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  1. i hope that the raid will have matchmaking or i'll be sitting it out also.
  2. Only one new trophy added with the new update - Washington raiders - Complete the full operation dark hours raid in a group of eight players. The raid is also launching on Thursday according to a in game timer.
  3. i finished it at around 8 hours, with a lot of side content also completed. It only has around 9 main missions and yes you can play post ending
  4. Its a fun game, lots to do. Main story felt very short imo. I'd personally say wait for a price drop!
  5. sometime this week. As far as I know they haven't given a solid date yet
  6. City transporter trophy is missable.
  7. It’s so annoying, even loading a earlier save and it’s still happening. I think it’s time to start over and get it done as early as possible
  8. I think i may have encountered a point of no return for this trophy. Shortly after finishing building the main bridge they stopped showing. it's been roughly 2 in game months now without a single one showing up
  9. As far as I’m aware it’s not missable. They seem to cycle back in every few in game days or so
  10. yay the dreams beta is finally here

  11. I'm really loving it so far. Clocked around 10 hours played. Trophy list is fairly easy, nothing stands out as too hard!
  12. Got my copy of my time at portia today! Very excited to play :D 

  13. Lemmie at it!
  14. A question for all you kingdom hearts fans. If I was to straight up buy KH3 would I be able to follow the storyline without issue? Or would I need to play the others?

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    2. Terra


      If you really want to dive into the game, you can always watch the cutscenes online and read the overviews the game itself provides. However, in my opinion, it would be best to play the ones provided in the PS4 HD Collections because III contains references and key plot points from every game that came before 

    3. KingGuy420


      There's like a 20 minute rundown built into the game. There's also some great recaps on YouTube.


      It's also worth noting that out of the 35 hour game, only about 4-5 hours of it is actually Kingdom Hearts story. The rest is the stories of the Disney world's which can be followed easily.

    4. DamagingRob


      Anyone I have seen starting with KH3 has been confused as fuck. People make a big deal out of the story being convoluted, but I think it's perfectly understandable if you play them all.