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  1. Have you completed the story? according to the wiki it only spawns post story! Or do what my friend did and got a 6 star wanted level and stole a tank that way
  2. Looks like it's official and happening!
  3. Given how long it took the devs to bring it to console I won’t hold my breath on them being fixed anytime soon. That sucks I was hopping for a non glitched trophy list for once. 😢
  4. I can now confirm you can earn trophies in co-op vs AI!
  5. You’ll be set in co-op then! Shockingly the teammate bots are actually useful!😅
  6. You can play co-op vs bots, or play offline with bots vs bots! Trophy list looks fun, really enjoyed the beta. Can't wait for full release!
  7. I'm guessing the update today allowed for more trophies to auto pop since I just got a bunch more.
  8. I literally just asked my friend this exact question, he confirmed it's for finishing saga mode. aka beating the final boss
  9. Having this issue now, crashed 10 times within the last 30 minutes. Can't even fast travel anymore.
  10. You’re not the only one, I thought mine was glitched too until I spoke to him😭😩
  11. 52 kills and no trophy. Love that. another game with 56 kills, no trophy. urgh
  12. I'm looking to farm 'let the game begin' for this trophy. I'm just wondering does it matter which difficulty I do it on to earn progress for this trophy?
  13. In my experience it's never too late to jump in. The only issue would be finding a dedicated group for CQC since that mode is all but dead right now. As for community events they are back and running for the foreseeable future!
  14. I've also had this happen, seemed a bit random for them two specific trophies to pop.
  15. You're not alone, this game has hard frozen my PS4 twice when trying to save, hope the fix it soon!