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  1. Don't worry OP. Infamous isn't actually that buggy a game. If you play through the campaign you should have every opportunity to get each trophy. None of them are missable (if I recall correctly), beyond if you've made it to the final boss (then it's too late). Get you a good online guide or some maps and you should be fine.
  2. Same issue with ESO. Blizzard and Zenimax think constantly breaking classes makes up for what Square Enix does by perfecting a class, then moving on to two NEW classes in the next expansion. Blizzard and Zenimax don't have new classes because that costs too much money and takes too much effort, so they just continue to break and fix, nerf and buff the same old classes to nauseum.
  3. Accounts share DLC so long as they are on the same PS4. I for example am a US citizen and have a US PSN profile (Fragtaster) - I however ALSO have a UK Profile (FragtasterUK) and on it I have games that have been delisted on the US store (Like Digimon: Cyber Sleuth). Many of the games I have bought on the UK PSN Store have DLC, and I play those same games with their DLC on my main (US) account.
  4. You people are either CRAZY or hard core trophy addicts (most likely BOTH). Wasting money on a whole extra PS3/PS4 just to get a few digital stickers! You guys are insane - first world problems I guess. Though I'm one to talk, since I have multiple PS3's myself (two being BC units with CFW for playing PS2 and PS1 ISOs)
  5. Don't worry too much. The Frozen Wilds DLC is only $9.99. Even if you have to purchase it again, it's not very much. I bought the standard edition for as much as the Complete Edition goes for currently, and had to recently purchase the Frozen Wilds DLC separately (so I feel you're pain).
  6. I LOVE Tim Schaffer games! Unfortunately this might be the first one he's ever made that I'm not interested in. It's not the style (that looks cool), it's something about the isometric gameplay. Which is odd to me that I don't like what I see, because it's evident in this trailer that this game (even though its a roguelite hack & slash) takes some inspiration from Kid Chameleon (and I'm a HUGE fan of that game).
  7. Can't offer much advice, beyond take you're time and utilize stealth when possible. Other than that: I just came here to say "Good Luck!"👍
  8. Days Gone (PS4) Just a Flesh Wound (BRONZE)
  9. At least there's no Swastikas or German Cultural references in DOOM 3 like in Wolfenstein. Germany just loves to censor ID Software games.
  10. Was playing tank in ESO, and I had maybe 300x more experience playing the game then the people I was playing with. We where playing against a Giant Boss in a Group Dungeon. I did my job and tanked like a champ; even going so far as to doing some DPS and some spare healing too since it was needed because I had such a professional grasp of the situation. The other guys I was grouped with (all stamina DPSs with cookie cutter builds they no doubt heard where op on the internet), they ran around like drunken chickens with their heads cut off. They clearly didn't know what to do. I tried to explain to them what to do in as least a elitist way possible (and so I didn't sound like I was bossing them around or talking down to them). Instead of listening, or even acknowledging me - they instead ignored me, and then started insulting me for 'letting them die'. I'm a tank mind you; not the dedicated healer, nor the guy forcing them to run their toons every two seconds hap-hazardly into enemy AOE or a Boss's ultimate blindly. Eventually one guy insults the tanking to the other guys in group chat and then bails. Then the other two players decide to stick around and keep doing the same thing that had failed 19 times before, all while complaining to me about their deaths (because everyone knows if you cant do it with 4 people, it's easier with three?). After dozens of under handed insults at me, and insinuations that the tanking was why they couldn't best the boss, I eventually just snapped. I went ADHD and started typing a wall of text telling them off, explaining what idiots they where, telling them how to actually defeat the boss (which I had done many times before with other groups) and basically cussing them out. Did I mention THEY ask ME to help them, and even when I reluctantly declined continued to beg and annoy me until I helped them? I had been at that one area for 4 1/2 hours, fighting the same boss, out living every one of them time and time again, being the guy who like a slave had to stop what I was doing resurrected my party over and over again. Only to hear them shit talk me. It was 10pm at night, I hadn't eaten all day, I was getting weak and light headed at that point, and my 30 year old hands where so tired I just didn't have the stamina of those fresh faced collage kids who had just begun their night. I regret going off on them, it wasn't my proudest moment. But they definitely deserved worse than what I said to them.
