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  1. Congrats to everyone this month. Also thanks to Knightmare for offering additional prizes. On another note, is anyone here looking to do PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale before the servers shutdown later this month? A few of us did it once last year, but I'll be interested in stacking the other list (PS3 in my case) if there's enough people wanting to do it. Shhh. It should be a pretty decent matchup though. I have Final Fantasy XIII left which is long and has a missable trophy that could screw me over if I'm not careful whilst Demon has Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Shadow Warrior 2. Black Flag has a long multiplayer grind and Shadow Warrior has a quicker grind.
  2. I can understand that. I bought The Walking Dead S1 and The Wolf Among Us, but these days I just wait for them to be given out through PS+. 😄
  3. I played through Telltale's Batman last week and really enjoyed it. I encountered a few technical faults (it wouldn't be a Telltale game without them), but I liked it. I think it might be my fourth favourite Telltale game behind The Walking Dead S1, The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead S2. I also finished up the remaining single-player trophies in Rayman Legends, now I've just got ~2 months of daily challenges to do to get the plat.
  4. No, a patch isn't a patch. A game being playable without ever downloading a patch isn't the same as a game not being playable unless you install the patch. If you have Crash physically, try it for yourself. Delete the game from your PS4, disconnect your PS4 from the internet and then put the disc in. You'll be able to play the whole thing without ever downloading the patch. Try the same thing with Call of Duty: WWII and you won't be able to play anything.
  5. That doesn't explain why Activision put "requires content download" on the front cover and the website for this game but not for their other games that have day one patches. For example, Call of Duty: WWII had similar text to Spyro on its cover and is only playable once you've downloaded the day one patch whereas Crash Bandicoot had no such text on its cover and is playable without downloading its day one patch. Activision's response doesn't make a distinction between optional and required patches, it just states that patches are common. I agree that patches are common, but I disagree that required patches are common for single-player games. Even games that are borderline broken without the patches, like Homefront: the Revolution, don't require them to play.
  6. It doesn't matter what the "content download" is, whether it's the two full games or just a small 100KB unlock key, it's the fact that it's required in order to play a majority of the collection that's the issue. I get that it's not an issue for everyone and that's fine, but it is an issue for a subset of physical media consumers that want all the single-player content to be playable from the disc without ever downloading an update. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against day one patches and other further updates that improve performance and fix bugs, I just don't like them to be mandatory in order to play what is on the disc (or, in this case, what should be on the disc). It's also not the first time Activision has done something like this; Call of Duty: WWII last year required an update in order to play its single-player campaign.
  7. I'm killing it with 48 trophies earned this month. 😅 I'm happy to have crossed Dragon's Dogma off my backlog though. It took much longer than I expected - I spent 118 hours total, but that includes around 15-25 hours of leaving the game paused - but it was a really fun game once I got into it.
  8. This is the main thing I dislike about the change. I like the "All X Trophies"/"X of Y Trophies" text being underneath the completion percentage and trophy type breakdown, but switching the placements of the last earned date and the system labels has made the completion time text look quite messy. I think I'd fix it by making another column for the system labels next to the new date column. It wouldn't match the other pages, but it would still keep most of the information on the right without making the left messy. Having the completion text below the system labels could work too, but it looks kinda messy to me. vs.
  9. I'm surprised I managed to get 15 points for my backlog game since I popped it an hour into June and then barely played anything in the last 2 weeks. I was hoping to have Dragon's Dogma done for June, but I've only played about an hour and a lot of that was messing around in the character creator. lol Good luck to everyone this month.
  10. Well, I missed finishing up Legend of Kay Anniversary for May by an hour, but I guess that gives me one backlog game for June already. Lol.
  11. I'd be interested in seeing this data at the end. I'm only higher right now because I tanked my completion rate prior to GATH S3 for the bonus points. If I didn't do that, I'd be lower since I have a few half-finished games on my profile now that were started solely to get the online trophies before they become unobtainable. Hopefully I'll be back to around 97-98% by the end of this competition.
  12. Nice. It's been a pretty quiet month for me too. I've completed my fourth backlog game this month as well (God of War: Ascension) and might get time to finish my fifth (Legend of Kay Anniversary) for those sweet, sweet backlog points.
  13. July sounds good. I'm not in a huge rush to do them either, but I'd like to get them done before the servers are eventually shutdown.
  14. I didn't realise they were going to do it either. I'm still interested in boosting it. Seems like there's possibly 5 here between you, me, @Ethan and his brother and @fisty123 if he wants to do it. Can we do it as a group of 5 or does it need to be 4? I've got Black Flag on PS3 as well as PS4 since it came bundled with the only way to get Liberation HD physically. I've still got Brotherhood, Revelations and III to do on PS3 as well, but I'm not sure if I want to suffer through those or not. Let me know if you're going to do Brotherhood (and the others if you've got them) and maybe we can get a group together.
  15. Contract Competition is easy and can be done solo. All you need to do is make a competition on any contract, invite any friend to participate (can be an alt account, but they don't need to participate anyway) and then compete in the competition yourself and you're done. It took me less than a minute to pop both contract competition trophies (and I used a friend's contract so I popped that trophy too). The online trophies as a whole aren't difficult and only take around an hour to complete.