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I live outside of the walls of modern society, 3700 feet atop a mountain in the middle of rural nowhere. Politics, social problems, people's hateful opinions... none of it matters or effects me. Unfortunately I happen to be too poor to go on vacations and see the world (never seen a ocean or a city with more than 6k people for example) - so I play RPGs to vicariously experience what I may likely never see (not that I'm complaining).


I've played all the greats, and am continuing to work my way though as many of them as possible, mostly playing older ones right now. I've hacked a lot of my games stuff, so I have access to pretty much any roleplaying game I want to play, and I take advantage of that opportunity. The only issue is I now have too many games to play: not a bad problem to have!  :P


Personally some of my favorite RPGs are the slightly more obscure stuff like Terranigma (SNES), Radiant Historia (DS/3DS) or Shadow Hearts (PS2). I recently started playing my Retropi more and it's encouraged me to play all the awesome Super Nintendo RPGs that I missed growing up because my family either didn't have money to buy games outside of the few I got at my birthday and Christmas, the video rental stores near me didn't have them, or (in a lot of cases) because they never released in the United States (I can play them all now thanks to translation patches). I feel like the Super Nintendo's RPG library might almost be as good as the original PlayStations library.


Outside of videogames, I like to watch South Park, It's Always Sunny, Supernatural and classic horror films. My top favorites being: Alien, The Thing, The Shinning, Pet Cemetery, and Dawn of The Dead.


My current gaming goal: Work my way through a list of about 50 games I've listed that I want to play through in the next 5 years (most all of them have a Metacritic Rating over 80). I try to play early in the wee hours of the morning, and again before I go to bed at night.