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  1. I'm glad you chimed in. I wanted someone from the other side of the fence to describe their motivations so others could see what motivates you, as you have here. Thank you for you're thoughtful post! 😀 👍
  2. Steam can be extremely cheap, but you have to wait for either the Winter or Summer Sale. When those occur MOST the games on Steam are 70-90% off. The reason I have so many games on my steam library is because I save up all year, and only buy games during the winter holidays all at one time. Very true points, thank you for your reply. Also: Install times are my bane right now - especially with games that are north of 90GB these days (my internet isn't that fast and it can take all night).
  3. I love this post. I couldn't agree more! (no wonder you're like-to-post ratio is the where it is) 👌
  4. I would like to be clear though: I don't hate trophies/achievements myself - there are games I have enjoyed more because of them (Skyrim comes to mind). I was just curious as to what you all think about them, and the important they play in how you enjoy your games.
  5. One day it will be. But for now it's just hypothetical - as it might be many years from now (so you have time). I'm in the same boat bud, I've been meaning to play through a bunch of stuff including all the Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank games on PS3.
  6. Good points. Interesting. I find it fascinating that so many people play games multiple times just for trophies as the driving reason - I usually just pick a difficulty (usually normal) and play thru the game once trying to 100% it as much as I can in a reasonable amount of time (though sometimes if its a short game like a FPS, I'll pick the hardest setting to nab all the trophies at once and make the experience more fun). If there are cool collectibles I'll reload a save and try to get them, but otherwise I don't replay a game until it's been several years and I'm hankering to replay it. There are so many good games, and my time is limited, so I play games and then move on to the next one.
  7. No in Controls case, it's squarely about performance (optimization). I know everyone and their mom is going on about ray-tracing (overrated imo) - but in reality its the fact that on even on a mid-range GPU like a aging GTX 1080 (not ti) or RTX 1070, you can play at MAX settings at 1440p, and still maintain a relatively stable 60fps even in hectic situations. On Base PS4 the performance is horrible to the point it drops down to single digits in places, and on pro you're lucky to maintain 30fps (especially in places heavy in particles) - and they run at 1080p with medium settings if I recall correctly. Though if you're already at the end of Control on PS4 and the performance isn't bothering you much, then I'd agree you should just finish that version. But if you're just starting the game, then PC is the way to go in most cases (because the optimization is night and day better vs console).
  8. You would be surprised.🤔 Believe it or not, there are people who have gotten so wrapped up into trophies/achievements they wont go back to playing a game without them. The hunt is just as much a part of the experience as the gameplay (if not more) so for some - they value their game time, and if it doesn't advance their score it's a waste of that time. I've heard that sentiment from people many times over the last few years and each time it boggles my brain. And it's not just PlayStation gamers, but also on XBOX (I know plenty of achievement addicts on Xbox Live), and even *extremely* rarely on steam - I have a few people in my friends list on steam like that (who will buy garbage games for achievements, and skip good ones without them).
  9. My wife got me RDR2 too! I've still not gotten around to playing it yet - but I hope to soon.
  10. I think I should have been more specific I was just talking about new or at least modern games. Definitely in the case of older games (especially PS3 games) physical on eBay is WAY cheaper than digital, and still the best choice for me too. And thank you for your reply! I'm in the same boat as you - and my backlog is so long that I sometimes get disturbed thinking of all the great games I might never get around to.
  11. Simple Question. In late-2019 would you continue to buy and play games if trophy support no longer existed. I recently hear someone say they wouldn't play PS3 games anymore when Trophy Sync is gone, and it got me thinking. Perhaps this is especially a interesting question to me because of the community I'm asking it on. I know most people would play without them, but I ALSO know there are some on this site who only have the free time to advance their Gamerscores (and that's understandable). ---- I'll keep my answer relatively short as to not influence anyone else's answers: but for me, 80% of the games I play don't have trophies or achievements anyway. So when I play on a console or steam I only target trophies that add to the experience. Most trophies/achievements I just ignore, and let them unlock naturally as I play thru the game. I used to care a lot about those digital stickers, but too many times the best version of a game was on a platform (or from a launcher) that didn't have trophies/achievements (or ones I cared about). If the question is whether I should play Control on PC because its vastly better, or play Control on PS4 where its much worse just for trophies - I'll always pick the superior experience. Trophies just aren't that important to me (especially since my free time is limited and important). I can feel like I've fully beaten, completed, and enjoyed a game without them.
