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  1. Discord chat says next Tuesday. Fingers crossed
  2. So much for getting the patch no later than April 3rd.
  3. Well we got patch 1.17 today. Hopefully patch 1.20 gets here quick
  4. As a way to easing myself back into running events, I thought I would post a status update to see if there was any interest in participating in the third installment of Couch's Elimination chamber? I'm not fully ready to tackling Survivor season 2 or big brother quite yet but do miss the community around here and enjoy hosting. I would need 10 serious players to show interest. See two previous installments.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Couch


      Cool. Just a few more takers and I'll setup a new thread

    3. ee28max


      Just bumped into this status update and thought you guys were talking about WWE lol. There's actually an Elimination Chamber PPV this Sunday on the WWE Network. 

    4. Couch


      That's where the original idea came from :). Just coincidence that it's this weekend

  5. I tried sending you a friend request old pal, but psn said you're too elite for me ever since you got that shadow of modor trophy 😏

    1. Couch


      I'm trying to figure out who this is. I don't know your psn name but the elite comment and shadow or mordor comment makes me think it's twitch?

    2. Atom1cMoose


      right on the nose my friend lol

  6. I have 30 now and still no trophy. What did you do?
  7. Mad Riders dlc is no longer available in ps store. Can't find a code anywhere online for it. Anybody got any ideas how I could grab find it?

  8. My backup was from before I started unfortunately which is why I'm afraid you start a game
  9. Has anyone else tried this. Still nervous about playing and losing all my progress
  10. There's also a new stadium. Have played 2 new maps so far.
  11. Good idea. But who knows how long or if they even do. 43 achievers on this site have completed it so it's definitely doable.
  12. First go the 4th night trying LMAO. It was because Matt wasn't raging all night and we could hear the enemies and us talking with each other haha
  13. Once we changed classes around we finished it easily. 1 shot. Da fuq do you get through that being one shot
  14. Wondering from the people who have earned this trophy, which special op they chose. My group had a hell of a time finishing anubis on normal. Don't know if people play that on hard since their so familiar already or one of the other missions because it's "easier"? Thanks
  15. Quick update: Haven't been on the site much the last few weeks. My youngest sister moved in with my Wife and I which has slowed my progress. Did finish up POP warrior Within this last week though!