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  1. I don't think this topic has been made yet (correct me if I am wrong) but I picked Khajiit mostly because they are the most unique race and not many of them in Skyrim. I don't really care about the starter skills because you can just shape your character any way you want.
  2. Hey. This is a thread for the people who downloaded the new Naruto Storm: Revolution and would like to leave their opinions on the game so far and if they have any complaints or anything. I have one complaint with the Mecha-Naruto and that's because when he does his normal Jutsu, even if I dodge it, he will turn the complete opposite way and still get me, and the only way to stop him is to block him.
  3. Is it possible to do Atlantcia gummi missions without even modifying your original ship? (Excalibur) because it doesn't say you have to use any (USE THIS ONLY) because my friend got the 'edit your gummi ship trophy' after he completed all missions. Unless his ps3 broke down after doing that trophy and didn't sync, then got that trophy afterwards?
  4. Hey guys. I was browsing through the store and saw Kessen 3, but not Kessen 2 for the EU Store. As a result of this, I have come looking towards anyone on here who has Kessen 2 (PS2 Classic) Downloaded on their store and would let me download it? I can give you Spyro trilogy, wolf among us season, way of the samurai 4 dlc, ect.
  5. My friend recently got into a modded trophy lobby (Not on purpose) and it unlocked all his trophies for call of duty world at war. does this mean he will be considered a cheater?
  6. I see. I will inform him. If he contacted Sony, would they remove the game from his list?
  7. If you have seen WAW in the past years, you'd know it's literally hacked to fuck. So yes, a 2 day platinum hack would obviously be unlegit regardless of circumstances, rather than a 6 year old game that unlocks trophies In a lobby.
  8. That's a bit cruel considering WAW is a 6 year old game.
  9. Send me a PM on here for a trade of THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 1 FULL, DRAGON AGE 2 + DLC & ALL CALL OF DUTY'S
  10. I live in UK so we don't have all these places like Wendy's, or Five Guys, so for me probably Burger King.
  11. If people still need XP easily, I know someone who told me how to get level 50 in 5-8+ hours. You need the original RDR game, not GOTY, and delete the game patch or don't install it, and from single player, go to LAN multiplayer and just keep doing the gang hideout which gives 1000-5000+ xp every time. I did it within 9 hours, but my friend did it in 5 because he was doing an all nighter and got it the next time I went on, (disable autosave) so then you can enter legend, and then quit and keep level 50
  12. It still does this glitch, if people join while your in mid-game for anything like Liars dice, poker, co-op missions, then the mission will end.
  13. They did a title update for it, but I went on today and did Pikes Basin, and 1 of the enemies was lying on the ground and I just shot him and it still did the XP glitch for me
  14. It's better than no preorder bonus at all
  15. My apologies TheLastSurvivor, can you please get a MOD to move that post there? I made a mistake.
  16. I would be annoyed if I had a PS4. All these games are coming out nowhere near the release of the next-gen consoles, and whats even more, there now being delayed further.
  17. Dragon Age Origins is a fantasy RPG in a sense. It has lots of lore in a fantasy world. It's a great RPG too.
  18. Yeah, like adding the PSN Comment to it as some people post there trophy card link in these forums, and it'd be good to see what their About Me or PSN Comment says.
  19. Maybe add your PS3 comment onto the PSN Card? That seems like a good suggestion maybe. It's something to add.
  20. So basically you and your friend can go on there and try to talk to these girls for some e-sex on PS3? Why would you need to separate the leaderboards because of gender?
  21. Single player is the best because it has a lot of different things in, and a good story, rather than a multiplayer which sticks to 1 thing and gets boring fast.
  22. Stop with the remasters. Nextgen Is for nextgen, and for new games. That's the whole point of buying the PS4/Xbox One. Who would buy it for the remasters? There are hardly any new games out at the minute, and the console released nearly 9 months ago. Also don't get me wrong, I love Uncharted and still haven't played Uncharted 3 or 1. Only 2. But I would rather buy them for the console released intentionally, (PS3) to play them. I wish they would focus on new games for us than to keep us sitting here replaying these old games.
  23. I love the Dynasty Warrior/Samurai Warriors themes. I also LOVE Uncharted NATES THEME! Makes you feel like your living in an adventure.
  24. Hey guys, I haven't been on this or PS3 for some time as I have been doing my exams, and now its summer break time! Meaning I will be playing lots. However, I really want a new PSN ID for a fresh new account. Here are some ideas/things I like to help you out. - Anime - Dark Fantasy Games - JRPGS I would like something original, and maybe a number or two at the end if its taken. Any help would be appreciated!
  25. I had my first PS3 on 25th December 2010 and made my first account at 7AM. But I made new accounts.