  12. Pokémon Sword & Shield for PlayStation! 👍 Played the last few Yo-Kai games shortly (loved Psychic Specters most) - you guys are gonna fall in love with this series (it has beautiful graphics on handheld, so it should look AMAZING on PS4).
  13. So I've finally gone ALL Digital - but it wasn't completely by choice though. I had my hand dealt for me a bit. See, where I live I don't have a Best Buy, a Frys, a Target, a Costco, any mom & pop game stores, pretty much nothing is here. Up until now, I had been buying all my physical games over the years at our lone Gamestop - but sadly though, they finally closed recently because of their financial situation (ours was underperforming apparently). There are no places to buy games here short of Walmart; which my local one doesn't keep a good selection of games or systems, and their prices aren't that cheap after sales tax (and that is IF they are even willing to price match) - so as a result, I have been forced to buy all my new game systems online off ebay or amazon. Unfortunately, where I live we ALSO have a hefty Internet sales tax (that started last spring) that doesn't effect PSN or XBOX LIVE yet (for some reason), but does effect other digital stores such as Steam, G2A, and most retail outlets like Amazon and Best Buy online. Because of that even a cheap physical game ends up costing me several bucks more (even with prime). As a result of this combination of factors, its actually easier (and often not even cheaper) for me to go with digital purchases on console (especially if I buy on sales). I DID do the eBay thing for a while, but I wasn't saving much there and I had to deal with people shipping out late or not at all, or even items not as described. Fast forward to today, and 90% of the time I wait for seasonal flash sales to buy most my games (only buying full priced a few times a year) on console. Not to complain, but because of the pricing situation I can't even afford to buy a Switch: on that platform AAA physical prices are outrageous online (I'm not paying $38 for a two year old game), and the eShop almost never (rarely) does sales on the games I want (which are AAA titles like Mario Odyssey, BOTW, Pokémon, etc). Contrary to the initial investment, the Nintendo Switch is actually is a fairly pricey platform to own, and it's best games physically hold their value until the end sadly, when they move on to becoming rare collectors titles that just get more expensive. But this isn't about me pursue. I mainly made this forum to ask if any other people where forced to into a similar situation as me, and had moved on to digital for their games (especially AAAs, since a lot of indies are digital only). Do any of you not live near any stores that have a good selection of games at good prices, or have a internet tax (or high shipping/import) where you live? Surely I'm not the only one for whom digital is the best option in terms of price-to-convenience. Usually the difference between physical and digital for me is around $10, inwhich case the convenience of Digital always wins over the hassle of shipping to my location And yes, I will preface this with the fact that I come at the situation from the angle of savings and cost vs. hassle, because I'm a extremely low income individual, for whom both my money and time are equally valuable. Until this year, physical was cheaper and more available - but at this point in time it's become almost as expensive as digital (especially as digital has gotten cheaper this generation with frequent sales). *Edit: And please before any of the regular smartasses pop on here and say "you don't HAVE to buy anything" or start telling me physical is MUCH cheaper - it's NOT cheaper where I live, and in the cases where it is slightly cheaper for me, it's not by enough to justify the wait and added grief. Trust me, I've been at this from all angles. So please don't bother hassling me and wasting my time - if you got a attitude because you had a bad bay at school, take it somewhere else. Not to be a asshole, but you WILL be ignored by me immediately after the first pompous remark (I wont waste my life energy on you).
  14. I think we can all get the idea by the last two recent trailers from the last few days (if you haven't watch them please), that this appears to be one of those online 1v4 PvP/E games - like Fable Legends. Where one player acts as the enemy, and mans a control station, sending swarms of AI after a group of other players; setting traps, and then when things are at their worst: remotely commanding a Tyrant like Mister X or Nemesis. The game has other elements tied in like survival and card mechanics too. This however DOES NOT appear to be another Outbreak game like some people originally hoped (this game is a different genre) - though certain elements do cross over from outbreak. TGS 2019 TRAILER (Sep 12th) September Official Reveal Trailer (Sep 9th) I'll be honest guys: I played Outbreak File 1 & 2 solo (and enjoyed it), and if this was another Outbreak I'd buy it; but this is clearly a 1v4 online game, and as a result I can't get hyped for it. I'm gonna no doubt skip it like I did Umbrella Corps. I don't do well with other players, and don't like playing with people - gaming is a solom solo thing for me to relax and unwind.
  15. You do not need ANY of the Post game suits or DLC suits to get the trophy - just the ones you earn in the main game itself from during missions and buying with challenge currency.