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  1. Yeah, I made sure I set up the Epic Games account on PlayStation before I loaded up Fall Guys on Xbox.
  2. I can't 100% remember where the code is shown, I think the code is either shown on your TV screen and you have to type in the code when activating it on the website or it's generated to you from the website to enter in on Fall Guys to activate the link of the Epic Games account.
  3. The new launcher should because that's what it recognized when it connected. But it could be why if you haven't played that one yet, maybe try that and see. For me on Xbox, I just had to activate my Xbox account to my Epic Games account I set up at the same time I loaded that version up, once I activated my Xbox account by typing in the code it sent me, it worked but I did it after I set my Epic Games account again on PlayStation. I did it through that link he shared.
  4. Yeah, I wondered that too at first and I remember when I started Fall Guys the very first time, you didn't need an Epic Games account linked so I played without one until the new launcher, and I had to make one in order to get the second stack, so I made one, and when I just looked at my account on PS4, it didn't show me have a linked Epic Games account even though I 100% do. So I clicked on the link @TheRealHardyBoy1 posted and I chose to sign in through PSN, typed in everything new, and then went to my Series X, clicked sign in with an account that exists on Epic Games for Fall Guys, typed in the code it sent me and as soon as Fall Guys refreshed, the achievements autopopped, oddly except 4 of them. But the real quick ones like knock someone over and things like that.
  5. The quotations around friend is hilarious. When are you help though? 😂😂😂😂 Thanks though.
  6. When I was playing Injustice, I tried getting both practice mode trophies at the same time by doing practice mode with my friend @Roronora_Zoro666, but I only got the one for just entering practice mode, so I was looking around at what people were saying on other forums and websites and the main thing they were saying was you had to delete people on your friends list until you have 30 friends or less, but there were at least 2 people that said they checked friends on their Hero Card online, and they tested it by doing it with a friend that wasn't shown on their list on their Hero Card and they didn't get the trophy, but once they tried it again with another friend that showed on their friends list on their Hero Card, they got the trophy so I tried it with my friend @CypressJDX that showed on my friends on my Hero Card and it worked. So you don't need to delete anybody, just make sure they show up when you go to multiplayer>Hero Card>view Hero Card>friends.
  7. Cool, thanks for confirming.
  8. Pretty sure you can, @Klarzy messaged me on PSN asking me if it works that way too, and then he said he got the trophy with my method.
  9. Yeah. Yeah. All missions need to be played up until you Exfiltrate and then switch the difficulty to Authentic and then Exfiltrate and it'll work.
  10. Okay. Let me know. It should work.
  11. So I was playing the DLC Wolf Mountain a few days ago, in the middle of the regular campaign anyway, wanted to kill Hitler sooner than later and so I played it a few times and was wondering if I played to the end of the level on very easy and change the difficulty right as I get to the Exfiltration spot to Authentic, would it unlock the Alpha trophy and it did. I checked the mission after and it said the highest difficulty completed was very easy but it gave me the trophy for Authentic when I changed the difficulty to Authentic and then Exfiltrated. So after a couple more days from being busy and just not really feeling like playing, I beat the campaign on a regular playthrough and wondered if it would work on there too. Now don't get me wrong, I've done all Sniper Elite games, even both Zombie Army games on the hardest difficulty solo, I did Sniper Elite 3 Authentic solo and I did Sniper Elite 4 Authentic solo on Xbox. I just wondered if it would work and it did so it's much better than having a friend do the whole mission and then inviting you. So, I completed the missions out of order, I did 1, 2, 7 and 9 the day before and did 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 a few hours ago in the same way I did Authentic on the DLC. I played through each mission on very easy and got to the Exfiltration spot, changed the difficulty to Authentic and then Exfiltrated and it didn't show I completed them on Authentic except mission 9, and I got the trophy Best of the Best once I completed mission 6 like that. It might get patched. I don't know if it was like that on Sniper Elite 4 when that first launched as I didn't try it but I know when you try to switch the difficulty mid mission it restarts the mission if you do, but on Sniper Elite 5 it doesn't for now. I also started a few missions on Authentic, let it autosave and then switched the difficulty to very easy and then played and did an objective and right when I was about to complete the objective, I changed the difficulty to Authentic so it would autosave on Authentic but I don't think it matters. I think you can just play each mission on very easy, get to the Exfiltration spot, change the difficulty to Authentic and then Exfiltrate and it'll work. You do have to do the last mission on Authentic though but it's so short so it's nothing.
  12. Damn. Thanks, I had a physical copy originally but cannot find it, I have the case though. 😩 I was gonna buy the game on sale yesterday for $15, the platinum edition but the sale ended and I didn't see the event going on until later during the day on the 9th as I've been busy to keep up with forums. I can do it either way, I was just hoping to get it out the way without any hassle. Thanks again.
  13. Hey, does anybody know if the event is over or if it's still up right now?
  14. Yeah, I said that in the post about the car because that seemed to be the fastest and or easiest depending on the player. But yeah, whatever the call-out is, it has to be one upped with the same thing i.e. vehicle or weapon, etc.
  15. Damn, yeah, I never had these glitches. I wonder when they'll add it. Kind of weird they didn't have it straight out the gate. Let me know if you get it.