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  1. It appears the store page for this game is down at this time (most likely a server bug or page maintenance). That doesn't mean it won't be back up eventually. I have the game downloaded on my PS4 and still can't access the store page from the menu, so it might be something behind the scenes for the moment. The PS3 version is still up: - so one would think that if a license expired or something, the PS3 version would also be removed. I also imagine someone would have talked about this already if it were permanently being removed. So just check back on this in a week or two to see if it's been resolved. *Edit:* DMC Definitive Edition is still up for sale on the UK version of PS4 store (and heavily discounted).
  2. TLOU 2 is a day one purchase for me (already pre-ordered it), and I hope to get around to playing at least a little bit of it. I want to experience it for myself, because I don't trust the opinions of others about games anymore since people these days like to blow everything out of proportion (and either review bomb, or over-hype). I'd rather make up my own mind than listen to people with their own agendas.
  3. Firstly, great list! And yes, my birthdate is wrong apparently. I edited my bio when I was drinking and made myself slightly younger it appears. Probably didn't want to be called boomer when arguing with somone. Usually I keep my age private. The date is correct, but the year is wrong. Was born in 81. I'm not quite 40, but I always add a year and roundup when I play the 'older than you' card. And I'm always changing my online accounts, especially after a few beers. Can't ever leave anything alone.
  4. Most of my current PSN score and trophies are from PS3 days, that's why newer games are low completion rates. My account got hacked in like 2010 or 2011 and most of the games I beat no longer show up (I still have issues with my account occasionally) - but the score and trophy count are still there. It bugged me at first, but now I'm not trying to impress anyone.
  5. I honestly think I like Borderlands 2 and 3 are equally good for completely different reasons.
  6. PSN Store on PS3 is definitely not down here in the US.
  7. That would be pretty cool: Final Fantasy VI remastered in unreal like Octopath Traveler. 👍
  8. Honestly, we may never see another remake like they are giving Final Fantasy VII - we are already looking at what might be a three or four installment run that will no doubt take a decade to complete. Besides: most of the Final Fantasy games have ALREADY gotten extensive remasters or (in the cases of Final I - VI) complete remakes for mobile, portable platforms, and steam (people seem to love the PSP port of FFIV: Complete and the Steam version of Final Fantasy V). That said: if I could have ONE Final Fantasy remade in a modern engine...that would probably be... Which is an odd choice I admit, because if you ask most people who have played it... of probably all ALL the classic Final Fantasy game, it was the one that doesn't actually need a remake. It's pixel art and midi music are nearly perfect as is, and Ted Woosley's translation is iconic. Final Fantasy VI has aged like the finest of wines. [Though I would still love to see what the Final Fantasy VII REmake team could do with such an epic masterpiece in unreal engine 4 💖]
  9. These days I don't really find any games "gripping", nor do I find myself getting into them much anymore... mostly even with the exception, it is only that single odd game from left field that can manage to somehow hook me (and when I least expect it). This year that hasn't happened yet (not even FFVII Remake) - but last year in June I played Day's Gone (PS4) on a whim all the way through. The game is a 50-hour open-world title with linear story missions, that literally takes almost 20-hours before the story, combat & world even begin to be opened up to the player. Once it does, however, things get REALLY interesting - and I absolutely got hooked on its gripping tale of love, loss, friendship, intrigue, and sacrifice. I even 100% the game to see it's Secret Ending, which leaves us on a HUGE plot twist cliffhanger that fundamentally turns the very meaning of the game's narrative on its head (and brings to question "what ARE the creatures you've been killing really, and why are they truly here?)". Not many people gave that game a chance, as most just played the first 5, 10 or 15 hours and found the narrative and early gameplay limited and bored - which is understandable because the game is VERY long and a slow burn before it gets good and the developers let you completely loose - but for me though, it was unquestionably my personal Game Of The Year 2019. I only usually really find ONE game a year gripping... and there have been some years in the past, that I didn't find a single game worthy of my mental/emotional investment! I think 2018 was an exceptional year because I REALLY got into Spider-man and then right after that I was lost in the wonderfully captivating mechanics of an indie puzzle-platformer called Monster Boy (which was made by some of the