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  1. Took me about two hours to complete them. The mine challenges were annoying but overall not very difficult. Grinding out the 250 crushed cars however took ages. Especially since I decided to do it in one of the challenges and when I had about 200 the game crashed. Thats when I learned the game does not have an auto save for when you restart a challenge, only when you exit out of it 🙄
  2. New free update coming on monday. The developers have confirmed it will have 3 new trophies
  3. No new trophies it seems
  4. UPDATE: I don't know who fixed it but after complaining several times both to the publisher and PlayStation, the trophies suddenly appeared today so now its working
  5. I guess, but it has been almost two months since it came out. It took me 40 minutes to get all 4 but I didn't realise it had trophies until 15 minutes in so you can probably do it in 20 mins without a blind playthrough
  6. This is probably the strangest thing I've experienced when it comes to trophies. I saw this "game" on the store and since it was so cheap I decided to get it. I searched for it on psnprofiles to see it didn't show up which didn't surprise me and assumed it was just a 10 minute experience with no gameplay and no trophies. Well the first part was correct, but when I completed it to my surprise a trophy popped. So I held down the PS button and checked the trophy list from the quick menu, showing 4 simple trophies. I got the 3 others as well so it showed 100% however when I go to the PS4 menu -> trophies I can see it is taking a long time to sync and when it eventually goes to 100% this game does not show up. The 4 trophies have not been added to my total either. If I google the trophies for this game I get no result. I also asked a friend to check my profile and he says he can see the game but it says "trophies unavailable". I also noticed it has no save game which is unusual. Does anyone have any idea whats going on here?
  7. Hard mode was added in the patch today
  8. For anyone who has played this on hard, how difficult is it?
  9. I got the season pass but it still asks me to pay to download carnival of chaos. anyone else have this problem? EDIT: I found on their website that its definitely supposed to be part of the season pass so I guess its a store error
  10. Bear in mind I posted this a month ago They were talking about the Sokrates' trail that came out this week with no trophy, and they also confirmed it would be the last lost tale of greece. So if there are no trophies tied to the discovery tour on tuesday then I don't think we are getting any more
  11. Yep they just released the August roadmap https://assassinscreed.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/news-updates/353712/this-month-in-assassins-creed-august-2019-update? "We haven't reached the end of the Lost Tales just yet. We'll see you in September for the next one. 😉"
  12. I don't want to be that guy, but I've read on a few other forums that there is another lost tale coming with Sokrates. Plus they might add trophies to the discovery tour next month so might have to keep it installed a bit longer
  13. Episode 3 Episode 4 and the last one
  14. Episode 2 is out
  15. Apart from the fact that he said it might go episodic again 😒