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  1. Thanks for the clearance, that explains everything. Cheers! Thanks for the clearance, that explains everything. Cheers!
  2. Ok that clears things up for the trophies. But what if the person pirates games. Can you make a distinction between a legitimate bought digital game and a pirated one? Or pirated games are also ok as long the person plays them and put in the effort. Because a modder can take advantage of downloading pirated digital games and stay ahead of people who can't buy them.
  3. I have seen platinums in some accounts from games on the Vita that are digital only but the account had both platinums from the US and EU version. My question is if that is possible without modding the Vita and if is not possible then why is not considered as cheating?
  4. It's not out in EU yet, it's only for US at least for pre-orders. I have a US account and picked it up from there but probably it will come to EU later. You can make an US account if you can't wait. The Netherlands are definitely EU. I can't wait to play this game in 3 hours!
  5. Elite Dangerous. Best space simulation i have ever played. It's too realistic for its own good, casuals and easy trophy hunters (has too many grind trophies that require long term commitment) will never touch it, but i love that its my cup of tea. I hope they support it for years to come.
  6. You don't need to stop buying games (you should if it creates a problem to your finances but if not you shouldn't) you just have to stop care about trophies and platinums. If you do that, you are going to cut probably a 70% of the time you mentioned. I have 1170 games across all ps platforms almost all bought on sales. Don't care about platinums, i finish lots of them per month without going for the plat (except if its very very easy or i really like the game) and im very happy with this situation cause ill have games to play till i get old even if i stop buying games forever. It's just a matter of perspective. You need to save money? Stop buying. You don't need to save? Buy as many as you like.

    I've come a bit higher on the leaderboards. Why don't you go and post your high score here (^_^ ) ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎


  8. Maybe this will help. Level 7 with Dual katanas and no armor. I took of the Armor and dodging became a breeze. Later I beat him with no damage but I was level 30.
  9. Wish you a nice Thursday witout snow and cold Ikenda san ^^

    1. Ikenda


      Cold yes, snow not yet. Have a good day too Shiro!

  10. Path of the Master Ninja for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus on the Vita. My 10000th trophy!
  11. 10000th Trophy: Path of the Master Ninja, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus for the PS Vita! 😊😊😊

    1. DamagingRob


      Congrats on the big milestone! 

    2. Ikenda


      Thanks my friend!

  12. 1000 games! 10000 trophies coming soon... 

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    2. Ikenda


      Thanks that was a plus game. Did you played it?


    3. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      I platted it, just as you did (^_^ )

    4. Ikenda


      Great. I was rolling on the flour laughing at some moments. That narrator (or DVD commentator as he supposed to be) was fucking hilarious!

  13. good sunday morning mister ikenda meow!

    1. Ikenda


      Hello to you too kitty . Have a great week.

    2. Ikenda


      Question marks are smiley faces :-) haha

  14. Greetings from Pixel-CAT-, have a good evening my friend (^_^ )

  15. Maybe you need to finish the race to work. In previous games like Ride and Motogp if you don't finish the race then it doesn't count.