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  1. Gimmie dem dragons! 😁
  2. I’m excited. Winning a free for all might be a challenge...which I am certainly up for! The rest of the trophies look like a good grind. Can’t wait
  3. After 3 years. Finally diving back into some Titanfall 2 PVP! :D 

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    2. TheLoneliestPanda


      Here's hoping I can find a game!

    3. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      You might be surprised!  (Hopefully!)

    4. dmland12


      It was still active when I was playing it a few months ago (August/September).  Hopefully it's still going as the PVP is rather good.

  4. For once I won’t be getting a triple A game on launch. I’ll be waiting to see what others (and reviews) think of this game before I even consider buying it.
  5. If it’s anything like the other games. It’ll be super easy!
  6. Oh yes it is! Part 2 of the nubla series
  7. Having to replay fallout 76 a THIRD time because god loves a glitched trophy!

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    2. PooPooBlast


      PSNP gods vs Glitchy gods who'll win the battle? So far PSNP gods have answered many of our prayers, from giving us RNG when we need it and also when we needed some help getting through a difficult part. Let the battle begin! 


      On a serious note good luck though. Heard fallout 76 was one of the biggest bombs of the year. 

    3. TheLoneliestPanda


      My luck with glitched troohies this year has been crazy hahah. Luckily it was just reaching level 25 that bugged and not the level 100!

    4. PooPooBlast


      That's pretty messed up hahaha. No wonder I heard they're giving away the old fallouts for free to those who purchased fallout 76

  8. Decent! I know what I’m doing tomorrow then
  9. What is the pricing for it?
  10. Unless it has a different release date to the US edition. It’ll be out tomorrow the 18th.
  11. From what I’ve read yeah there’s a uk edition. But doesn’t seem to have been released yet
  12. Looks like a simple-ish list! Thoughts?
  13. So close to my 200th plat I can almost touch it!

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Congrats, what will it be? 


      I am assuming KUNG FU PANDA: SHOWDOWN OF LEGENDARY LEGENDS as it is Ultra Rare, fits your name and was free on Plus awhile back :)


    2. TheLoneliestPanda


      Haha maybe that’ll be my 300th! ;) I’m doing elite dangerous as 200, since it’s also Uber rare, last trophy is probably the most grinding I’ve done in a game ever 

    3. Dr_Mayus
  14. I don’t believe it does. As personally after killing the queen I still got some ultracite drops
  15. Apparently having a lower levelled player launch the nuke can effect the health of the queen. A level 33 in our server launched the nuke and we ended up killing the queen with ease within 7 minutes.