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  1. To maximize the value of every purchase, simple as that
  2. Welp, Konami really wants to be hated or something
  3. I simply use them as a checklist, really
  4. Here comes Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, featuring all of the X-Men!
  5. MIKE WAZOWSKI! I can't wait anymore, everything is so wonderful
  6. Then buy .hack without esitations It's a pretty nice game and the excellent trophy guide here on PSNProfiles is more than enough if you want to take on the platinum!
  7. Just FYI but at higher ranks (like 400k) you'll lose points even if you're beaten by someone stronger (500k+), so you will have either to 1) improve 2) get lucky or 3) boost a lot
  8. #235 Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 6/10 Way easier than Wipeout HD but my right thumb hurts regardless
  9. And I'm still here, with Rebirth 1 & 2 waiting in my backlog
  10. Yup, never seen anything like that before Gotta thanks everyone in my boosting party btw, especially Fugl7 here: I'll probably never even started this game if it wasn't for this thread which gave me some hope!
  11. EA decided to not discount Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY anymore apparently EDIT: Nevermind, I'm blind
  12. Welp, I started it too after reading this topic, don't know why Btw, getting 1st place in combat seems all about luck, sometimes you'll get Quake after Quake, others you'll just get a lot of Missiles or useless weapons
  13. Thanks for sharing this method, I can "finally" grind those Zenies since I'm finished with the online portion
  14. Unfortunately not, that's the best method (so far). Just do it on bonus days with Maya's special passive ability (the one you can unlock at proficiency 20 with cards), it's a lot less stressful that way
  15. Maybe it's just me but the older ones (in 2D) were a lot better...