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  1. Finallyyyyyyy! Thanks for the heads up!
  2. It's finally arrived!
  3. #250 Difficulty: 7.5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Devil May Cry 4 was my first game on PS3, so I decided that DMC4SE was going to be my plat n°250! I was pretty rusty but I managed to do everything pretty smootly, except Bloody Palace: I hate it, especially when the enemies decide not to drop a single green orb. And, funnily enough, Trish was the easiest character for me to complete this mode, aside from Super Dante. Overall, DMC4SE was a major improvement over the original. Can't wait for DMC5!
  4. Found it heavily discounted on and I bought it right away! (+ Dengeki PS)
  5. Can't wait, the first Guacamelee was awesome!
  6. I can't believe I've been selected @Zolkovo should I PM you about my choice? And should I pick an International charity organization or a local one?
  7. It's a shame: I loved the MP aspect of the game but, at the same time, I hated it a lot. I had to reboot three times the nanosuit to get Tooled Up
  8. You know what's funny about this leak? Amazon Italy always comes last when it's time to put listings of any game, even if they were announced ages ago
  9. I can't really say I was expecting an hamster as a hero... WHERE'S THE FLYING JETPACK CAT NOW
  10. #248 (100%) Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 After years I finally played and finished Borderlands 2 + all the DLCs and it was a really fun (and insane) experience! I'm still wondering if I should buy Borderlands: The Pre-sequel though, in the meantime I'm playing Tales from the Borderlands (which it's really fun so far) PS: I hate raid bosses, ugh
  11. Germany 2 - 0 South Korea
  12. Germany 2 - 1 Sweden And I will probably be wrong
  13. Germany 2 - 0 Mexico
  14. FINALLYYYYYYY I can play this Tales of, I've waited so long for it!
  15. Atlus: quality games everytime Platinum Games: dat action everywhere Vanillaware: I fell in love with their style I'd mention Falcom too (Trails of Cold Steel has really surprised me) but I still have to play a lot of their titles