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  1. 50 - GODZILLA [PS4] 3,12%
  2. I play every day in PvP and Alliance Battles, so far I'm not lucky for the trophy. πŸ˜… If anyone has the opportunity to send a card pack, he would be grateful, 50,000 gold, unfortunately, was not credited on account.
  3. The game is back on sale - ラウンドむンベーダー
  4. I contacted the publisher, here is their answer:
  5. Has the game been delisted? The store gives an error on the link with psprices and psdeals 😩
  6. Alive than all the living, the servers will be turned off only at the end of November 2022.
  7. In Japan, the game was released under the name γ‚ͺード. Here is the link to the game in Japan PlayStation Store.
  8. For the Flawless Victory trophy, I recommend taking Drogo as opponents. Most of my battles against him were without any damage for 10 seconds.
  9. Two news, good and bad: Good - patch 1.01 fixed the Sherlock Holmes trophy πŸ˜€ Bad - patch 1.01 broke the Done. First! trophy.😫 I completed the game 6 times: 1. For fun to enjoy the game; 2. Follow the guide, making those trophies that I missed on the first playthrough. I skipped all the puzzles, after loading the checkpoint, Done. First! trophy was not popped; 3. For the sake of 2 trophies that I did not receive in previous playthroughs - Done. First! and Artistic master. Got the Artistic master trophy without any problems, Done. First! trophy was not popped, although I immediately skipped all the puzzles; 4. Deleted the game, deleted saves, rebooted PlayStation 4, downloaded the game, started playing in English with zero progress. Done. First! trophy was not popped; 5. Started the game from the beginning, but tried to solve the puzzles + waited a couple of minutes and then skipped. Done. First! trophy was not popped; 6 .Downloaded the game version 1.0, thanks to this thread - [Guide] How to get 1.00 Digital Games, passed the game from the beginning - they gave me Done. First! trophy and platinum. Notified the problem to Daedalic Entertainment via facebook / feedback form on the website and discord server. The more people write, the faster the new patch will be released. Platinum is currently achievable for those who have received Done. First! trophy before patch 1.01 or for those who want to dance with tambourines, understanding the intricacies of downloading the vanilla version of the game.