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  1. So so so soooo happy I've finally gotten this, Elite dangerous! And my 300th platinum
  2. I helped my friend boost this, it took well over 20 goes and just randomly popped
  3. loads of my friends have been getting these too. Myself i have my messages set to friends only so none for me!
  4. Apart from the two playthroughs, no other trophies are missable
  5. awesome! requests sent
  6. going to send a request today! I'm a active daily player!
  7. I finished the main wastelanders story last night and at one point it makes you pick a faction to side with for the final few missions leading to one of two trophies. Depending on which faction you sided with, so I’m assuming you won’t be able to unlock the other without making a second character and redoing it but siding with the opposite faction.
  8. if you wanna 100% the dlc you'll need two playthroughs, one for the good ending and one for the bad. I'm levelling up a ally on each character to make it quicker
  9. You just need to sell all houses that can be purchased and once you'v done that you’ll unlock it!
  10. i spent forever designing mine too and just found out you can move your office into any house you bought!
  11. If you lockpick something in another players camp you'll become wanted, just make sure you's aren't in the same party or you'll both become wanted
  12. Loving the list can't wait for it. Going to be so fun in coop!
  13. If you haven't already seen it released yesterday.Currently price is £20 for me
  14. As far as i know, it has to be a title that was added with forsaken, Wayfarer, dredgen etc.
  15. Pretty much yeah, gotta do them in the order they appear then once that's done it'll progress to the next step and so on till you hit the finale. It is COD making us work for our stuff