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  1. Do the new game + for whatever is the later expansions available and you'll get all the story trophies up to that point.
  2. Seems like June 28 is the new release date
  3. Unfortunately the game is very long/bloated and people consider it boring.
  4. I cant even get the L1+sqaure to work to even start attacking. edit: with the new patch it has fixed the bug i was having. But man is this a crap mobile port game
  5. I have only had a single bug in the opening fixed by reloading a save so far game is running mostly smoothly.
  6. OP obviously hasn't played "Life of Black Tiger."
  7. Valkyria Chronicle 4 or Resonance of Fate/Last Remnant remaster
  8. I loved this game on the PC I am super psyched to see this coming to consoles.
  9. Where can you go to buy this game for ps4? Or is it not out on ps4 yet?
  10. I love how the knight armor looks so i'm gonna play that as my first character.
  11. Soul Nomad & The World Eaters !!!
  12. Jackal - Far Cry 2, Vaas - Far Cry 3, Pagan Min - Far Cry 4 Areus -Trinity Souls of Zill O'll Ezio - Assassins Creed 2- Revelations Wesker - Resident Evil Weiss - Nier Old Snake - MGS4 Gig - Soul Nomad: World Eaters Shulk - Xenoblade Haseo - .Hack//GU Ronan - Murdered: Soul Suspect Vernon Roche and Geralt - Witcher Weiss - Arc Rise Fantasia
  13. Nvm
  14. Oh did you do the whole throwing items down the chute? Idk if that is also needed.
  15. Do the pictures you take also count towards the Inventory trophy?