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  1. What ashamed you played this for trophies. I played through this game on my PC last year on the easiest difficulty, and REALLY enjoyed this game. I thought it was awesome for a budget title. Playing it on the harder difficulties and not enjoying the game & comfortably absorbing the cool world and story is robbing yourself of why this game was such a fun surprise. Not sure if the PS4 version is any worse or something, but the PC version is a pretty solid game.
  2. Yeah, here we are years later... and still no way to change your psnprofile. At this point being able to change it is just wishful thinking.
  3. Lol, well then I'm glad to hear you like anime school girl games. Vita is perfect for you then. I'd LOVE to collect Saturn games - but those prices. Yowzah! Talk about price-prohibitive.
  4. XENOBLADE CHRONICLES II (Switch) by miles! Besides having some of the best music since PS1 era rpgs, the story hooked me right from the get go and didn't let go for 80 hours while avoiding many of the traditional rpg anime tropes that plague it's peers these days. All the characters are great, and the huge world's are fun to explore, while the combat is simple but extremely deep, and the traits and skills rewarding. The game is paced nearly perfectly so that there is rarely a dull moment and there's always something new to engage you. And did I mention the story? You can keep your Nier Automatas and Horizon Zero Dawns - this is easily my favorite game of 2017.🤘
  5. Exactly what I though when I saw the title. Worst game ever - even worse than Superman 64.
  6. I've been playing The Elder Scrolls Online for 3 or 4 years now, and it's pretty darn healthy. I play it on PC, but I hear the console versions have loads of players too. It gets regular updates and has plenty of expansions/dlc, and even more planned for this year. Imho, ESO is the top mmorpg at the moment interms of new content, support and player engament (even though WoW still technically has more overall players). I also play a bit of FFXIV and it's still got lots of players and a great community. Though it feels like it's campaign is wrapping up. But still, tons of content there and a massive community. So no, mmorpgs definitely are not dead or dying. There are just less of them that are successful, and a smaller base than the heyday of WoW. It's a vastly more concentrated marked these days (smaller audience), but those that do succeed, are indeed very healthy and aquire massive active communities that play day in and day out. The WoW days may be over, but Mmorpgs evolved to survive, and those that didn't died off.
  7. Indeed. It also says that they dropped it like it was hot after they sold enough PS4s.
  8. I have owned a vita for years (the white ac liberation model). I have some great games - but in all blatant honesty, the Vita was the single most dissapointing console purchase I ever made. I never bought a CDI or Virtualboy, so it is easily the biggest wasted potential console if you live in North America and don't like anime games about school girls and indies you can get cheaper on pc. It's good hardware, but I probably would have never purchased it had it not had ys memories of celceta aswell as the two Tales of & Ninja Gaiden games (atleast PS1 games look amazing on it, I guess). 😔
  9. Tomb Raider (2012) tells how Lara Croft BECAME the tomb raider. So it's a prequel to Rise of the Tomb Raider. Considering the definitive edition is only $19.99, I don't see why you couldn't play it first. But to answer you're question - they are indeed separate games. Related for sure, but also separate installments.
  10. Killzone Shadowfall used the trackpad, light and speaker the best I've seen so far - and given that was a launch game, that says alot.
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Pretty much achievements for doing everything in that game. And a extra one for defeating ganondorf with the bottle. The achievement would be for beating it in less than 1 hour (which I could easily do) WITHOUT warp pipes.
  12. Well tis' the season. But considering that both accounts are accessed through the same ip, the hacks could definitely be related. Change you all your passwords, and look into changing your network password aswell.
  13. LMAO!!! Not to be disrespectful in anyway, but this is as likely as the Coleco Chameleon and Sega Spartan. I like this thread, as it's a fun writing exercise - but don't waste your time if you are actually serious about what your saying. Sony won't even playcate your idea... let alone give you a sitdown meeting... let alone change its billion dollar practice because one guy came in off the street with a idea for a prototype. Vita is Dead. Sure it still gets some anime/indie games ocassionally, but Sony has given up on it. Plus, Sony already invested over a decade into mobile - did we forget that they also made mobile phones? Besides the PSP, people didn't buy them in mass. Sony has moved on to greener pastures. They may have recently become envious, but Switch killed any chance of Sony returning to that market. Nintendo dominates that now, and Sony is smart enough not to bother. Again, not trying to be disrespectful, but these are the cold hard truths of the matter.
  14. Yeah. Back in the day I actually got to play it [Mortal Kombat] once in the local 7/11 convience store, with help from my older cousins. I definitely was too young, but my cousins didn't care. They even got a step stool so I could reach the buttons. Lol. Luckily later in my youth, I WAS just old enough to play Mortal Kombat 3 ultimate in the arcade after that cameout. I played that alot. So I don't feel completely cheated out of the experience. On the topic of Wing Commander, my mom got me started gaming REALLY young - summer of '88 from what she says - so I was lucky enough to play games for about as long as most people in their mid-late 30s. So believe it or not, Wing Commander was one of the games I played on PC as a very young lad. Even back then I was a Star Wars fan, so I was attracted to it. We had a good PC at my house because my mom was into computers so I was exposed to alot of those late-80s/early-90s PC games. I even joke that my parents wouldn't let me play Mortal Kombat 2 because of the violence and blood, but they bought me a shareware copy of Doom shortly after it came out. Ironic huh?
  15. N64 better than PS1? Hmm. The PS1 sold vastely better than the N64 in the North America and Saturn sold way better in japan. Objectively the N64 was sort of a flop for Nintendo coming off of the dominance of the NES and SNES in those regions. On the otherhand, sales don't necessarily make something better, and I really truly did love the N64. So while I would disagree, I still very much respect your opinion that N64 was better. Plus my all time favorite game, Ocarina of Time, is a N64 game - so N64 was EXTREMELY influential to me.