  11. Don't feel bad, this is a MMO issue (it's not you). I literally had to stop playing The Elder Scrolls Online after several years of playing it every day on PC. I was a beta & launch day player, and for it's first few years the game was sorta broken and mediocre so it had a tightknit player community that had adventures and made the game much funner than it deserved to be (supporting the devs and giving advice as they expanded it, tweaked it, rebuilt it, etc). When the game was finally rebuilt and soft re-lauched as 'One Tamriel Edition' and released on console (sorta like they did with FFXIV: A Realm Reborn a few years earlier), thanks to updates it went from from a 'sorta bad/mediocre' game to a fantastic MMO. This might have been great thing; however because of the new attention, new platforms, positive reviews, etc - there was a HUGE influx of new players, and sadly the VASTE MAJORITY of them where so damn toxic that I had to leave. The elitism was particularly bad: which is especially annoying for a 4-year ESO vet (at the time) like me, having to hear every hour from random argumentative noobs smugly telling me 'how to play the game' 'get gud' or 'what builds/skills./etc are best' - 95% of which where pompous little arses who had only been playing for literally a few weeks (or less) and who watched Deltia on YouTube for a few times, or memorized a incomplete guide written by some rando player online (with probably as little knowledge as them). Then there was the horrible racism, disrespectful vile politics talk, religion bashing, america bashing, trolling, sexism, classism, drug and perverted sex talks, threats to players lives, harassment, you name it - it was in zone chat in every zone, and being throw at you in whispers & group/party chats. I've heard that since the game has now adopted a pretty aggressive P2W mechanic (and a ludicrously expensive microtransaction store), that the player base has actually gotten even worse. Infact, most us early adopter players who stuck with the game from its dark days to its rebirth (and all the years between), we have mostly been forced to leave. I hear it's very hard to find any pre-one tamriel players these days. Launch players DO exist, but they are like unicorns, and mostly stick to themselves. I find it funny you're having a issue with Final Fantasy XIV, because in the WOW and ESO communities it has always been held up as a example of a MMO with one of the LEAST toxic communities (thankfully though, you're issues seem to be mainly reserved to the dungeons).
  12. I would but I don't have enough free time sadly right now. I really want to though, which is why I like this list. I'm dying to work on my backlog (still haven't even finished God of War yet, RDR2 or Kingdom Hearts III).
  13. Not to de-rail the thread (I like this thread) But actually compared to previous years, this fall/early winter is a very dry season for games. Probably due to how insanely (and wonderfully) wet spring and summer were this year for releases. It seems that unlike is tradition, Publishers this year elected to release the bulk of their best offerings in the first 6 months of the year, instead of waiting until the fall season. The only note worthy AAA releases coming out in Q3 and Q4 of 2019 are: - Borderlands 3 - MediEvil (Remake) - Outer Worlds - Modern Warfare (Remake) - Death Stranding - Star Wars: Jedi Outcast - Doom Eternal And some blips on the radar such as: - Grandia HD (Remaster) - Ni No Kuni (Remaster) - Shenmue III - Legend of Heroes: Cold Steel III - Code Vein - Final Fantasy VIII (Remaster) I might have missed a few here and there (these are off the top of my head), but compared to previous years this one is comparably shy on releases. And since 95% of gamers don't buy (or want) every game released in a given season - this means there are probably even less games than listed above, that people are actually interested in buying this year (with very few must have titles). Compared that to some years where there are 4 or 5 game launches in this same period of time that would have featured games that would have garnered 'must have' status with the press and casual crowds.
  14. I would get excited, but Borderlands: Game of The Year Edition was given out to the community completely FREE (from day one) on steam to anyone who had already owned the original version of Borderlands (you know, that game you can get for $5). This feels like peanuts by comparison.