folks who used to work on the Wonderboy/Monster World series - which this entry is part of). But then again, I also played other games like God of War, Monster Hunter World, & Red Dead Redemption 2 that everyone was going on-and-on about that year, and I didn't find a single one of them gripping when I played them. They were enjoyable enough and I liked them, but that was all. I guess the longer you've been a gamer and the more stuff you've seen, the less and less impressive you find videogames (most of them are just the same old thing with a new coat of paint anyway). You can play pretty much any game, and you know exactly what to expect... you know all the notes, and you get kinda jaded. Then you have all the serious stuff that happens to you in your life as we age.... that stuff makes it impossible to invest enough time or attention into the games you play to get emotionally invested in a fictional world. What I would give to go back to my days of being young in middle-school or high-school again - before I had experienced so much death and loss (like my parents), and so much negative REAL WORLD baggage that will never go away, and always haunt the back of my mind. Those were wonderful days: back when you didn't have a care in the world beyond homework, and you had all those teenage hormones pulsing through you making movies, music and videogames 10x times better! It was a time in my life when watching Aries (Aerith to you younger folks) die was such an emotional event that I cried for an entire hour, and felt sick to my stomach for two days. 😔 When I play games these days, it's REALLY hard to get invested in them and lockout reality. It's even harder to forget that their characters and worlds aren't real. Day's Gone did that for me... and once every year or two I encounter a game that does just that. The problem is, the ones that I WANT to get invested in (like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Death Stranding, or Kingdom Hearts III) are usually amongst the games I'm not able to. I never can predict the odd game that will surprise me (like Monster Boy did), and there is usually no rhyme or reason to it. It's just a situation where all the stars have aligned, I guess. I just wish it wasn't only one game every year or two that I could really get into. 90% of the time when I play games, it's like watching a cool new TV show for me: I'm interested in the story, I want to see what happens next, and I often find the gameplay enjoyable; but the whole time I am unable to shake the feeling that it's 'just a show', where I'm constantly consciously aware that it's not real (they are actors). That by playing it, I'm spending time doing something that isn't as important as other adult things I should be doing at that moment. There is this constant mental barrier that keeps me grounded in the real world, that only ever sheds once in a Blue Moon with that one *impactful* movie, book or game. I think because of that, a game like Day's Gone is more special to me than it was too pretty much anyone else. Because it's one of the only times I can take my mind completely off my real-world troubles, and just enjoy something completely. To actually get lost in something, even if it's only for an hour at 4am in the morning.
  10. Yeah, these days when you go back to it, it's actually pretty funny and cheesy (especially the fake screaming and goofy effects). But you gotta remember that this was the 80's... and those old movies were still pretty damn disturbing and shocking, in the age of nightly black and white monster movie reruns! One day we will probably be looking back at the first Human Centipede or The Conjuring movies and laughing are butts off at how cheesy they are.
  11. lol, no horror movies do not scare me. Not in the least. In fact I find a lot of them funny, and some old favs even 'relaxing' to rewatch at this point in my life. I've been watching them since my neglectful father thought it would be funny to sit me down in front of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Cannibal Holocaust when I was 4 years old, well past my bedtime late one night after my parents divorced. Every weeknight that followed, was an introduction in the 'classics' (stuff he liked: like Godfather, Scarface, crime dramas, gory murder films, serial killer documentaries, and of course all the best & worst horror flicks. Now, as a bachelor deep into his 30's without kids and unaccountable to anyone outside of my job: I get to spend a lot of my free nights watching the most disturbing (and entertaining) movies imaginable every week of my life... almost always in the dark (because I find light distracting when watching TV or Films). I've been told (even by my own mother) that I must be insane to watch the stuff I watch, like I do alone in the dark in the middle of the night, deep in the woods, 45 minutes from town. lol. Which might not be completely far from the truth. I watch REALLY scary/messed up stuff and have seen it all, and none of it phases me. But then again, I also suffer from some slight mental illness myself, so I've never been a typical 'normal' person. lol.
