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  1. Yeah, I seen some people say they kept deleting people until it let them sign in but they didn't say what number it was for them, but for most it was once they got a few less than 100.
  2. I was trying to help my friend @JuliusR2002 with the Bragging Rights and Anything You Can Do... trophies on my main account and it wouldn't let me on the Sqare Enix servers, so after about 30 minutes of trying, I signed into an alternate account and it signed me into the servers almost instantly. Seems it was because that account only had 3 friends. So, I completed a car feat called Drifter, called him out and he had 134 friends and he went from 134 to 100 and it still wouldn't let him sign into the Sqare Enix servers either. So he deleted 2 more, from 100 to 98, reset the app again and it let him sign into the Sqare Enix servers and he got my Drifter call-out, then completed it and got the trophy and was able to do a call out as well and got that trophy as well. Note that it seems you have to use the same car that the person was using when they called you out for it to work.
  3. No problem.
  4. Yeah. It voids the trophy if you rock them that fight.
  5. Could be right, but going off of what I've seen, that method works wonders. After trying over 60 times using all other methods, that one worked - consistently. But it's all about timing so you might be able to get it consistent with another method if you get the timing down, but so far from what I've seen, that's the best way that I noticed as it was consistent in a shorter amount of tries/matches. Nonetheless, I agree. Glad it's out the way.
  6. I got the trophy with the method I posted in around 3-4 tries after 60 plus tries of all the other methods with no success. I then helped my friend @demonoid321 get the trophy in around 3-4 tries as well. I then helped @I_dontPullOut- in exactly 8 tries all using the method I posted. So it seems it's the most effective way of getting the trophy to unlock. It's all about timing, though. Most people either get the trophy using other methods after 100 plus matches, or they don't get the trophy at all. @mikeandleanne12 said they used the method I posted and they got the trophy, although it took them a while.
  7. Me and my friend tried that method with Mirko Cro Cop and Cheick Kongo with the glitch kick, to no avail. The only one that work both times was the method I posted. It's not glitched, it's just about timing. If you don't weaken them, then the higher the chance of you rocking them. Because you even rock them quite a bit even after weakening them. We tried at least 60 plus times with all the other methods, that was the only method that worked and got us both the trophy. Eddie Sanchez is the prefered player 2 as he has the lowest stats at Heavyweight. It matters a bit because doing it against a higher Overall fighters increases the chance of rocking them rather flash KO'ing them, and even more tries and matches. While you could do it against Brock Lesnar, but you needing luck goes up exponentially.
  8. Your timing is off then, I was helping my friend demonoid321 with it and he couldn't do it, I got on his account and did it for him in around 3 or 4 tries. He was on an alt playing against me while I was on his main. If worst comes to worst, make an alt and I can get on your account and play against your alt and try it like that. It's all about timing.
  9. Yeah, I was worried I wouldn't have it by the time I got the 100 wins trophy, but I was able to get it before. I think I had 83 wins when I got the trophy.
  10. So I unlocked the Ooh, in ya face! trophy earlier today, after trying off and on for about 2 days using each method from Keith Jardine and Rampage elbow method to the glitch kick method with Mirko Cro Cop and Cheick Kongo and nothing worked. But I asked around and was told a different method. Credit to @Vannila_Gorila6 for giving me this method although I'm not sure if it's his own, it might be a couple methods blended together. Anyway, the person getting the trophy uses Mirko Cro Cop against Eddie Sanchez. When the fight start grab Eddie with the right analog stick and then press and hold L1 and rotate the right analog stick to slam Eddie. Slam him until he gets rocked from the slams (screen turns gray) and then have Eddie throw a headkick, back up and throw a Superman Punch with Mirko Cro Cop, and try to time it right by landing the Superman Punch with Mirko Cro Cop just as Eddie's foot lifts off the ground and rinse and repeat until you get it. You'll know you got it because when the Superman Punch is landed, it'll possibly enter slow-mo after the Punch connects. Good luck.
  11. I had 4:41:16 when I finished all the online trophies.
  12. Okay, thanks man.
  13. Okay, yeah, I'm level 16 right now. Gonna get to 20 and then use the Warlord glitch.
  14. What level are you?
  15. They'll eventually get to you. I just got on and they unlocked Big Tease for me and I sent them my first support ticket on the 21st, and a second on the 23rd. It was 8:48 AM EST when they replied, but I was asleep and didn't see until around 11. Maybe send a second ticket if you haven't already?