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  1. Wer spielt denn sowas?
  2. I'm afraid that is not possible. A base game without any DLC can have a maximum of 1.230 Trophy points. Minus the Platinum (180) that leaves 1.050 points to spend. That would be a maximum of 70 Bronze Trophies (15 points each) and no Silver or Golden one's, which I highly doubt and don't think it has ever happened. The last two Tomb Raider games have a lot of Bronze's, but still a Gold each. Shadow of the Tomb Raider had 64 Bronze + 1 Gold. Personally, I expect RDR2 to have two or three Golden Trophies. Game completion, 100% and maybe something like a high Online Level, like in GTA V. I think it's going to have a total of roughly 50 Trophies, give or take, like many other major games. Not sure how the chances are, but with RDR Online not releasing until either later this year or maybe early next year, no Online Trophies would be a dream.
  3. It should be "The Master". Do all Side Quests for Sokrates in Athens and you will encounter him.
  4. Noticed that, too. This one should be the NA one, I presume https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8016-fullblast (because so far, the Dev Ratalaika always played their EU version, which is the other one)
  5. You Dude, or Duderino or his royal Dudeness,


    isn't that the Kyuss 'Sky Valley' Picture in your profile background?

  6. Same here.
  7. I'm wondering about missables as well, because the third trophy has a lower percentage than the following ones. Maybe going to town is an optional choice? Will try, once the download is completed
  8. You can play with a second account in splitscreen and a friend can do the same. Try to pair in the region Asia SE Maritime - should work fine.
  9. Calm your tits. I used this for the FIR and GIR-trophies on the first game, so offline-only. I hardly ever play online; I don't like people. I like my basement. Curious: this was your first post in six years; this must really upset you, huh?
  10. The use of my patented "No-Slices"-Rig is encouraged. Maybe it'll help
  11. Seems like "Golf Club" can get a Series-tag as well now https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2829-the-golf-club https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6243-the-golf-club-2 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8095-the-golf-club-2019
  12. A DLC's cap is 195 points. That can lead up to 13 bronze trophies per DLC, e.g. like in most of Shadow of the Tomb Raider's DLC's (which is also one of the games with most trophies in total - 125). Though it seems, that at the beginning of trophies, it wasn't all figured out yet (and DLC trophies were added to the main list rather than listed separately), as MotorStorm has a larger DLC, as you can see in the list of all DLC's on this site. As for this topic, I don't think that Season 2 will get all of Season 1's DLC trophies. If any, I think it could be a smaller set of trophies per Map, or just one DLC with two trophies per Map (like completing the Level and doing a special kill, which wasn't possible in the first game, but is now due to the new mechanics.) Grinding the old Maps to Level 20 again would seem weird for a new game with new Maps on its own.
  13. Some of the FIFA Vita lists are also the same for several seasons, if I remember correctly.
  14. Why do F1 games always come out, when the season is almost done, while FIFA comes shortly after a new season's beginning or NBA even before the new season? Never really understood that - maybe someone can enlighten me
  15. As of today, I finally got my first :00:00 trophy Wags to Riches Solve every puzzle in "Bedtime Story" 18th Aug 2018 1:00:00 PM