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  1. How about P5 Crimson and P3 FES on PS4 instead?
  2. Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Boring, repetitive, horrible translation AND IT EVEN LAGS. ...maybe one day I'll at least reach the end of it
  3. After one week, my inner weeb has spoken so I bought: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir on Vita (wonderful game) Muramasa Rebirth Complete Collection (gimme those DLCs) Steins;Gate 0 on Vita (I need a good VN to read andskippingisbad) Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkuni- (because SK developers) My poor Vita needs some love every now and then
  4. You mean this? It's 6.99€ now
  5. My backlog screams once again Big in Japan is always the best sale of the year
  6. Got my plat, I haven't skipped a single dungeon and I have done every dungeon as soon as was available to me. I've created and used only one character in EU server. I noticed this silly trend too. I personally used the Vanguard Request section to track if it was the dungeon's final boss or not
  7. I'll go with B6, I believe in Germany And thanks for another nice giveaway
  8. I don't think Sky Garden is the issue with the trophies here, it's more like Tooled Up in Crysis 2: a totally random glitch.
  9. Worked like a charm, thanks for the detailed info
  10. True complete edition coming in 2020, launch title for PlayStation 5, I bet on it
  11. Except P3P fem protagonist
  12. Both P3 Moon Night and P5 Star Night aren't canon, unlike P4 Dancing
  13. Works with Reaper's ult too, I got it that way
  14. Congrats to the winners and to Zolkovo for the opportunity