  15. MOST OF THEM The reason: Most games from that generation are designed with the philosophy that trophies should be as difficult to acquire as possible, and require many different playthroughs after having already experienced the entirety of the game itself. This applies to Platinum's especially, where they are unreasonably difficult to achieve and require using a guide, cheesing methods, endless repetition, and specific cryptic actions to achieve them in many (if not most) cases. In many game, the sheer incredible amounts of repetition in farming some of these Bronze/Silver/Gold trophies that aren't even fun to acquire (many of them needing a guide and grinding to achieve themselves) - all to get a single Platinum - just isn't worth it to me for your average '6.5 out of 10' PS3 game. When you've fully enjoyed a game, done everything you want to in it, feel completely satisfied with the experience... that point when the game is no longer fun to play... and you STILL have half the trophies left?! You just know at that point that something is wrong with the design of it's trophy list! Games like Skyrim, Fallout, Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank, Dragon Quest XI and Resident Evil 2 are great examples of how to design trophies that you feel like you earn just by playing the game and fully exploring the ends and outs of it's systems, and what the developers intended you to experienced (which is the whole point of trophies). Abstract grinding and pointless objectives hidden in the game that aren't natural at all to a normal playthrough, are trends that where super prevalent in the middle of the PS3 generation (and still present to a much lesser degree with games today). Trophies should be 'fun' and feel like they are a natural part of the game progression and completion. Not a chore... or much worse. Since most (non indie) PS3 games had at least a few ludicrous (miserable to earn) trophies in the way of the Platinum, I can't see myself getting them for most my PS3 games. I respect my sanity and especially my time too much to play a game 500% longer than needed for some digital stickers that required endless repetition and guides to the point that I hate the game afterwards. None of this even factors in games where asinine requirements to achieve high degrees of success in the multiplayer component or unbalanced (unfun) tacked on challenge modes. Some games even had the audacity to require you play against a dev or get 1000 single player kills in their tacked on shitty multiplayer modes (in a otherwise SINGLE PLAYER games)! If trophies are implemented correctly I should have earned a platinum by the time I have fully and completely beaten the game as the developers have presented it to me. The story fully experienced, the side quests done, my character and items maxed and the world fully explored. Since MOST PS3 games don't respect me enough be fair about their trophies and not break the flow of the game itself - then I don't feel compelled to waste my time on them. Like I said: I respect my time too much to waste it on games that think trophies should be a exploration in grinding to the point of failure and a exercise in sadomasochism towards the player - especially AFTER they have already bought and invested the countless hours into beating the game to being with. It's games like that where the trophies where clearly a after thought in the developers mind.
  16. Yeah the DLC is considerably more difficult than the main game. Especially (for me) times in THE HEIST when you have to stop waves of enemies from committing robbery, I just found moments like that tedious and very frustrating (having to redo attempts over and over again).
  17. Spider-Man isn't necessarily a easy game. That final fight with Doc Oc is especially brutal. It's that the trophies themselves are extremely easy to earn, and the game spends a lot of time letting you grind and get better at the game before tackling the more challenging parts of the story mode.
  18. It's actually not specifically that game. Assassins Creed III Remastered's DLC works fine for most people. You just happened to encounter a hard freeze on that game because you where playing it and life happens. I've had my PS4 freeze up in games on probably a DOZEN occasions over the following year since installing a 2TB Seagate HDD! Worse: each time I was forced to 'hard shutdown' the PS4. Every single time I did this, either photos, saves or game install data was randomly corrupted. Often requiring me to delete the game and reinstall it. When the saves where lost, I winched in pain and got frustrated, but ultimately had to suck it up and live with it. I've especially lost ALOT of save games because of the PS4 freezing and not shutting down properly. It's a horrible flaw in Sony's design of the PS4/Pro (most likely a result of the Jaguars limited CPU power when handling a lot of background processes while gaming) - made worse in my case by the new hard drive. Some people never have issues like these, and others have lots and lots of issues with PS4 freezing and improper forced shutdowns corrupting data. But it's not nearly as rare as you'd think, and it's not a result of this game you're playing. It could have happened with literally any game you where playing eventually - it just happened to finally happen this day, with that game. It just seems like it's ACIII because it's probably never happened to any other game you own until now.
