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  1. Has some awesome Nep Nep trophies
  2. Good idea, i'm running a software update on it now, how will i know if HDR was added? Sorry I'm decent at games, not so smart on TVs
  3. I have this LG TV it is a 4K screen, but does not have HDR. It was a 2015 model, and i'm just debating whether i'll see any benefit. Thanks for any input.
  4. Watch Dogs platinum... Finally got that last stupid song sneak song to randomly pop.
  5. Persona 3... And if we're making jokes Aqua Teen Hunger Force zombie ninja pro-am
  6. Kudos on finally getting the hardcore risette trophy. It was not an easy one and uncharted on brutal is something I can't do
  7. Just curious what kind of TV you guys game on? My insignia TV is kind of getting old and I know there's newer stuff w better refresh rates and so on, but there's no reason to get a 4K for gaming on PS4 because it doesn't do 4K so just curious what 1080P tv you guys would recommend
  8. I am impressed you had the patience to plat skyrim, lol.
  9. No one hates Ibuki how could you Teruteru and Mikan.
  10. I miss tips... they were a way to be helpful if you didn't know how to get every single trophy.
  11. Am I the only one who is excited to replay FFVII on PS4 ? I love that game and haven't played it in a long time. Square said spring but still no release date. :(

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    2. kuuhaku


      I'm looking forward to it too. Don't worry too much, spring isn't over until June 20th.

    3. Neputyunu


      Also would love to replay it. :P

    4. redcar200


      I hate that I played it recently on psp. I wish I would had waited for the trophies. I'll still pick it to replay again.

  12. If you enjoy golf games, Hot Shots Golf is a fun little game i like to play. it's only 9 bucks physical or 13 digitial last i checked.
  13. Persona 5 on Vita would help. For those that enjoyed the "on the go" abilities of Persona 4 Golden, a whole bunch of new JRPG fans would buy for it i think.
  14. I have 69 total ultra rare trophies... Feel free to giggle, i did. 8 are plats.