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  1. I got the same issue (+10 trophies), EU version.
  2. I got the trophy, it's level 10. So obvious. 😛
  3. Can someone confirm, that you must complete level 8 (The Cloister) to achieve the trophy? Or does the PS4 version show the right requirements (level 10)?
  4. Did you install the patch 1.04? There was a known bug (unable to achieve: Cartographer, Delirium) that was fixed by the last update.
  5. Thanks. 👍
  6. I bought the game in a sale. How many online trophies are there and what are the requirements to get them?
  7. I think that you have to be online to unlock/ achieve the trophies. The servers are currently unavailable.
  8. Plat stackable?
  9. Style, colours ... just beautiful.
  10. I thought the same.
  11. Ori and Hellblade 2. Cuphead is already done.
  12. That's a long way, lot of stuff to do. Congrats, hope it will be fixed soon. Don't have much time this days, but I'm also working on both trophies, maybe it's better waiting for a patch.
  13. You managed to go from "Wheeler Dealer" to "Trophy Hunter" within a few hours? Are you sure?
  14. Then it`s doable, that was the last 0.00% trophy. Can't say anything about Smart aleck, Billy Sorrows' Reading Club and The End(s), but Sports Illustrated is still buggy.
  15. That`s right, until now only the european version is patched. The platinum is still 0.00%, even if it says in the patch notes that platinum is now available. Even with the patch, I still have cards that either are not displayed or cannot be collected despite being visible.