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  1. Personally wouldn't say its hard, just a lot of grind. It also has a big learning curve. The pvp/CQC trophies are the grindest since its dead and would need to be boosted, getting to level 50 in CQC takes forever too even if boosting.
  2. It’s much better and only getting better now bungie split from Activision 😎
  3. yup the survival one is gold, the other is bronze! i feel ya, going to have to force myself to do it haha
  4. I've just checked on my ps4 and they've added 2 trophies Surviving is living - Complete the story of days gone in survival mode & Days gone in 60 seconds - Defeat a horde in under 1 minute in survival mode
  5. Got the game via game sharing and honestly it runs absolutely terrible on PS4. So many bugs. Trophy list looks meh at best. Glad I didn’t buy it myself.
  6. I’m shocked it’s actually happening. DayZ launching on the 29th of this month! 😁

    1. OhDearDevilRun


      If the game is still broken day one im gonna be shocked...

    2. TheLoneliestPanda


      I can’t confirm it is indeed slightly broken 

  7. i hope that the raid will have matchmaking or i'll be sitting it out also.
  8. Only one new trophy added with the new update - Washington raiders - Complete the full operation dark hours raid in a group of eight players. The raid is also launching on Thursday according to a in game timer.
  9. i finished it at around 8 hours, with a lot of side content also completed. It only has around 9 main missions and yes you can play post ending
  10. Its a fun game, lots to do. Main story felt very short imo. I'd personally say wait for a price drop!
  11. sometime this week. As far as I know they haven't given a solid date yet
  12. City transporter trophy is missable.
  13. It’s so annoying, even loading a earlier save and it’s still happening. I think it’s time to start over and get it done as early as possible
  14. I think i may have encountered a point of no return for this trophy. Shortly after finishing building the main bridge they stopped showing. it's been roughly 2 in game months now without a single one showing up