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  1. Feels like a female rocky movie. Everyone basically wrote her off, saying "oh it's such a mismatch, I can't believe this fight is going aghead. She stands no chance" And my god... she fucking decimated Ronda, it's insane seeing someone who the whole world thinks is invincible get rekt so easily. Tbh Ronda is brilliant, obviously. But she was getting a bit too big for her boots. Which is hard to do, because she was walking in some of the biggest boots ever But it went to her head and she got waaaaay to cocky, saying things like... "I'm the best in the world" I want to retire unbeaten "I can beat all the women in the division with one hand" I mean come on dude... that's too much. She became a bully and her next "victim" was a deathclaw in sheeps clothing and utterly fucking destroyed her. Can't wait for the rematch, I think Beth will win tbh. It was clear Ronda had no idea how to handle beth at all.
  2. Watch out, some guy named DemonAsylum will steal your video and upload "his own" version. Youtube really should ban him. If you just go to his channel, all of his latest videos are just glitches he stole from others. He's awful.
  3. Is it better to know the truth and be miserable or live a lie and be happy?

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    2. ShadowReplicant


      You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    3. Rowdi


      Welcome to the desert of the real.

    4. R4M_GuildMage


      Death is the only truth. Whether you believe the media or not: War never changes.

  4. I never knew hating Christians or flat earth believers was racist... I don't hate them. But I gotta say, I'm not a fan of people who believe in Leprechauns, am I racist now?

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    2. Humonic


      Islam is fucking gross. Like most religions imo. Islam is the worst. And no, that's not me being racist, that's me finidng a very specfic set of rigid beliefs to be absolutely digusting.

    3. Humonic


      who disrespect allah* tbh I'm getting sick and tired of people respecting "other peoples beliefs" even when they're completely fucking retarded.

      It's not okay to hate gay people and it's not okay to hate non believers and it's not okay to say other people should not have the freedom of speech just because some backwards mental midgets might get offended.

    4. Resident-Zelda


      "I'm pretty sure every god says not to kill'. He does. He also very openly and prominently informs us to kill for a greater good.

  5. It's glitched it seems. For me my pipboy workshop stats lie. I build a place with say 50 water, 30 beds. 30 power, 100 defense and 50 food. While I'm in settlement those stats are correct and happiness is going up. When I leave however. My 17 person population is now 34, my defense is 0 and my water is 0. With happiness going down ofc. Glitchy as an MF. I was racing for first legit plat, not cheating by starting early. But yeah I wasted too much time on this only to find out it's glitched for me.
  6. I said fallout 4 looked like it had been made for casuals. Now it's come out... metacritic users seem to agree.It's not an RPG anymore and it's certainly not fallout. It's basically if fallout and far cry had a baby and then dumbed it down for noobs. That's fallout 4.

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    2. Doom


      Absolutely, but most of the changes the franchise is taking are aiming towards the increase of user 'friendliness' and accessibility. Which, while it's not a bad thing per se, it's removing stuff from the game to make it simpler. Not necessarily easier, but at least more accessible, and with less things to care about so that you are able to get in and out of it even for brief moments.

      Like, why did they remove equipment durability? With how they expanded crafting, creatin...

    3. Doom


      ...creating a repair kit or something like that shouldn't really be a problem. No?

    4. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      Yup, I was wondering what happened to durability. I agree some things like that shouldn't have been removed.

  7. Known for a chronic, horrific and family wrecking masturbation addiction.
  8. LMAO
  9. Could not be more underwhelmed and disappointed by fallout 4 if I tried. I can't believe I was dreaming about this for so long... only for it to be this bad in the end. Just appealing to casuals. The new trailer is so bad. ;/

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    2. Saltyie


      So you hate the new gunplay? Have you tried it? Fallout 3's gunplay sucked ass, and you haven't given the new dialogue wheel a spin. The world is very much Fallout so quit trying to invalidate your own opinion on a game you haven't played.

    3. Humonic


      @Yoshi Yeah the old school fans hated fallout 3 haha, because that wasn't the fallout they knew and loved.

      I'm having that same feeling with fallout 4.

      @Saltyie, I liked the old gun play haha, it was ugly and flawed but that's why I loved it. I gave that system a spin in mass effect pal and I hated it.

    4. Humonic


      @Shadow Imo it makes no sense for your character to have a voice imo. That allowed you to imprint your own onto your character. It has semi-cutscenes now; which I also do not like. The voice, the watered down dialogue system and the cut scenes will only help break the immersion imo.

  10. I do love how the super mutants in fallout 4 play fancy dress! I never knew they were such big fans of the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

    1. ShadowStar83x


      This only makes me want it more!

  11. Just err... kinda felt like if he closed Guantanamo and didn't force obama care, twisted metal players wouldn't be so... Twisted.
  12. Thanks for nothing Obama.
  13. it's not so much AAAs, it's the AAAs they're giving. They're old ass games that most people would've played already if they really wanted to play them. Like that time when they randomly gave away Arkham Asylum lol. I'd take Hotline Miami 2 over TWDS2 and ME2
  14. Happy for everyone who likes those. 0 of those games even remotely interest me. Has to be the worst months for me in a very long time. I'm one of those guys who actually doesn't mind the indies.
  15. Thank god those aren't the games. EDIT: Nvm they are... has to be the worst list I've seen in a long time. Sequels everywhere, yeah because fuck story set up. Wow.