  19. Speaking as a PC guy: The ULTIMATE Trophy for the game is actually going out afterwards and building you're own PC in real life! As someone who's built PCs with a lot of the licensed parts featured in the game, I can say without a doubt that PC Building Simulator is about 25% 'game magic' and about 75% accurate to the actual building experience (which is impressive if you ask me). All the parts in the game are indeed real parts you can go out and buy now (well, except a few of the parts like the Corsair 380T Case which hasn't been made in 5 years and is a VERY expensive collectors item), and placing them in and connecting the wires is on paper correct simulation. The Big difference between this game and the real world: is that in reality there is ALOT of manual labor, hand dexterity, coordination, and skill involved that is automated by game 'MAGIC" here to save time. The part in the game where afterwards you inter each motherboards unique BIOS and tweak, setup and overclock your CPU/GPUC/Memory - that part is especially realistic. It's almost exactly like the real thing, except you're using a gamepad instead of a keyboard and mouse. It's scary that they got all the little details in the BIO's in the game (and for each motherboard)!
  20. Interesting question if you think about it this way: "What was the last show you watched on actual, real, Network Television?" A//: I haven't watched Network TV or Cable in almost a decade (since most likely around 2012) - that said, I think it was probably a earlier season of Supernatural (CW Show) or The Vampire Diaries (another CW Show). If the Question is interpreted as: "What was the last show you watched on Netflix or Digital Streaming Services?" A//: Probably Dragon Ball Super or South Park.
  21. I suspect servers for PS3 will START being shut down in the following 12 months after the PS5 is released (it's a lot of extra networking and cost to keep up a service that at that point will be TWO generations old). I figure all online services for PS3 will be permanently disconnected by the 24 month mark after the PS5 releases. So that said: I'm going to try to beat all the games in my PS3 library by then (that gives me 2-3 years). To be honest: I'm a retro gamer as much as a modern gamer (maybe even more so), and I have no interest in stopping playing my PS3 until I have too. And even then. After I've gotten all my games beaten and whatever trophies earned - I will probably STILL return to my system at different points over the years (even without the online support/trophies) just to replay favorites Like Tales of Graces F and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. I actually have THREE PS3's. One is my main system, and the other two are 'offline only' hacked (CFW) BC launch PS3's for playing PS2 Backups (ISOs) - so I already have a good Idea of what our PS3's will be like to use when the services, trophies, store are shut off.
  22. I buy games exclusively Digitally these days. Vita is especially one I'd buy digital for, considering how expensive second hand games can be now that half the library is Limited Run print games and the others are highly collectible. For some games its even difficult to simply find them online, let alone at a decent price - so digital is a no brainer if you're starting out in 2019. That said however: It's hard to find a memory card for Vita cheap, and they don't come in particularly large sizes so you're limited to how many full sized (non indie) games it will fit. So I'd suggest physical if you're rich (though I'm not even sure I can recommend that, because I value money too much), and digital if you don't plan on buying hundreds of games. That said, I personally bought a SD2VITA microSD adapter online (w/ a 256GB MicroSD card) that fits in the game slot on your vita, and then I hacked my vita to support it. Then I got backups of the games I owned off the internet, and installed them on the card. I play them digitally off that (like a flashcart). I have the advantage of being able to fit as many games as I want on it, and not being limited to a $100 (puny) 64GB OEM Vita Memory Card. This is great for me, but you lose trophy support since you have to play offline.
