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  1. No way I'd start fresh, however I do want to do the PSN name change since I made mine 10 years ago.. But I don't want to lose online progress on a lot of games so I'm staying as per usual for the foreseeable future
  2. Ratchet and Clank HD (1, 2 and 3) collection PS3/Vita have different sets. Tools of Destruction A Crack In Time Nexus Ratchet and Clank 2016 Rift Apart While there's more in there series, I think these will give you a great overview of the story as theres plenty of spin off's that are cool but aren't necessary
  3. It's pretty beneficial to get as many packages as possible, dying or getting busted voids all your weapons so being able to go to a safe house and stock up again is well worth it
  4. I got my PS4 at launch so there was a lack of titles at the time.. My first were Resogun and Contrast as they were PS+ games, however the first physical games I got were Call of Duty Ghosts and Assassins Creed Black Flag, neither of which I played because I was actually playing my PS3 more at the time.
  5. Performance and fidelity modes that target 720/60 and 1080/30 would be nice Slightly bigger screen, with oled The ability to Bluetooth connect a dualshock 4 or dualsense No back touch screen L2/R2 buttons/triggers (either is fine) PS1/PS2/PSP and Vita Backwards Compatibility 5G connectivity Better PSN Store Better support and marketing for the console No Near
  6. I was wondering how everyone is tackling this new generation when it comes to physical/digital PS4/5 games. There's good incentive to buy the PS4 version of games either physical or digital due to getting the PS5 upgrade version thus in most games getting both trophy sets with one purchase. While I do like that incentive, I've been torn since I have stacks of PS4 physical games (as I love having the collection) but I tend to buy the physical PS5 version to build that collection but I miss out on two trophy sets with the one purchase. How do you guys go about it? Does it not bother you to buy the PS4 version in digital or physical as it gets you more out of it or are you taking a loss to build up a physical PS5 collection?
  7. I'm fairly sure it won't work. I've had a few games from other regions and gotten DLC off my Australian store and it wasn't compatible. It might not be for every case but that's just my experience.
  8. PS1: Abe's Exoddus PS2: Resident Evil 4 PSP: Daxter PS3: Rocksmith 2014 PS Vita: Plants vs Zombies PS4: Red Dead Redemption 2 PSVR: Resident Evil 7 (if that counts?) PS5: Demons Souls/Resident Evil 8 (so far)
  9. I know ps3 progress was revoked when going to ps4, however ps3 was really under powered. Ps4 while underpowered is still a viable option and a good way to play so I believe that ps4 would be valid after playing on ps5. I also didn't read most of the replies so sorry if this has been answered/stated
  10. Anyone else still want a new n tasty version but for exoddus? I loved that one, and while Soulstorm is good, for nostalgia purposes I'd love something like Abe's Exoddus: Rebrewed or something along those lines.. However I doubt it'll ever happen
  11. I'd love remasters of the GTA trilogy and the Stories games also. I'd also love a remake of Resident Evil 4, but done like the Crash/Spyro remakes. Fresh coat of paint but don't alter story or game play. Maybe add extra story stuff if possible but keeping keeping playability the same.
  12. Yeah I was worried about that.. Oh well
  13. Can anyone confirm that I can autopop after platinuming the PS5 then going to PS4? Or does it only work when moving forward a generation and not back?
  14. All I did was make a map 25 tiles by 4. Place a quick event transition, don't alter the coordinates and press okay. Do it for every tile in that map and it should pop for you too