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  1. 2 systems with 6 controllers can be your best friend :). The PC players on this game is just brutal trying to get this trophy.
  2. Need to play on top tier mode to get it to pop. Need to play on top tier mode to get it to pop.
  3. I've fulfilled the requirements for this 4 times now in the last three days and the trophy is not popping. I've been down by 1, tied and in OT. I'll hit the buzzer beater, the announcer goes crazy and the crowd rushes to the arena but no trophy. I don't see many people earning this trophy but it may because not alot play. Any one got any ideas?
  4. United front is pretty easy. Frozen dawn after that. Currently working on shadowed throne and the boss level hasn't been fun. Still haven't really tried the beach level but that sounds like the hardest of the group.
  5. This is all i get with this trophy as well. The timeouts and number of times i need to restart the game bc it breaks when searching is awful, and the people still playing are too. They literally just sit in the pod doing nothing and kick you for asking if they will start something. Infuriating
  6. Newcomer or quickplay doesnt count. Unranked and ranked count. Have been playing unranked until i hit level 30 2 days ago and trophies are popping. Stats show all kills including those in modes that dont count which is why your count is off.
  7. Do a 1 vs 1 and let the other person kill you if you're worried about letting your team down.
  8. Finally just beat this level myself. What you need to do is connect the electrical panel and on the way up, manually shut the connection off. Use the yellow color to connect the two panels and then the eraser once your are high enough. The platform will stay in the air doing it this way
  9. A Buddy and I played 2 matches tonight. 1 saved and 1 didn't. 1 of 3 saved yesterday. Not going as I had planned
  10. Hello all, Just wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this issue. When battleborn first came out started playing it. Was moving along nicely and completed all of Benedict's lore challenges and the trophy "flyboy" did not pop. When I go to the lore screen it shows the full picture meaning all the lore was completed. I got upset and never touched the game again. I recently started it up after all this time hoping it was fixed and still wont pop. Any one else have any issues similar or thoughts how to get it to unlock? Thanks Couch
  11. I think you win
  12. Discord chat says next Tuesday. Fingers crossed
  13. So much for getting the patch no later than April 3rd.
  14. Well we got patch 1.17 today. Hopefully patch 1.20 gets here quick
  15. As a way to easing myself back into running events, I thought I would post a status update to see if there was any interest in participating in the third installment of Couch's Elimination chamber? I'm not fully ready to tackling Survivor season 2 or big brother quite yet but do miss the community around here and enjoy hosting. I would need 10 serious players to show interest. See two previous installments.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Couch


      Cool. Just a few more takers and I'll setup a new thread

    3. Maxximum


      Just bumped into this status update and thought you guys were talking about WWE lol. There's actually an Elimination Chamber PPV this Sunday on the WWE Network. 

    4. Couch


      That's where the original idea came from :). Just coincidence that it's this weekend