  12. I'm going to cheat here, becase I've actually played what are universally considered the three worst PS4 ports by countless websites and youtubers: - Life of Black Tiger - Lichdom: Battlemage - Layer's of Fear Lichdom and Layer's of Fear are actually pretty interesting titles... just on PC, where they actually run at above 20FPS, and don't look like piles of dog poop. Life of Black Tiger on the other hand is ONLY on PS4 and mobile. So sadly, this horribly broken, ugly excuss for entertainment, is probably best played on a PS4 (warts n' all). Though seriously, don't buy these train-wrecks - there is a reason they are famously the PS4's top three worst ports. Life of Black Tiger especially, has become a meme.
  13. I kinda have a bigger backlogs than most, since I've been a serious videogame and console collecter for almost 30 years now. I have a pretty massive physical game collection spanning back to the 1980s, thousands of PC games (all legitimately purchased), and a giant exhaustive archive of probably around 20,000 ROMs (of which the ones I dearly want to beat, I count in my backlog) for literally dozens of retro consoles, handhelds, and microcomputers stored on a NAS (because I'm a member of a videogame preservation group). While my PS3 and PS4 backlogs aren't too bad - every time I'm on steam or looking around my game room, the cruel reality of how little time I have in one life (and being an adult) kicks-in and I always think back to that timeless (and all too true) Nerd Adage: "Too many games, too little time"
  14. Yeah, I probably put over 600 hours into Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1, 2, 3 and Reborn. They where some of my favorite games of last generation. Glad I bought them when they where cheap and plentiful, because now complete english copies (of especially DWG 2) are a bit rarer as far as PS3 games go.
  15. I just wanted to share this trailer that dropped today. The Hype is REAL.
  16. I have bought every PlayStation at launch since PS2 (got PS1 a bit later in the middle of its gen), so I hope I can preorder a PS5! But if I'm not able to, then I will be waiting this time around for one. I'm not in a hurry because of my huge backlog.
  17. I had the same problem with Breath of the Wild. Worse, I really got irritated by the weapons braking on me constantly - the whole time I played that game, I just wanted the classic Zelda formula in a open 3D world, with weapons you permanently upgrade and collectible items (instead of the spirit tools). I beat it, and I overall enjoyed the game - but I REALLY would have preferred they had taken that game world, those graphics, and just been more faithful gameplay-wise. Plus the game world was TOO large, and there was too much empty space and back tracking. Also: I loved Assassins Creed Origins and Odyssey too! 😍 I really enjoyed the original games - but I felt the formula had gotten real stale. I feel like those two games really spiced things up. I still haven't beaten Odyssey yet because I keep getting stuck on trying to be a completionist in the world - but I love it. I think you have a pretty healthy view on the subject of nostalgia! To tell you the truth, I haven't always been nostalgic. I got burnt out on nostalgia years back when we as a cultural started trying to market everything to people born in the 80s. Probably 10 years ago. Every old TV show, game, movie, etc had to be remade (the effects of which, we are still seeing today). So a disillusioned me unsubbed from like 50 of my favorite retro gaming channels on Youtube (like cinemassacre) that I had been following for years; and I sold alot of my DVD collections of shows I grew up with like Power Rangers, Dexter's Laboratory, Dragon Ball, Etc; and I got ride of most my old consoles, games, accessories, strategy guides and magazines, and whatever else. I started only playing modern videogames... and even then I was real busy at that time in life, so I greatly stepped back from gaming as a whole. Then about three years ago, I started playing some old games again when the Disney and Mega Man Anniversary Collections game out on PS4. Something about playing those games I hadn't played in years felt fresh to me. Originally it was just a challenge I created for myself, to see if adult me could beat tough as nails games that I breezed thru as a kid (Editors Note: I couldn't beat them as easily...they made me suffer greatly). I also think I was getting sick of generic open-world games, games that are just interactive movies with pretty graphics, and AAA's with 15 minutes of cutscenes every hour. Something about that pure gameplay, just awoken something in me. Since then, I've been replaying all the old games I grew up with to see how they hold up, and what a adult me thinks about them. I wasn't nostalgic at all when coming back to gaming, and starting to play some of these old games - but the very act of playing them has made me nostalgic for certain other games. I think the main difference between our experiences, was: for me, many of the games I've replayed, I actually really have enjoyed. Some don't hold up at all - but some of them hold up great, and I feel they scratch a itch for mechanics I hadn't seen in gaming in years. Speaking of Pokemon: I actually replayed thru every pokemon generation last summer (Started with Red, Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Leaf Green, White, Black 2, etc) and I had alot of fun. Some of the games are real simplistic, but overall I didn't find the old games boring at all. There was something cathartic about the music, and the settings, and the compelling nature of hording critters and mid-maxing their stats to make them killing machines in those older titles. 