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  1. Two words: Script Kiddie They just don't deserve all this consideration. You are just making their e-penis growing.
  2. Oh I see, so much time to synchronize em
  3. Oh nevermind, I was just thinking that could be just a query that syched his trophy list with every trophy existed, still a security breach but nothing scary imho.
  4. At least this one is an hack and not just a script kiddie's ddos.
  5. lol this is a famous parody account
  6. I can connect without problems by at least one hour. Karma happened.
  7. And maybe buy an XBoX? All that just for a 10 min DDoS attack? Oh good news, seems that the Attackers got Attacked too.
  8. Pls stop calling these kids "hackers", even a monkey can do a DoS attack is nothing special.
  9. They just need a big e-penis to compesate, Security has not so much to do with DDoS attack, theres no database access here.
  10. Yep, same kids. I will never understand why people like that keep wasting their brains attacking entertainment services instead of something serious, maybe they don't have the guts to attack a bank.
  11. Yep, some fatty kid working under "LizardRetard", or something like that, said they are making a DDoS attack to PSN servers.... so hardcore, I'm so scared.
  12. Why is Oddworld Stranger's Wrath on the list? They gave that already few months ago. Maybe an answer could be "Nanomachines Son!".
  13. I prefer the one in the middle.
  14. Nope, never got it in Local Co-Op, (there isn't on PC version) I think is just an Online Co-Op issue.
  15. A delayed release date but a free content, seems legit... Hey whaaa' whaaat? They are planning DLC Familiars?!