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  1. Grabbed it in early access, played it a handful of times, haven't been back since It didn't catch my interest like I has hopped it would've.
  2. Probably a silly question but owning just the basic edition digital can I get the upgrade. Or do I need the special edition? Because it’s still not showing as free for me (I own standard digital)
  3. Looks like it'll be dropping next week! Trending Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1CcZ39PoS6DnI4jmMxSOTX_egOi-RQi9onhkktovBPOXo-XQAOvH1lCeQ
  4. Hopefully the bugs get fixed soon, kinda annoying. Some I’ve encountered were - Objectives won’t update / complete when requirements met Coop won’t work at all, one reason I bought the game was to play it with friends Quest characters are missing / won’t spawn unless I fully reload the game
  5. Nice! I’ll be sure to use this whenever I attempt it, much appreciated!
  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if it is glitched for me, I’ve spent way more time than I care to admit looking for it. Really tempted to start over and pray it works 😢 Edit: Finally got it and got my platinum, sooooo happy!
  7. Okay I’m wondering. Is it at all possible to 100% region 2 with a save file from day 1? Or would i need to start over? Because I seriously cannot find this last collectible. I’ve had all rare rooms etc and nothing.
  8. If I remember correctly I collected a lot more than was is needed. The trophy is so inconsistent and pops when it wants.
  9. Both the current (and any future) dlcs for 76 are free updates and free to play!
  10. Yay! Now I have a reason to download it again!
  11. Have you completed the story? according to the wiki it only spawns post story! Or do what my friend did and got a 6 star wanted level and stole a tank that way
  12. Looks like it's official and happening!
  13. Given how long it took the devs to bring it to console I won’t hold my breath on them being fixed anytime soon. That sucks I was hopping for a non glitched trophy list for once. 😢
  14. I can now confirm you can earn trophies in co-op vs AI!
  15. You’ll be set in co-op then! Shockingly the teammate bots are actually useful!😅