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  1. On for Astro. Off ever since.
  2. Pretty sure the Season Pass only contains DLC's 2-5, while the first one (Ranger Mode) can be either bought separately or as part of the Complete Edition of the game (which you might not be able to purchase, if you already own a digital version like the one from PS+?)
  3. Both EU https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/12745-ladders-by-powgi https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/12746-ladders-by-powgi
  4. Hey, I just noticed this minor issue with trophy progression counters which have larger numbers. The left side does have a thousands separator (in form of a , ), while the right side doesn't. Sure, not the most important topic, but I guess some would appreciate a coherent look
  5. Are you honestly sad that this crap is not in our stores?
  6. To access the Hitman 1 Levels in 2&3, you need to have H1 installed and go to its in-game-store to claim the free pack to have the correct "PSN store item/license". (Within H2&3 it would only show a pack to purchase otherwise, despite owning the PS+ version of H1, as it wants to upsell to the GOTY Edition. And as mentioned above, the additional content of H1 GOTY ("Patient Zero" campaign) is not needed for trophies). After claiming this pack, you can delete H1, unless you want to play it as well.
  7. You might want to replace the first word of the threads title with "Spoiler"
  8. To me, the worst of all four Borderlands games. As with the main game BL3, I found most of its DLCs quite boring. Only Hammerlock/Wainwright was slightly entertaining.
  9. Just started the game and it doesn't find any matches or players. Not sure, how active it really was recently, but just choosing to join anything usually brought you into some match, from what I remember. Don't they usually give a heads-up a few weeks earlier? Or it was some hidden-ass-URL that no one really found
  10. Both overrate their worldwide popularity.
  11. Can't be C. PS4 and PS5 cannot share the same list, as PS5 trophy lists are handled in another way not compatible with older generation lists (progression counter). That's why each and every "cross-gen" title has different stacks for PS4 and PS5.
  12. I also just got the Mail: PSP/PS3: July 2nd, PSV: Aug, 27th
  13. You mean "The Bully" trophy? That works in Tourism Mode as well. Just choose to play "against" 10+ opponents and one should be the small Tifa X2; ready for some damage.
  14. Of course you're already here! 🇨🇦 senses tingling
  15. The real unsung hero is Noodler.