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  1. I have them on 1. Yes if you have them higher they will slow you down in favour of keeping control of the car but it depends on your driving style I guess. You shouldn't be sliding through corners anyway. If your tyres are screeching you are losing speed basically
  2. Personally I removed the opponents, set firmer springs and dampers and that's it. Don't brake at all in the first three corners. That's what worked for me
  3. You can get them
  4. Correct
  5. You can switch between time attack and race on the first page you see on free play
  6. Announcement: New Achievements Finally, many GRID Ultimate Edition players have been asking for new achievements/trophies to go along with each of the seasons that have been released. Up until this point, we haven’t been able to add any new achievements – that ends now. Here’s Game Designer, Bradley Whelan, with some info around these additions: “In Season 3, nine brand new achievements for GRID Ultimate Edition owners have been added to the game. These achievements are based on beating pre-set lap times with certain track and car combinations. These achievements range in difficulty from easy to challenging High altitude Beat a 4.11.700 lap time on Okutama Sprint Mizu Mountain with the Audi S1 Quattro Concept Delta time Beat a 1.38.000 lap time on Shanghai Waibaidu Way with the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Super Hatch Fast for a Hatchback Beat a 1.52.600 lap time on Havana Paseo de Marti with the MINI Hatch JCW British Heritage Beat a 1.53.200 lap time on Silverstone Circuit Grand Prix Circuit with the Brabham BT62 Burning Rubber Beat a 1.54.300 lap time on Sepang International Circuit Full Track with the Ferrari FXX A Wheely Good Time Beat a 1.40.600 lap time on Crescent Valley GP Circuit with the Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro Gone in a Flash Beat a 1.47.800 lap time on Okutama GP Grand Circuit with the Koenigsegg Agera RS Painting the Track Red Beat a 1.25.600 lap time on Indianapolis Sport Circuit with the Ferrari FXX-K Evo Flights to Catch Beat a 00.41.800 lap time on Suzuka Circuit East Course with the Koenigsegg Jesko Thats it. I assume it will be 3 bronze, 3 silver and 3 gold. The patch and Season 3 goes live on wednesday the 15th
  7. Yeah... good luck with that 😨
  8. Community-requested add-ons, such as car cleaning, player stats, and multiplayer tuning, will be dropping Tuesday morning around 10am GMT
  9. Soon™
  10. I am guessing the idea was to have the statistics on racenet, which they didn't manage to complete because it still says under development. But because of the outrage they might add it into the game in a month or so, but it wouldn't surprise me if they fuck it up and reset everyone's progress or something
  11. Well, at least they replied this time. I will believe it when I see it
  12. Took me about two hours to complete them. The mine challenges were annoying but overall not very difficult. Grinding out the 250 crushed cars however took ages. Especially since I decided to do it in one of the challenges and when I had about 200 the game crashed. Thats when I learned the game does not have an auto save for when you restart a challenge, only when you exit out of it 🙄
  13. New free update coming on monday. The developers have confirmed it will have 3 new trophies
  14. No new trophies it seems
  15. UPDATE: I don't know who fixed it but after complaining several times both to the publisher and PlayStation, the trophies suddenly appeared today so now its working