😼 I honestly think the new Pokemon games are WAY to complicated and over produced. Gamefreak would improve the franchise by going back to what made the original games so great, instead of tacking on new features and removing Pokemon from the roster (sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now, lol). Admittedly though: it was REALLY strange/bizarre replaying them again after all these years; because there was things about them (as with most these old games I play) that I had never noticed when I was younger (some good, some bad :P). It's also naturally a odd experience returning to something you loved as a kid/teen (when I was hording the cards in a binder everywhere and reciting Pocket Monster names off memory like a anime wiz-kid), when you're a grownup who doesn't see the world in the same view as a child anymore (as you know, the games take place from the view of a child). But the games still where interesting, and in some ways I expected them to be harder than they where - and I'm glad I played thru them. I've also taken this chance to replay some games for older systems that I always wanted to play: like Super Ghosts n Ghouls, Xenosaga, Wild Arms 4, Golden Sun, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Wario World, Mario Galaxy, etc. I feel like there is alot of experiences in old games that modern games just don't offer, so long as you know where to look. But I'll completely admit, that ALOT of old game libraries haven't aged well at all (though some systems, like SNES have aged better than others). There are games like Golden Eye that I would have sold my soul back in the day to be able to sit at home and play all the time (instead of going to school), that I can't even bring myself to play more than a few minutes of. I tend to think my nostalgia for old things, only extends to 'good' old things. Which is probably why I have this compulsion to replay, re-read, and re-watch all these things I have nostalgia and high opinions of, to see if they still hold up. If they don't, then that's the fastest way to kill your nostalgia for them. One of the things that just frustrates me SO MUCH, is when I see other guys and gals around my age, in their later 20's, 30's and 40's who play objectively 'crappy' games for old systems. I can't tell you how many of these old guys/gals (though guys especially), will sit around and re-play RC Pro Racing for NES, or Madden 93' on SNES, or some crappy Speccy/amiga/whatever PC game that came on a cassette tape in the 1980s. There are literally several million people across the world who ONLY play old games, and who would rather play a sports or racing game for Genesis/Megadrive than Forza or a new game. 😱 I feel like Nostalgia can be wielded responsibly so long as it's adjective (meaning it adheres to reality), and it's not something that paints the worst parts of the past with rose tinted paint. For too many people (especially in their 30s), nostalgia is a drug they can't get enough of - and it's why there is a massive multi-billion dollar retro gaming industry out there that is constantly releasing: pricey new consoles to play old games on, new old games, new mods for old hardware, expensive new cables/adapter/upscalers/converters/etc for playing old consoles on you're new HDTV... and so many other things that just vacuum money from these fools wallets every month. I think you're very wise/correct to realize that nostalgia is best in small doses - and somethings are better left in the past (especially in gaming). 👍 I think the trick is to just experiment, listen to suggestions from others, and just give stuff a chance: I've found that most the games I used to love, I still love after re-playing through them. Though sadly, my nostalgia for some is no longer there after replaying thru them and becoming frustrated by bad design or unbalanced game-play. I think nostalgia can certainly make you enjoy a old game more, but it usually can't make a bad game good (unless you're one of those fools I was talking about). 😜
  18. The PS5 won't be getting an upgrade as the PS4 did. The only reason there was a PS4 Pro, was because the PS4 launched with anemic hardware right out of the gate.
  19. Yes. I have it and have played it a few hours. Anyone ever played: Legend of Legaia?
  20. Good advice. I will actually try that! Thanks for the help.
  21. Still waiting for SCEE and Tecmo to announce a PC port of Nioh 2.
  22. Glad you got it solved. I've had that issue before myself.
  23. Yeah, Eternal is much more challenging than Doom 2016.