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  1. Feelsgoodman after almost a month to be back at trophy hunting! :D 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheLoneliestPanda


      Feels good to be back! Now road to 200 plats finally!

    3. Spyro


      Nice. I just hit 30 yesterday. xD Still got some work to do.

    4. Condemned09


      Welcome back :) 

  2. You can either way for the full free release, or buy one of 5 early access packs to start playing now.
  3. Those trophy descriptions look like another book, I bet @BlindMango will have a field day here! 😂
  4. So after 3 different attempts of trying to get one trophy on mad max and having it glitch each time via the digital edition. I went and bought it on disc, here’s hoping this won’t glitch! Only cost me £5 so no big loss if it does. 

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    2. HusKyCode


      Are you checking counters in stats after each location?

    3. TheLoneliestPanda


      Yup! It tracks them fine, but I always come to have 2 missing 

    4. HusKyCode


      Oh well, I'm planning to start Mad Max soon and this scares me :D

      Good luck with physical version!

  5. I'm guessing from their profile they are in the US, so you 2 would be on different servers :/
  6. touché
  7. These easy plats are getting stranger. Wouldn’t surprise me if we seen another new platinum list for a easy game where all you had to do was press each button on the controller once to earn the trophies and the platinum 😂
  8. I’ve always done them in paradise and had them spawn.
  9. One is located within a minor and the others found in the major, Can't remember which is where but they do always spawn!
  10. I just defeated the final boss on defiance 2050 and I don't think I've sweated that hard fighting a boss since playing bloodborne, holy hell

  11. Going to re-add my name once again. Happy to accept anyone who wants to add me, trophy hunter or not. Always looking for new people to play and chat with. Currently playing on PS4, playing almost anything I can get my hands on. So feel free to add me! Game on gamer's!
  12. Just seen this - sales must have been awfully bad to prompt them to pull it from stores
  13. That’s definitely a strange feature. I wonder why they decided to add it
  14. The weapon XP is soooo broken, I hate it. Been using a Assault rifle from level 1, now level 50 and the guns level is only 5...hopefully they fix it
  15. Oh really?! if that's the case then that's good to know. Thanks a bunch!