  23. You can play PC with a controller - especially a XBOX One controller, which works with 95% of the games on steam. As for games exclusive to PC, there are literally thousands of them (too many for me to list here - and they are a mixed bag). Yes, it seems like a lot of the best PC exclusive indies like Remothered, X-Com 2, Bard's Tale IV, Divinity Original Sin 2, Pillars of Eternity, etc have since come to PlayStation 4 - but there are countless more. Like Grim Dawn, Arma III, Total Warhammer, Below. Warhammer Vermintide, YS SEVEN HD, Chrono Trigger (remastered), Grandia II Anniversary, and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 1/2/3 HD (my suggestions to you) that are only on PC right now (and yes I know some of them are enhanced ports, but these are games that I personally love and want to suggest). Then there are Microsoft games you can't play on PlayStation like Fable Anniversary, State of Decay, Forza, Cuphead, Below, Halo Wars, Crackdown 3, Alan Wake, Left 4 Dead, Sea of Thieves and Gears of War. However I think you're looking at this PC gaming thing all wrong. Most people play on PC because of many other reasons. Like the games are vastly cheaper (just wait until you see you're first Humble bundle, or New Years and Winter Sales), or look and play better. It's not that PS4 has a lot of the best games on PC; but rather PC has most the best games on console. Just about every game that comes out these days also comes to PC (minus a few exclusives from SCEE studio partners each year - or RDR2, but that's coming to PC next year). So owning a PC is more about having the best way to play at the best prices, with the ability to mod whatever you like, and play online for free, with whatever control method you want. You can even get just about every new game that comes out on day one for $25 off on places like g2A, Greenmangaming, and all the others. These days, I play almost every third-party game on PC instead of console because of how darn cheap keys are, especially during the innumerably frequent sales. Plus I like having the ability to customize my experience and play everything at 60fps instead of the 30fps of the console versions. I guess if you're just wanting exclusives hang out on Steams home page (or weekly on gog), there are new exclusives being listed literally every single day. But like I said: you really need to treat PC as just another platform: just like PS4, Switch and Xbox One. You don't buy it for exclusives, you choose it because its the best platform out of the three as far as game pricing, modding, graphics, gameplay experience (hard to beat 60fps+), controller and headset options, and the freedom that a open platform provides to buy your games anywhere on the web and do with them whatever you want. PS: I'm kind of glad PC and Consoles libraries are becoming more and more homogenized in the second half of 2019. I'd love to live in a world where we all have access to the same great games, and we just choose the platform that has the characteristics that best mesh with our budgets, and what we expect from a gaming machine and software market. What a 10 year old me would have given back in the day to have played Sonic The Hedgehog on my Super Nintendo!
  24. Not to sound like a stick in the mud but: most of them. Trophies and Achievements for me are incentive to fully do everything possible in a game, and many games have been more fun to play thanks to them (Skyrim comes to mind) - but I rarely if ever just play a game just for the unlockable badges. Nearly half my game collection is games I've bought off, for Switch/3DS, and stuff for retro systems like NES, SNES, Genesis/MegaDrive, PS1, PS2, Gameboy, etc. None of that has trophies or achievements. I'm in my 30's and these days I value my free time far too much to spend it playing stuff I don't want, or wasting time in a game I already beat, trying to get a digital sticker. If the games is amazing, and the trophies reasonable and well thought out (not masochistic grind fests or requiring a guides), then they should only be the cherry one the icing. Back in the early days of the XBOX 360 I beat a lot of games just for Achievements (think King Kong and Sneak King), but by the end of that generation I had grown up a lot. EDIT: Though I have bought (or rebought) games that I was going to get on other platforms on PlayStation 3/4 because I liked the trophies they had.
  25. Final Fantasy XV has fairly easy trophies imo. Also Romancing SaGa 2, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, South Park: Stick of Truth, South Park: Fractured But Whole, Tales of Beseria, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Zesteria, Persona 5, I am Setsuna, Lost Sphere, and Secret of Mana all have easy trophies. That said: You really shouldn't be playing games for trophies (atleast as you're primary factor in regards of which you're choosing to play) - but rather the gameplay itself. Some of the best JRPGs have unwelcoming trophy lists like Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Rogue Galaxy, Resonance of Fate, Ni No Kuni 2, Nier Automata, and the Kingdom Hearts games.