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  1. Currently now live in the UK store - £12 for the dlc alone or £20 for the expansion pass!
  2. If you manage to get the tier 3 upgrade this way please lemme know! I don't fancy wasting another full playthrough to meet the same outcome
  3. I even went as far to start a fresh save on the base game and play till I unlocked the dlc, finished the dlc and still no tier 3. Hope they fix this glitch!
  4. If anybodies still going for this trophy. You can reset your save over and over and just discover the first hidden location. Can confirm it works as I've just got the trophy that way.
  5. This current season ends in 59 days as of me posting this. If you go to the season pass tab on the main menu it tells you how much time is remaining above your current rank. So if each season is the same length then each season lasts around 62 days.
  6. Happy they finally brought this to PS4, certainly will be picking it up.
  7. I'm not 100% sure how bots will work, but i guess we'll find out either way soon enough! I just checked the UK store and its out. £15.99. Not sure what that translates into other currencies
  8. Army men was one of the first games I ever played, so this coming out is a instant buy for me also
  9. Hopefully the player base lives for some time, if not then hopefully they have bots in the console edition to make the platinum still obtainable
  10. Looks like a fairly straightforward trophy list (Especially if they add bots like in the PC version). Personally i am looking forward to picking this one up.
  11. Has anyone had an issues downloading this? I just bought it and every-time i hit download it kicks me to the home-screen without starting the download. Yet I've been able to download other games without issue. I'd love to be able to play it Typical it works now
  12. They've just tweeted it's live!
  13. It's gotta be an in game party with at least one other player! I wonder if it could be AFK farmed from sitting at the menu with another player
  14. Almost certain I’ve got 100+ kills in the bot mode with my main character and no trophy. So I think it’s gotta be unlocked in pvp.
  15. Oh really? The winning team! Feel free to add me if you ever wanna squad up with us! 😎