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  1. Pretty similar to the Xbox list, shouldn't be too hard.
  2. I use Kinguin to get my other region currency's, been shopping with them for years and I've yet to have a single issue with them.
  3. according to the comments it was working as of two days ago
  4. I came across this video earlier, maybe you could use this as a last resort. Not completely sure if it'll pop the trophy using this method however.
  5. Recently went back to do the FFA and mass race trophies. Personally I didn’t have to wait longer than 5 minutes for either, best tips I found was to search in the evenings (local time) and weekends for best results.
  6. I had the same issue at this point, kept having other numerous game reloads etc. I finally gave in and restarted that level. It sucked but it helped fix it. Such a buggy story mode
  7. I guess I can’t count🤣
  8. I assumed it wasn't possible to earn the 10 favours trophy until Friday the 23rd September, at reset at the earliest, yet people have the trophy already. I'm confused.
  9. From my understanding, you'll be able to complete one per day. It'll randomly show up as a misc quest while inside the whitesprings.
  10. Likewise, so I wonder what’s the chances there’s only one per day 🤔
  11. Can confirm you don't get 'Seeking refuge' from the dailies. I've done all dailies for the last few days and no trophy.
  12. Can also confirm this, did it last night and worked first go!
  13. Grabbed it in early access, played it a handful of times, haven't been back since It didn't catch my interest like I has hopped it would've.
  14. Probably a silly question but owning just the basic edition digital can I get the upgrade. Or do I need the special edition? Because it’s still not showing as free for me (I own standard digital)
  15. Looks like it'll be dropping next week! Trending Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1CcZ39PoS6DnI4jmMxSOTX_egOi-RQi9onhkktovBPOXo-XQAOvH1lCeQ