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  1. There's a few. I'd say Gravel, inFamous Second Son or Crysis.
  2. Shadow of Mordor. I played it for a little bit and couldn't get into it.
  3. Assassin's Creed III PS3.
  4. Street Fighter X Tekken.
  5. There's also Wolfenstein: Youngblood coming out this year.
  6. Also, if you get too many errors for trying to join games and then you try to join a friend, it just won't work. You have to restart the app every time. And especially if you're playing solo, you want to restart and as soon as it loads up, search for a match. You should find one.
  7. Yes, it's obtainable. I and a couple of my friends have been playing it and we finished the multiplayer trophies last night. If you're planning on playing solo which, I wouldn't recommend, you wanna quit out the app and start it back up and search a multiplayer lobby immediately after loading the game back up after going into multiplayer. If you're having trouble connecting that is or finding a lobby. And if you're having trouble connecting to a friend, simply restart the app and the host will set up the game while everybody else sits at the main menu and then whoever is host will send the invite or invites and just accept the invite as it shows up while in the main menu and you guys should be able to join. This is for anybody having trouble connecting.
  8. It fixed itself after a couple days of me commenting on this thread.
  9. 20. The Suffering 19. Batman: Arkham Knight 18. Dante's Inferno 17. inFamous Second Son 16. Uncharted 4 15. Spec Ops: The Line 14. Red Dead Redemption 13. The Last of Us 12. The Darkness II 11. Call of Duty: Black Ops II 10. Call of Duty: Black Ops 9. Grand Theft Auto IV 8. Killzone 2/Shadow Fall 7. Resident Evil 2/Resident Evil 7 6. Wolfenstein series 5. inFAMOUS 4. Horizon Zero Dawn 3. Batman: Arkham Asylum 2. God of War 2018 1. God of War III
  10. Yeah, it would say my IP was temporarily banned because of too many update requests everytime I tried looking at someone's profile. But it would still go through for certain accounts, but since posting on this thread it hasn't been saying it anymore.
  11. I've gotten this same error as well. It's been close to a week although I'm able to still update my profile and it seems to let me update certain people I look at, but others, it won't even let me on their profile at all. Just takes me back to the homepage.
  12. I can help you when I'm available. Add brianna14.
  13. Yeah. I beat the game on Hard and got the trophies for Easy and Hard, but not Normal. It froze when the trophy for Easy popped up and I re-beat the game on Normal and still nothing. Any ideas?