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  1. My backup was from before I started unfortunately which is why I'm afraid you start a game
  2. Has anyone else tried this. Still nervous about playing and losing all my progress
  3. There's also a new stadium. Have played 2 new maps so far.
  4. Good idea. But who knows how long or if they even do. 43 achievers on this site have completed it so it's definitely doable.
  5. First go the 4th night trying LMAO. It was because Matt wasn't raging all night and we could hear the enemies and us talking with each other haha
  6. Once we changed classes around we finished it easily. 1 shot. Da fuq do you get through that being one shot
  7. Wondering from the people who have earned this trophy, which special op they chose. My group had a hell of a time finishing anubis on normal. Don't know if people play that on hard since their so familiar already or one of the other missions because it's "easier"? Thanks
  8. Quick update: Haven't been on the site much the last few weeks. My youngest sister moved in with my Wife and I which has slowed my progress. Did finish up POP warrior Within this last week though!
  9. I used Dan for the first three levels on elite but was unable to beat the 4th level with him. Had to grind lives and used sadiv to complete levels 4 and 5. And apparently having 23 lives on the final stage (my case) wasn't enough. Got to the end boss with 22 seconds and 1 life left. It didn't go so well. Thinking 35 should be enough to finally finish the elite playthrough. Other than the difficulty spike from hard to elite, this game has been pretty fun
  10. Slowly approaching my 200th plat with the latest being dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin. Probably save blackops 3 for that seeing plat 1 was blops 1. 100th 100% was blops 2. Seems fitting. 

    1. ee28max


      Sounds like a good idea. Black Ops 3 for your 200th will be awesome ☺

    2. Precision-Playyy


      Let me know if you want help with the zombies :)

    3. Couch


      Haven't tried zombies for three yet. Hoping they are better than some of the maps 2 had

  11. Anybody playing Trans-Galactic Tournament? Need some people to play with as the grind to level 30 is getting boring playing solo

  12. Update 8: This past ~2weeks I've finally had the strength to get through the rest of Lego Lord of the Rings. I didn't mind replaying the levels for all the collectibles again but navigating middle earth and getting all those was quite a chore. Not sure what I'll play next. Not really looking forward to another lego game and still not ready to do Assassin's creed III yet. Maybe it's time to switch gears and go back to either Need for speed the run or Diablo 3. Also heard that PS Plus starting next march won't include anymore PS3 games. I guess that will finally be the day where nothing new gets added to the PS3 backlog lol. Since the start of this event, I've added 3 more games to the PS3. I really need to retire so I can get through them all Or give up the PS4....but who wants to do that? Honorable mentions include getting significant progress made in Warframe and Dark Souls 2.(see if I stopped playing the PS4, my PS3 list would reduce haha) Until Next time folks 2018 PS3 Backlog Goal: 3/15 complete Games Started on PS3 not part of the above list: Games Started on PS4 not part of either list above:
  13. Update 7: Another week down and just a small amount of work into the backlog. Finished up the story of Lego Lord of the rings and completed all the pre-free play necessities needed to start Freeplay. Completed a few levels and the grind is starting to kick in. Moved my trophy progress from 25% up to 42%.I think I'll need to ditch the PS4 if I'm ever going to completely wipe away the PS3 backlog lol, because once again the PS4 got more time in the week. I'm working on Dark Souls II on the ps4 with a friend and made a good amount of progress through about 6 of the bosses. Mostly a weekend game for a few hours so it'll be a while before that game is platted. Made significant progress in Warframe as well./ . Until Next time folks 2018 PS3 Backlog Goal: 2/15 complete Games Started on PS3 not part of the above list: Games Started on PS4 not part of either list above:
  14. Update 6: Been a while since my last post but not much progress was made. Been watching the Olympics a lot ( USA, USA, USA) and playing the PS4. I did finish up blazerush on the PS3 though not part of my 2018 PS3 goals but it was a fun game and if you have it, you should definitely give it a go. I moved back over to Amy and my gawd it's just such a bad game IMO. I still wasn't ready to go back to ACIII so I started another new game. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Wasn't really for me so moved on and found myself at Lego lord of the rings. Started the game over because I haven't touched it in years and found myself loving it. Just about done with the story play through and can start the free-play play through after. Some other notable mentions were finishing Loadout on the PS4. Making more progress on Dark Souls 2 and getting back into Warframe. Until Next time folks 2018 PS3 Backlog Goal: 2/15 complete Games Started on PS3 not part of the above list: Games Started on PS4 not part of either list above:
  15. Update 5: Well not much progress made on my list below. I did knock Beyond Good and Evil HD off the total PS3 backlog along with finishing all but the rubberbanded trophy of Loadout on the PS4. Started blazerush on the PS3 last night to just get the single online trophy but the game is hella fun and sucked me in. I'll most likely finish that and AMY(terrible game, don't play it) before moving back to ACIII. Also started up a 3on3 ftp game on PS4 and will be doing Dark Souls 2 on PS4 with a buddy on the weekends. Have a good week all! 2018 PS3 Backlog Goal: 2/15 complete 1) Assassin's Creed Revelations - 100% 2) Assassin's Creed III - 3% 3) Assassin's Creed IV - 1% 4) Bioshock - 42% 5) Bioshock 2 - 1% 6) Bioshock infinite - 1% 7) Demon Souls - 100% 8) Diablo 3 - 36% 9) Lego Pirates of the Caribbean - 2% 10 Lego the hobbit - 5% 11) Lego Lord of the rings - 23% 12) Need for Speed the run - 40% 13) Need for Speed Shift 2 unleashed - 22% 14) Prince of persia - Warrior within - 59% 15) Uno - 71% Games Started on PS3 not part of the above list: 1) Beyond good and Evil HD - 100% 2) Blazerush - 48% 3) AMY - 23% Games Started on PS4 not part of either list above: 1) 3on3 - 11% 2) Loadout - 71% 3) Dark Souls 2 - 5% 4) Batman - 3%