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    Collecting Trophies, Fifa and Car games i love aswell, but IRL i like football, WWE and chilling at home with mah cookiez and coooooke =)

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  1. And i got a normal vita a few months back >.<
  2. Can't eat while gaming, but always have my big bottle of COOOKE! =)
  3. Chicken and candy with my lovely bottle of COKE! =)
  4. Lot of rap n stuff, Logic, Yonas, Matt Easton etc.. i freakin luv it =)
  5. Interesting... im not a big battlefield fan or dont really know 100 % about the game but i think it doesn't look to bad, and the trophies not that hard ... =)
  6. The Conjuring, scary shit right there, but im waiting for Bad Grandpa by Jackass, omg it looks so sick, can't wait to watch it! =)
  7. Playin' for fun, Love when the trophies pop up! :D =)

  8. Welcum dude, im playing Fifa and cod at the moment aswell! =)
  9. Waffles.
  10. City fan i think Chelsea Liverpool and Man city will fight for the 1st place in the league and i ofc hope city will win
  11. LBP 2 plat
  12. FIFA 14 OFC
  13. Gran Turismo 6! Really looking forward to it!