Red Faction 2 is MUCH harder. It's more linear and the gunplay requires much more precision.
  3. On PS4 some great RPGs like Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Berseria, Final Fantasy VII, IX, X/X-2, Dragon Quest XI, South Park: Stick of Truth/Fractured But Whole and Persona 5. On Switch Octopath Traveler and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle are great ones. On Vita Tales of Hearts R. Anything turn-based.
  4. Been a while since I played TLOU (few summers back), but I vaguely recall that the trophies for the difficulty's under the one you're playing at should also unlock upon beating the game. So play on Survivor and you unlock Hard, Normal and Easy Trophies. Same should apply for '+' modes. Now if you beat a '+' mode does it unlock the 'non-+' mode difficulty trophies? Not sure.
  5. I actually haven't played this either, even though I own it and it's always taunting me on my dashboard (it's like "play-me! PLAY-ME!"). I think I might have to break down and play it sooner than later.
  6. That would be easy then: Monster Boy. It is unbelievably amazing. Though I'm playing Blazing Chrome right now, and it's insane. The graphics and animation are straight off of neo geo; the gameplay straight off of Contra Hard Crops; and the "tude" straight out of he 90s! It's easily a 9/10 for me for fun factor.
  7. Try: The Messenger Blazing Chrome Monster Boy Shovel Knight
  8. Actually when I bought my copy it WAS the rarest steam game. Back in early 2014 after steam had delisted it a few months prior. and everyone and their mother had apparently freaked out and bought up every available Key known to man. There were no keys I could find online at that time (even eBay and amazon), and the only single key was on G2A and was around $130 (I remember this because it was both a low point in my life, and the most I ever spent on a key). I'm sad to say, that's the one I bought. I'm actually shocked to see keys are now everywhere (when did this happen?). Someone must have found a bunch of unused codes in recent years and is flooding them into the marketplace (it happens). I guess regular Fable III isn't so rare anymore; man I wish I had bought it at todays prices... Regardless: my copy is Fable III: Complete Edition. So that apparently is still rare, as I don't see anyone selling that right now. My version has all the DLC with it.
  9. I haven't bought any new PS4 games since Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night launched (got it 'Day one') - but these are the games I bought that day: These games can tell you everything about my personality.
  10. Plus the Vita doesn't have a L2 or R2 button, which I believe this game makes use of.
  11. All my games are bought legit (mostly during Summer and Winter Sales). Although I do occasionally use Greenman and G2A (not all games on there are stolen) if a new AAA game comes out and I really want it 'day one'. However I got Minecraft Story when I bought the Telltales Franchise Pack. You can check my game list on steam - I have literally every other telltales game (minus of the Walking Dead: A New Frontier & Walking Dead: Final Season, which came out after the franchise pack). I even have the rarer ones like all the Sam & Max, Puzzle Agent, Hector and Poker Night titles. It's the only game I've ever owned that's gone missing (I still have Fable III, which is the rarest game ever released on steam). Based on what others have said to me in private, I'm guessing its just my steam account. I'm not even sure when it went missing; only that I owned it last year, and that a few months back I read about Mojang planning on removing Minecraft Story from Steam and GOG, and that around that point in time my copy was already gone from my library. So it probably wasn't Telltales or Mojang at that early in time, but rather something steam has done to my account by accident. This doesn't surprise me as the odd game has occasionally been added, and others taken way from me before; as in 2016 my account got accessed several times during the Winter Sale, when steam got massively hacked, and it's been slightly weird since. But from what I understand, people like you will lose you're copy too unless you have backed it up. Atleast that is what Mojang and Gameinformer said last time I checked (read if you don't believe me): So unless something has changed since then, I'm probably not going to bother contacting steam about this one....
  12. Just downloaded it. Unfortunately I think I need to repeat the game to access it, as I no longer have my original save. Would of been cool if you could have accessed the DLC from the main menu (they could have added a spoiler warning to it for folks who hadn't beaten the game yet).
  13. You are lucky my friend. Oh well. I had already beaten it on PS3. Once I noticed it was missing from my library I went ahead and downloaded every other telltale game I owned onto my hard drive just in case (which was all of them because I had bought that massive franchise pack from them late last year).
  14. I've yet to play Days Gone, but have been wanting to since before it released - waiting for a price drop on the digital version. Seems the controls are a universal complaint about the game. I'm pretty sensitive to bad controls (one of the reasons I struggled with Shadow of the Colossus) and muddy aiming. I hope they don't take any of the enjoyment of the game away from me when I do get around to playing it later this year.
  15. "This is my [email protected]%$* BOX and no one elses!"